Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here I go with my first entry..
I went to bed at 4:30 this morning and woke up at 8:30am...Gosh, I wish I had slept longer. Don't know why I didn't. lol
Last night I only did one of my cleaning jobs. I'll do the other one this afternoon or tomorrow.
I got home about 8:30pm. I had a mess in the living room. Before I had gone to work, I had started a project of taking pictures out of albums and putting them in picture boxes..It will help clear up some space. I had all of the albums in a plastic tote. I ended up being able to get rid of a lot of albums and everything from them is condensed into two boxes..

I had my car worked on last week. And you wouldn't believe the gas I am saving. I needed a new fuel filter. It wasn't cheap. But for the long run,,,I am saving so much. I have cut my gas usage in HALF..And as we all know, that is a GOOD thing.
Next week I have to have the break line replaced...I was quoted $200. Ouch. But of course, it is a must..Then the only thing I have to do before the snow hits is get tires.
I was trying to hold out on putting too much into the car because I was waiting for the house to sell so I could get something in better shape. Well, we all know how the housing market is looking. And the house isn't selling. So, off to plan B. Get the old car in shape. The mechanic actually said that once these things are done, it's not a bad car..And I have to admit, because it is a bigger car, it does have a wonderful ride...

I'm going to pick up my grandson in a little while. I'm going to have him help me with a couple of things..So, I better get moving and get dressed..I'll probably find the time to write a little bit more later.

Enjoy your week-end!

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