Friday, October 24, 2008

seeing old friends!

I went out with my friend Lynn last night. She wanted to check out the piano bar that opened here in town recently.
It was very nicely decorated. But also very expensive. I thought the music was a little louder than it needed to be. I think that the music at a piano bar should be soft enough to make conversation easy. And it wasn't. The music was very distracting. Although this wasn't my type of place, I wish them well with their new venture.

We went to another place here in town. Some years back, I knew just about everyone in the place..Not were there for about a half hour when someone I haven't seen for a few months came in..Ron is one of the nicest guys. Always a blast to have around. We talked about the bar that I used to work at. It really was just the perfect place. We laughed when we said that we would not forgive Bob and Sue..the owners for closing up and retiring. It was 8 years ago on the 20th of Oct. that they closed the doors...
Ron then went to spend some time with his co-workers. A half an hour later, he comes over by me and says,,I have someone here that you have to see....Low and behold, it was Bob and Sue..I still can not believe that they came in..especially after we just got done talking about them. I have not seen them in 3 years. They moved an hour and a half away from here. So, they don't get to this area too often. They both looked really good. They have the best spirits. They were the best people to work for. We have so many good memories. It was good getting caught up on things.
It was the highlight of my day, that's for sure. When they had the bar, they would have the best food for Packer games...Oh gosh, you would be so full.. Sue is one of the best cooks. There were times during the holidays that the customers would decide that we should have a pot luck dinner. Okay, we were game for anything..Sues living quarters were connected to the bar, so on a few occasions, some of the food would be prepared in her kitchen..One time a couple of the guys decided that they would make a turkey..In Sues oven..Then they proceeded to inject the turkey with some special flavoring. Well,,,they started a fire in Sues kicked them out and made them finish it on the grill..
One time when Sue and Bob were on vacation, some of the customers decided to play a prank for their homecoming..They put the yellow police tape across the front door. And on the floor of the bar, they put tape as it it were outlining a body...Sue and Bob got a kick out of that.
Good memories~!

It's been raining on and off here..and the weather man had to get nasty and make mention of snow..Flurries but snow none the am not looking forward to that. I better find someone that can figure out what is wrong with my car before too long. I have one more person that I am going to try. We'll see what he can do..

Well, it's off to bed for me. Morning comes fast and I'll be at smokes all day tomorrow.
Speaking of smokes. I am really trying to quit. I have been chewing my nicorette gum. I still have a couple of cigarettes, but it is far less than normal. I hope to be a non smoker soon. Wish me luck with that. It is really very hard for me to do. Especially when I feel like I am under alot of stress and pressure..But I don't want to keep using that as an excuse not to at least try. And try I will.......

Have a relaxed and peaceful week-end!

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