Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thank you so much for the tag! I may not comment each and every time I post one of yours. But please know that they are always appreciated!

Here I was, feeling a little lost and out of sorts. Wondering how and what I was supposed to do with this blog.....I decided to start this new one with a new name. I decided that The Dawn of a new day would be nice. I guess after my divorce, I feel like every day is the dawn of a new day for me..
As I searched for familiar faces in this unknown territory, I came across a few that I came to know over at aol..As I scrolled down on D's Designs, I came across this tag...How fitting. I had something that I could put on this new sight and feel comfortable with..
Change can be hard for me. I tend to stick with what I know. It's strange. I like to be spontaneous, but I also like the comfort of what is familiar. Especially in areas such as this..Lack of confidence maybe. Afraid that I will make myself look foolish. Those things will sometimes make me hold back thoughts or feelings. But just seeing that tag made me feel good about entering an unknown area...
We are all very fortunate to be able to make our journals a part of us because of the women that take their precious time to make tags that we are able to post.
So, my hats off to the talents you possess and the sharing nature that you have.

Wishing all a wonderful Sunday!

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