Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Scorpios....

I received a cookie sheet, step stool and some lights for my Christmas tree. Plus my daughter took me out for lunch the next day..It was very nice.

I am still waiting for my boss to find a replacement for me. He had called me last Friday with a job offer. He wanted to know if I would be interested in being an account manager. Hummmm. I think I would. I would be salary. I would have a company vehicle and a gas allowance. I told him that I would be interested. He is supposed to get back to me this week. The nice part about this job is I would be working days for the most part. I would check the buildings weekly to make sure they are being cleaned properly. I would restock supplies build a rapport with the workers and the contact person at each building. The downside is if someone calls in sick, or quits without notice. The job still has to be done. We only have one fill in person. times I would have to do the cleaning. But I think overall this might work out well for both of us.
Now, I just have to wait to hear from him to see what the final offer is....

My apartment is a mess. I have spent the last few days dragging my plastic bins filled with my Christmas stuff into the living room and going thru them to see what I want to use this year. I can't use all of the things that I had out when I had a house. I certainly don't have that much room anymore. But so far, it's coming along nicely..Or at least it will be when I can move around
And in between working and doing that, I have been going thru paper work looking for the reciept for Jeremys xbox 360...I usually keep paperwork in its place...but with the divorce, I had moved things so that he wouldn't take anything he shouldn't..Now I can't find what I bought it at Walmart. Along with the extended warranty. I told him we would just go there and see if they would be willing to do a computer check to see if they can find it for us...Fingers crossed..That thing was 6oo.oo

I guess that's about it. I'm trying to get myself in gear to head over to Randys house to do some paperwork there....Ugh...His work season is almost over ....Thank goodness..

Hope everyone has a great hump day....
See ya soon,

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