Friday, November 14, 2008

It's getting late, but I just wanted to make a quick entry before I go to sleep.

We are getting a new apartment manager. She lives here in my building. She asked me yesterday if I would be interested in cleaning the hallways in the three buildings. That would be 9 hallways each week. I said yes of course. Not hard work and extra money without having to leave my apartment complex...Yes, I can do that. lol..

I did accomplish a few things today. I went to the bank and got my grandsons savings bond. One more item checked off the Christmas list. I am so proud of how far along I am with my shopping. I want to be able to enjoy the Christmas Season, without having all of the last minute running around to do.
Next I will start making my cookie dough. I just can't remember which dough didn't freeze very well.

I was at Randys house today doing some paperwork and making out checks. I still can't believe what a mess that office is. Sometimes I feel like I am running in circles with it all. I can check his work checkbook online but not his personal one. He doesn't know what the password is to get into it. I told him when he went to the bank to make the deposit, he should ask them. At least then I can keep track of what is going on. I had one balance, and then he got an overdraft notice...ugh. He didn't tell me that there were at least two bills that are taken out automatically.
Anyway,,,we're at least getting some of it straightened out.

My grandaughter is coming over tomorrow after I am done with work. She is going to spend the night..She's 15 and I need to take advantage of time with her while she HAS the are going to make a pie. Oh shoot, I just remembered, I forgot to get the pie crust...oh well, one more trip to the store. I was just there tonight after work. thought I had gotten everything.
I think we might go out for dinner. I'm going to see what she wants to do. We will probably sit around and watch videos.

I think it's time to get some sleep..and give my back a rest.

I hope everyone has a relaxing week-end!

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