Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is me with my Mom.This was her last Christmas. She passed away Jan. 9th,2007. One week before her 88th birthday.
This is Paris.

Oh yes, winter is checking in..Thank goodness I got my new tires. Now at least I will be able to get out of my underground parking
We have a winter snow advisory. Starting around noon, the snow should start and end sometime Monday morning. They are saying 6 to 10 inches...ugh.Not looking forward to it. But I'm definitely feeling safer with having the new tires..

Our Thanksgiving was very nice. I always use a turkey bag for cooking. Put it in the
bag and forget about it until it is time to take it out. The bag method keeps it very moist. It was really delicious. We of course had all of the trimmings to go with it.
And not many
Two of my grandsons were over for a couple of days. Paris is 11. He helped me decorate the tree. JJ is 14 and he does all of the heavy lifting for me. And running up and down the stairs to get things out of storage..What a great help they are.

I did the black Friday shopping..Not the usual 4 or 5 in the morning though. There isn't anything priced low enough to get me to stand in line in the cold for hours and then try to get to the sale items with hundreds of people pushing through the doors to get the same things..
There were a few items that I wanted to get from Shopko. They were going to open at 5am. I decided that I would get there at 6-6:30. If the items were sold out,,oh well..When I got there, there weren't that many people there. No long lines to deal with. I found all of the items that I wanted. Plus I got several other things at a good savings. I think I pretty much have the grandkids done. Now just to get a few more things and that's the ball game.
I have my cards ready to be sent out. The only thing I really have to concentrate on is my cookie dough. I'm going to start making batches and freezing them. Then as it gets closer to Christmas, I will start baking. Can't start that too early, we'll eat them

I will be starting my new position as account manager this coming week. I'm a bit nervous about that. I have spent so many years just cleaning and not having to do the personal interaction with the building managers. Now that will be my main job. It's a little intimidating. Plus I will have to let the cleaners know if they need to do a better job. And God forbid the day that I would have to fire

I'm going to try to get some of my photos posted here. Right now, most of them are older. But I will start with them. I was so frigging frustrated last week. I had taken my memory card to Walgreens and the machine wasn't working right. So, I wasn't able to get anything printed or on a disc. I will try to get that done so that I can post more up to date photos..

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