Monday, November 24, 2008

Tonight was the first night I didn't have to go to the extra job. And I have to say, it felt really really good. I think I was home by 8:30. I will not miss those late nights. Especially with the cold and snow. We had our first measurable snow last night. Just a few inches, but with my tires, even a few inches matters.
I spent the day today trying to find a place that not only had tires at a reasonable price, but could also get them on today. Well, that didn't work out, so tomorrow that will be on my agenda. I certainly know that waiting until the first snowfall didn't help. I just needed to wait until I had the money. Oh well, I'm sure I'll manage to get it done before we get hit again..

I wanted to add a graphic of some sort to my entry, so I go to picasa. Get it downloaded, go back to my post, hit the add image button......nothing. It won't do anything. So now I don't know how to get any pictures on here...ugh.
I am going to try again after I am done with this. I hope to start having enough free time so that I can figure some of this out. I also have some things on photobucket. But I still haven't figured out how to get them to my journal..It can be such a pain. I know it just takes time but gosh it is frustrating.

On a more happy note. I had my grandson Cameron over this week-end. He is five and just a pistol..He came to me and said we needed to go to the store. I asked him why and he said we needed to get some I hadn't gone to the store before I picked him up. I usually do so that I already have treats when he gets here. We went to the store. got some treats.
We had a nice time together. He even sat with me in the chair and cuddled while I read him some stories. He ended up sleeping in my bed. I have the spare bedroom, and he considers the bed his. lol..My computer is also in there. My son has his own computer but at the moment it isn't working, so he and my other grandson were in the spare room on the computer. I knew that Cameron would never go to sleep, so I put him in my room. Usually he is very hard to sleep with. He is all over the bed..hand in the face, elbow in the He must have been to tired to squirm around. I didn't wake up once during the night.

Guess that's about all of the excitement. So I will close for the night.
I hope everyone has a toasty night.

God Bless!

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