Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank you Janie ( There is only 1 today) for the award! I hadn't read my journal and didn't realize you had done this until I was on your journal.

I've had a busy day of redoing closets. Gosh, I wish I could just find a place for everything..You know, a place for everything and everything in it's place? Well, I do keep trying. I think I might have finally gotten a step
It's hard when you don't seem to have enough space. I just keep downsizing and I figure eventually I will have all the space I need...
As it was, every time I needed something out of one of the two closets in question, I had to remove a ton of plastic bins to get at what it was I needed. I rearranged things and it seems like it should work out fine. Now I need to work on the top shelf in one of the closets..

Tonight is my last night at Smokes...I feel a little sad about that. Although my manager there, Dave did ask me at the beginning of the week if I would be willing to cover someone in an emergency. I told him yes, I can do that if I don't have any other plans. He laughed and said that unless you get fired, you can never really leave. lol

My gosh, as I am sitting here, I have had to open my window a bit. I had turned the heat off a couple of hours ago because it was so hot. The temperature outside is only in the high 20s-low 30s..I don't know why it's so warm in here..NO, it is not hot flashes have been done with that for a while. And at that time, I only had a few..

I have a three oclock appointment with my boss tomorrow to go over the fine details of my new position...It should be interesting. Then I will start full time on Monday. I have to check the payroll schedule. So that I know what I've got coming in before Christmas. I have almost everything done. But there is always the last minute things. Plus I have to get all of my baking products. Oh how I need to start that project. Maybe this week-end. I have the nice kitchen aid, so it really doesn't take too long to whip up a few batches..

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I mainly just wanted to post an entry so that I could put up my award and thank my dear friend Janie.
Later today or tomorrow, I will post the names of the people that I am passing the award on to.
Again, Thank you Janie

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