Friday, February 27, 2009

Lucy, I'm feeling as frustrated as you tonight over this darn computer...

My friend Randy was nice enough to let me use the computer that he was not using at this time...Well, at some point someone had put a password on it and of course Randy didn't know what it was. I took it in and had it cleared. $42.00. Randy will pay that.
I got it home and hooked it up..It seemed to be doing alright. Until I put in the cd with all of the new pictures I had developed. Every time I tried adding a picture to my post, it wouldn't put the picture up, it just had a bunch of mumble jumble words, and then when I tried to close it, it would tell me that the program was not responding..Uh duh, I got that..
I finally gave up. I will try to use Jeremys computer to get a few pictures added,,when I have some time..
The other thing about Randys computer is that there is a floating box with the message...Attention out of range. It is VERY annoying to say the least. I don't know what I am going to do about that...Oh well..

I now have the computer room rearranged. Jeremys computer is set up in his room and I'm sure that he will be pleased to have it back..

I did two of my apartment building hallways today..that's 6 hallways total. It kicks my I have three more hallways to do for this week..
I have one building that I have to cover for my other job. I think I will do all of that tomorrow. I want to clean my apartment tonight. Not that it's really bad. Just some dishes that have to be done and some clothes put away..It just looks bad when things aren't organized..

I want to have everything done so that when I leave for my nieces house I know that I am coming home to a clean house.

I hope everyone has a nice week-end. I'll look in on all of you before I head out of town tomorrow.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I think I'm getting as frustrated as Lucy with this blog. I am no longer able to pick the size font I would like to have. What is up with that? Ugh.....

I made it thru my volunteer services. It was okay. Would I do it again? There were two paid workers there. The manager was right in there doing her share. The other worker seemed to stand back in the shadows and let the volunteers do the work. Not fair. It isn't something I would do and it isn't something that I like having done to me and the other people that gave up their Saturday night. We didn't even get to keep the baseball caps that they gave us to wear...What? They looked new when we got them. Does that mean that they are going to give those same caps to the next crew to wear..No thank you. I just think the whole deal is crappy. The Bradley Center makes a ton of money. The Vendors there I'm sure also make their fair share and they couldn't let us keep the cap that we wore.
I am very disappointed in the whole process..
Oh, by the way, it wasn't a Bucks game. It turned out to be a hockey game. The Admirals. Followed by the BoDeans. I had never heard of having a concert directly after a hockey game..

My night with Mason was great. We played games, we read some books. He is learning to read. We played with the cars and the train set that his mom sent along for me to keep here for all of the kids to play with.
Saturday we spent the whole day in the house as the snow continued to fall all day.
I did not want to go out at all. If I hadn't had to leave to do the volunteer work, I would have just kept Mason another night.
When I told him that it was time to get ready to go home, he looked at me like I had two heads and said, "What? I have to go home already?
When we got to the street that he lives on, I realized that I couldn't park in front of his house due to the snow. They live on a side street and it hadn't been plowed. About five houses down and across the street there is a public parking lot. I decided that we would park there. So, here I am, trying to keep in an upright position (really just kind of dragging him thru the snow) and carry his suitcase thru the blowing snow. His mom came over and helped. It was quite a sight I'm sure. Mason laughed the whole
It was a good time with my sweetie. Oh by the way, he slept until 9:15..I couldn't believe it..When he came out of the bedroom, I said morning sleepyhead and he says, why did you let me sleep so long? lol...

This coming Saturday I am going to my nieces house. Her husband is turning 30 and she is having a party for him. My sister in law (her mom) is going to meet me there. I am sooooo looking forward to heading to her house. I haven't seen my great nephew yet. He was born in June. I'm going to go to the store in the next day or two and pick a little something up for him. Not that he probably needs anything. But what the heck. There is no one better to buy something for than a little one..

I'm tired tonight. I had to cover one of the jobs. Of course, it had to be one of the harder ones. Lots of floor mopping. UGH...That really takes a toll on my back.
For the most part, I can't complain. I'm getting bills paid. Getting old bills taken care of. It's been a relief to see them dwindle away. Little by little I am chipping away at things.

God has seen me thru many dark days. He has guided me thru the end of my marriage. He has provided me with a better job that allows me to make it on my own. He is helping me find the path that I am meant to be on. I am blessed to have found my way to Him. I have always believed. But I have never been able to give up control. I thought that I had to be the one in control...Not true. God is in control. And now that I know that, He is guiding me to the place that I belong.
He is guiding me thru the hurt that is still in my heart. When I have a day where I just can't get over the fact that my marriage is over, I turn to God and ask for his help. He is always there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I seem to be having a problem with Blogger tonight. It is not letting me insert any of my pictures. It is not letting me choose font size or color.
I have not had this problem before..

I wanted to add a picture of my grandson Mason. He is 4 1/2. He will be spending Friday night with me. I talked to him last night and I asked him what he wanted to do while he was here. He wants to play games..I think I have Chutes and Ladders, and Candy Land..He also loves to play cards. Sometimes we bake things together. That's usually fun.
He was telling me all of the tv channels that he likes..And believe me, he knows all of them by heart.
I will try to pick him up at two on Friday. Then we can get back here before rush hour

Saturday night is my volunteer night with my grandaughter..Serving beer at the Bucks game at the Bradley Center. That should be fun. Not that it's exactly the same, but it's been a while since I have bartended...I had to take an online test today in order to do this. Responsible beverage.
I'll have to start looking thru my closet for something to wear..You never know who I might want to look nice but yet be comfortable...

I've spent some time on ebay tonight. Looking for a Nintendo DS for Cameron. His birthday is March 6th and he would like to have one..As he told me, everyone else has one and I don't and that's not
I suggested to his Mom that he Dad (my ex)her Mom and I could all chip in to get it for him...Then I thought maybe I could get a better deal on ebay..oh, I don't have the patience for looking thru that stuff. I think I will put my ex in charge of that. He is the king of ebay..ha-ha...

Well, time to get some sleep. Hope everyone had a great day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter is on it's way back. Between Tues. night and Wed. we are supposed to get between 4 to 8 inches..I don't mind too much if the snow comes at night...but damn I hate to drive in it.
I am going to get a good portion of my accounts covered tomorrow so that if we do get hit, I won't have too many of them to worry about on Wed.
Tomorrow I will do the ones that are further away from me.

I will probably have to cover one account tomorrow. As in actually doing the I have a fill in for most of the week, but not for tomorrow night. I can get it started at 4:00. and if it looks like it's going to get bad out, I'll make it a quick clean and get out of there by 6 or 7...That should get me home before the worst of it hits.

I'm not doing the best on the smoking...but I am trying and I am working on it. I did buy cigarettes. But I left them in my van. I only brought one into the house with me.
So, at least I am cutting waaaay down. Shoot, I can smoke over half a pack just sitting around the house in the evening. I guess that's better than I was doing before.
I still have my goal to be a NON-SMOKER. And I will do it.

I was up at 4:30 this morning. I didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up. Part of the problem was that I didn't take my earrings out. Although it had to be more than that. I have left them in before and didn't sleep as poorly as I did last night..
I went to two of my accounts before 6:00am. I like to get to those two before anyone gets there.
Then I came home and fell asleep in my recliner for 45 minutes.
Got ready for work again and hit the road.

I was home by 3:30. Made dinner for us before Jeremy had to go to work. Vacuumed three of my apartment hallways and then watched The Bachelor. I really do like that show. Only two more shows to go...
I missed The Amazing Race on Sunday..Damn. I'll have to remember to dvr it.

Well, it's almost 11:00 and I am getting really tired, so I guess I better get my butt off this computer..
See ya later,
I did take my earrings

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I tried to put a link on here. I hope it works. If this doesn't make you cry, nothing will.
Valentines Day is done! It turned out to be a good day..Around 4:30pm. my daughter called to ask if I wanted to get a bite to eat with her..She came to pick my up and I asked her if she wanted to go to the casino for the buffet...They had sent me a coupon. They had also sent a coupon for $25.00.
She had never had the buffet there, and wanted to try it. So, we get there and I'm not kidding, the line was waaaaaay long. I turned in my coupon for the 25.00. We decided that we would use that up and then see if the line was any shorter...Yeah right, it was Valentines
We quickly lost the twenty five dollars..We went to a different machine. A 2 cent machine mind you. Where my daughter proceeds to play 300 credits at a time..Believe me when I say, I am not used to playing 6.oo a spin. We hit for 102.00 I cash out and we put in a twenty. We go thru that, she puts in some money. After a few spins, it hit on a bonus round..and the credits keep going up...finally stopped at $540.00...Oh yeah. I was one happy camper. We each walked away with 220.00..That does not happen
Now it's time to find a place to eat. The line for the buffet was still way to long. We decide to try somewhere other than the casino..I know I need to leave so that I don't try any more machines. I want to walk out a
We go to another buffet. They have a line that ends at the door. So, we head across the street to Applebees. She drops me off at the door, I walked in, went straight to the bar and found two seats...Heaven. I usually get the orange chicken bowl. I admit, I have a hard time with
I decided to try something different this time. I had steak. She had steak. It was a good meal. She bought,,so it was an even better
I think I was home by 8:30 and sleeping by 10:15...

This morning I had to cover a small job and then go and just collect garbage at another..
I met my daughter and grandaughter for breakfast..OMG...This place was a little more pricey. But I'll telll you, they had a wider variety. It was well worth it when we saw the amount of food. In fact, I will be eating my leftovers for dinner...

This afternoon, I went to the movies with my girlfriend..We had gone last week and saw "He's just not that into you". I thought it was a cute movie. I'm glad we went to see it..
Today we hemed and hawed over which one we should see. We would have liked to see "The curious case of Benjamin Button". The only showing for that was at 7 something so we decided to see " The confessions of a shopaholic". It was a good movie. Much better than I would have imagined. There was one scene that had me laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes..I can not remember the last time that I laughed that hard...
It was a good movie...and a very nice way to end the afternoon.

I have a busy week ahead of me, so I don't know when I will be able to post again..Although I will find time to sit and read a few blogs..Just to keep up with how everyone is

You all have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Sheri

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you Joyce for sharing your wonderful tags. My journal would look very plain otherwise.

I knew that the weather would I was sitting in my living room about 8:00pm tonight and something caught my eye thru the window..Yes, snow again.
Now I knew that the nice weather and lack of snow was only a Tease..But oh it felt so
Looks like there might be a couple of inches out there. I don't think we are supposed to get much more than that. But it is still coming down so who knows?

Work has been, I'm not in a tizzy it has been crazy.
First the one woman just up and quit. Then on Wed. night one of the guys that covers two jobs did not punch in. I didn't realize it until 9:30pm. I called my boss to see if he had heard anything, he hadn't. So, he went to cover the account that is in his zone and I went to cover the one in my zone.
As it turned out, the guy that didn't show up and been thrown in jail. (Luckily, he got out today). But not in time to cover all of his jobs, so we had to make arrangements to have them covered.

One woman is on vacation, so her two jobs had to be covered..

We had a woman that was doing a couple of jobs with her husband. He had been sick for a while and he passed away on Monday..She turned in her keys on Tuesday and got on a plane to California..She had given away all of her possessions to the people that live in her apartment building.
She and her husband had 4 buildings that they cleaned. Now they all have to be covered.
It has just been crazy.
Thank goodness that we have employees that will lend an extra hand to help cover some of these buildings.
I covered one tonight and will do another one over the week-end..It's not like I have any plans. lol..

The job I covered tonight was at a call center. One of the girls there gave me a nice little Valentine..Wasn't that sweet? I certainly didn't expect that..
While I was there, my friend Randy called. He wanted to know what time I was getting home because he wanted to drop something off for me..
Well, he just came by a few minutes ago..He gave me a very nice box of chocolates.
On the package he wrote. "Happy V Day from Randy and the best Secretary". He said that he wanted me to have something for Valentines day..I thought that was very nice of him to remember me.. I know things will be different now that his girlfriend is home again..So, this meant alot to me...

I haven't found out for sure what my grandaughters plans are for tomorrow night, but if she isn't doing anything special, I may take her out to dinner..She really wants to go to the same place that I took her to last year..Fine with me. It was exceptionally good and priced right...The Asiana. Fine dinning. That girl does have good

When I talked to my boss earlier tonight, I ended the conversation with, have a nice Valentines day..He said the same to me..I laughed and said, yeah, by myself..
He told me I should go out and find a young stud and make him my Valentine...Now there's a thought..No, I won't. But it sounded kind of

Gotta get to bed now. I'm going to try to sleep a little later tomorrow..Ohhh, I hope..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What the hell is wrong with people?

I don't understand why some of my workers think that they should be paid for work that they are not doing..

I have a few workers that just do not want to follow instructions.
We have task sheets on all jobs. In order to get the bonus on their checks, one of the things that they have to do is check off the task sheet when they are done working for the night. It ensures that all things are done. Well, I have been the cleaner and believe me, I know that not one of them is taking that sheet seriously. I didn' I was doing what was supposed to be done. In fact, I was doing more. And I was doing it in less time than was allotted for the job.
Such as, I always wiped the desks down so that there were no finger prints. I think it's important for the office people to come into work to find their desk clean. Not just dusted but clear of finger prints. I have not yet found one of the workers that is consistent with that..BECAUSE the sheet doesn't tell them to do it every time that they are there..UGH...

One of the other problems is that because this is part time work for them and people aren't as concerned about part time work, my boss has a deal that if the job is a three hour job, you will get paid for three hours even if you can get the job done in two hours..I did it. Some jobs I could get done in half the time...Nice deal..
But if they pointed out an area that needed extra attention, I took care of it..
NOT these people. I have been on most of them since I took over as account manager,,in a nice way so you think they care? NO. They want to argue with me that they are being picked on, they don't know what us people want from them.....All I want from them is respect for the building that they should be taking care of properly..Have some pride in what you do..
Worry about times being hard and not wanting to lose an account because the company that hires us isn't satisfied with the work..Duh.

We just hired a 46 year old woman that put herself up on the cleaning pedestal. She called the office yesterday to say that she was trying to get a bartenders job and if she gets it, she will not be able to work for us after next Monday..Is that a two week notice? NO...I called her tonight to find out what is going on..She informed me that she wants to take a job that pays more money and she will only have to work two days a week. She had the F---- nerve to ask me if she was wrong to try to make more money. I said no, but she is wrong not to give two weeks notice. I told her that I had left this cleaning job last year for something that I thought was a better fit for me, but I gave Dave two weeks notice. It went right over her head.
She also had the nerve to say that if she doesn't get the job next week, she will stay with us..Oh you will, will you. I am going to the office tomorrow to talk to Dave and let him know that I do not want her to stay on if she doesn't get the other job.
She is already slacking on the job. It will only get worse. Besides the fact that she proved that she won't stay with us if something else comes along.
To be honest, after our talk tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if she just doesn't show up one night..So much for the mature

Well, I think I have gotten that out of my system..I can feel the tension in my neck and back..What I wouldn't give right now to have a guy with nice strong hands give me an massage.....Hummm

When I came home tonight, I had half a coke left from McDonalds.I mixed it with a little Captain...And damn it is good. I'm almost done with it..and if I had some more coke, I would have another

Other than that, it was a beautiful day out..No coat..Who would think it in February..
Tomorrow we will be back to normal

Guess I'll hit the hay and put a heating pad on my neck..since I don't have that guy with the nice strong

Have a great hump day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

This is my sweet Cameron!

I fell off of the wagon! But I jumped right back on. lol

Yes, I did the unthinkable. I bought a pack of cigarettes over the week-end.
I smoked the entire pack Then came the true test---- Would I give in to my thoughts of "Well, now that smoked one pack you might as well just keep smoking" Or would I go with the side of me that was saying,"One pack doesn't have to turn into 2 or 3 or more".

Damn, I even surprised myself. I didn't buy another pack. And for me, that was pretty darned good. In the past, when I had gotten that first pack, I was done for. I just gave up...Not this time, not that moment. I don't know if I will be able to resist the next time,,,If there is a next time. Well, there probably will be a next But even if I give in again, I will keep up the fight. I will not let it get me in the long run. I will fight the fight and come out a winner....

I haven't even told my daughter yet. She will be very happy when she hears that I am really working at staying a non-smoker.

Next on the agenda is getting back into my walking and working with my weights. I want to feel good, I want to feel fit.

I had my grandaughter over this week-end. She is just a pistol. We did the girly things..nail painting, hair brushing, lip gloss...watching movies together, shopping..Oh, it was a fun filled night and
She is wise beyond her mere 4 1/2 years. And she can be one sassy little munchkin. She has been getting sassy with her day care teachers. So, of course we had to have a talk about that..She promises to do better:)

Her brother Cameron is turning 6 on March 6th..Our local tv station runs a segment in the morning..Look who's turning 6. So tonight I sent in Camerons information along with his latest photo..They will send me an e-mail telling me when it will air..I am so excited. I'm going to try to add the picture to this entry. I hope it works.

Well, it's getting late and I swear I was falling asleep in my chair at 9:30. Now it's almost midnight, ugh....

Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am so tired right now. I'm not going to write much, I want to go to sleep. lol

I just wanted to say that I have been smoke free for 24 hours...Now, don't get me wrong, I Want a
And yes, I have been tempted to run to the store and get a pack. But I didn't. I bought a pack of Nicorette when I went to the store yesterday..
I don't know if I will make it this time. But I am going to keep trying until I am smoke free for good..
I'll write more tomorrow..