Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Grief, what was I thinking taking so long to get one? I am sitting in my living room. Watching the shows that I recorded. This is the life. I can't wait until I go to bed so that I can sit in there for a while with my
I bought a nice wooden lap board and a case. I am using an external mouse. I might get used to the one on the laptop, but for right now, this works better for me..

I am going to meet my daughter in the morning for an exercise class. She has lost about 6 pounds. Slow is the way to go when losing weight. Because it takes changing your eating habits as a way of life. And that is what she is doing..I'm very proud that she is finally doing this.

I'm looking forward to having the whole week-end off. It's my second one since I stopped doing the hallways..And I have to admit, it really does feel nice to have my time back. It lets me recharge for the next week of work.

Today I was headed out to the office to get my van restocked with supplies. My boss called, he wanted to know if I was coming out because his wife was going to run out to get sandwhiches. I said I would like turkey.
After we all ate, I said that I would like to pay for lunch. He said no, I could buy lunch another day. I told him that I had to do it while I had some I just got my taxes back. So, he let me buy. They have paid for lunch a few times and I wanted to be able to repay the gesture.
Can't do it often that's for

Jeremy is at work right now. He should be home about six. He is going out with some people that he met at work. One of the girls is going to pick him up about 6:45. He laid out a nice shirt before he went to me,,that is a first. He is always in a black t-shirt with the name of a band on
Well, shortly after he left, my doorbell rang. I could not think of anyone that would be stopping by...I looked out my window and saw a UPS truck....Could it be??? Yes, it was his XBox 360. Back from being repaired...He will be the happiest boy around when he sees it.
I put it on his bed. Under the shirt he had laid

Well, I guess I better stop playing with my new toy...and get a few things done. Then I will be free for the week-end...Yippee

See ya soon! Have a great week-end!

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