Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's been a long day. And now to top it all off, who ever has their clothes in the dryer are taking their sweet time retrieving them. Which means that I can't get my clothes in. Now don't get me wrong, I have forgotten that I have clothes in the washer or dryer..To fix that problem so that I wouldn't inconvenience anyone, I started using my timer. Problem fixed..The joys of apartment living..lol

My night at my nieces was great. As I predicted, my sil and I were too tired to go out by the time the baby was asleep.Which was probably a good thing, since he woke an hour after being put to bed. He stayed up for two more hours. He's teething. Poor little guy. He has baby signing videos..Oh my gosh, I learned alot of signs. It was actually fun..The woman on the video does a lot of singing. So the next thing you know, we have that in our heads and we are singing the same tunes..lol
It was a fun night. I'm glad I went.
We had ordered Chinese food for dinner. It was exceptionally good.

I came home Sunday about 1:00. I had a small job that I had to cover. Then came home and unpacked.

Last night I went to be around 11:00. I get a call from one of my workers at 2:00am.
The vacuum wouldn't work. I gave him a few suggestions on things to try..Nope, still not working..Okay, I'm on my way down there. It's about 20 miles from home.
So, I get there. Park across the street from the restaurant. I open the side door of the van to get out my vacuum. I am parked about two car spots away from the corner. I see a car pull up across the street. The driver gets out of the car, I hear very loud music. He opens the back door and it looks like he pulls out a three foot pipe. Then two other guys get out of the car. Now I am scared. I close the side door, get back in the van and call my worker. He tells me that he is outside now and that those guys are surveyors..WTH? They are doing something under the bridge. Who does surveying at 2:30 in the morning? It still seems strange to me. I have to tell you, I was really glad that Gary was there.
Anyway, I do a quick vacuum job. Take the broken one home with me and I don't get back to sleep until almost four am.....I woke up at nine.

Today it was run out to the office and pick up another vacuum. Take the broken one in to get fixed. Drop the other one off for Gary and train the new girl...
I'm going to take an easy day tomorrow..lol

My friend Larry invited me over for dinner. Chicken, potatoes and garlic bread. After dinner we sat around and chatted a little. I invited him over for dinner tomorrow night. I am going to make pork stir fry....

I finally got my clothes in the dryer..10:04pm..We aren't supposed to use the washer and dryer after 10..and all I want to do is go to bed..lol

Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite...lol

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