Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh Damn, This is going to make me crazy....
Every time I try to do something, it will not let me.
When I hit the bold or italic buttons,they won't do it. The only thing that happens is the written information for it shows up in my entry. I never had that problem before. I don't know why it had to start now. I have no button for font size. UGH....

It is snowing out..not too hard right now. It has been raining and raining...Then this afternoon it turned to sleet and now just snow.I don't think we're supposed to get much. But wow what a difference after a day without a

I have found, not a man. lol..Popcorn. I had never tried this kind before.
Homestyle-Pop Secret. Ummmm good. I love home made popcorn, but I tend to put too much butter on that. I don't add anything to my microwave popcorn. I have been taking a bag of it in the van with me when I'm on the road. I've also started to drink water again. I used to drink so much water I thought I would float away. Then for the longest time I didn't drink any at all. So, now I am back to that. I also have been sticking to Coke-zero. And only one or two small bottles a day.
Time to start thinking about getting healthy. And summer is coming..I

So,,,I found myself trying the dating site one more time..They gave me a list of 500 men that meet my requirements. Of those 500, I swear there was only one new guy..Humm
He had a picture on his site. He is 54, looks to be in pretty darn good shape, doesn't live too far from me and he had paid the fee for the site which means that he can e-mail people and they can e-mail him..So, he's not
Well, I sent a free flirt..Then he sends me a short note. I sent him one back. I tell him that I will try to send him a picture.I also tell him that I have to get some developed so at this time I am limited to what I can send, but I promise him that I do not have two heads...Keep it
I send him a copy of the picture that I have here on blogger..I say that I know he can't see my face, but that I will try to send a better one in a few days...
I'm thinking that the picture at least gives him some idea..right?
Well, I have not heard back from him..It's been 4 days or so now..I personally hate to be left hanging..So what do I do?? I wrote him a short e-mail last night. I just said, I guess you're really busy or you just didn't like the picture..Haven't heard anything, so now he probably thinks I'm Oh well, we had dialog going between us and I think that he could have written something in respone to my sending him the picture. (Maybe I'm wrong)

Camerons picture was on tv..His mom had gotten him up at 6:00am so he could see it. It didn't come on until a little after 7...When I talked to him in the afternoon, he told me about it..
She is going to have a birthday party for him next week-end..At the bowling alley. That should be intersting.

Well, I guess that's it for news right now. Hope everyone enjoyed their week-end.

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