Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you Ladies for you comments.
I will work through this like I have worked through other trying times in my life.
Just wish it didn't have to hurt so much...
Enough about that.

I joined the YMCA with my daughter. She had just started going on a more consistent basis. I had been talking about joining for some time. Decided that it was time stop talking about it and do it.
My first day there, we walked on the treadmill and then later in the day went for a class. It's called BodyPump..It's a one hour class that goes through a whole series of moves. You use weights. You do crunches. You get your heart rate up. It's really an overall workout. I even made it for the whole

Last night, I decided that instead of just sitting around the house, I would get myself over there and work out some more.
Now mind you, I have a bit of a problem doing some of these things by myself. I don't like to walk into such active places by myself. But I was determined:) I used the treadmill for a bit and then hit the hot tub. I was going to swim for a while, but they had a class in session, so I opted for more time in the hot tub. I must say, it was very relaxing.

Today my daughter and I are supposed to do the BodyPump class again. The last instructor told us that we really only need to do that twice a week.

I quit my job doing the apartment hallways. We have a new manager and things went downhill from there.
I was told that there would be some changes. The guy in charge of the apartments told the manager that he wasn't pleased with the way the hallways were being kept up....EXCUSE ME.. I told her that if he was coming here a couple of days after I had cleaned them then they were going to look like hell...Because no one here cares about cleaning up after themselves. As in, spilling liquid detergent on the washer and then leaving it. If they are bright enough to empty the lint trap, will they make sure that it gets into the garbage pail? Not always because they don't care.
I told her that if Scott was so worried about the hallways being up to his standards then he should have gotten a commercial vacuum. Who buys a frigging canister vacuum to do hallways with two flights of stairs each?

Now they are talking about doing a touch up job a few days after the complete cleaning. Well, they should have said something before.

I just don't need that kind of hassle. I will make do without the extra money.
There are a few areas that I can cut back on. I did like having the extra money, but not at the expense of them driving me

Other than that, not too much is new..It seems strange for the week-end to be here and there isn't ONE thing that I HAVE to
I'm going to enjoy it.
Hope everyone else has a wonderful week-end.

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