Saturday, May 30, 2009

The birthday girl did not give out many smiles today...I don't know if she was just tired. She actually smiled more for the camera before anyone showed well, you never know what the mood will be for these little ones..
It was a nice time.
I got to my stepdaughters house about an hour and a half before the start of the party. My stepdaughter is not the most, she had to make another run to the store..I stayed with the kids..
My ex showed up when she was gone. I stayed my distance. He had to tell me that he hasn't gotten over me and doesn't think that he will..I told him these things take time.
He said that he is not going to get over it.....I told him that he should have thought about that before he filed for divorce....Duh...
He even asked if we could have dinner next week....NO..
Destiny got lots of goodies...Lots of clothes and little girly things...and then the bike at the end..
And do you want to know what she played with??? The $4.00 little compact of makeup that I had gotten could have saved a lot of
I know she will appreciate all of the clothes. She really does love clothes. She will change outfits 10 times a day if you let her. lol..
It was a good day. We are all blessed to be able to spend this time together.

Today is Destinys Birthday party.....It should be fun.. My stepdaughter asked if I would come a little early to help get things prepared..Of course I said yes. I'm always more than happy to be included in anything concerning the kids.
I picked up some stuff for the party. A cooler, a folding chair, some Hannah Montana paper plates, along with matching cups and table cover.
I got Destiny a really cute bike, a hugh ball, a princess frissbee, and 9 summer tops that I had picked up on sale at the end of last summer.
We are going have a cook out. It should be fun. Well, other than the fact that my ex will be there.
NOT looking forward to that part. Mainly because he is unpredictable. Nice? Mean? who
He sent me my first payment the other day...On the inside of the envelope he wrote, I still love you...Guess he should have thought about that when he was treating me like crap..
It's not looking very nice outside. Sure hope it clears up for the party. Originally it was supposed to be 72 today. Now they are saying, 68 and possible rain in the morning..Which of course makes it hard to set up the party. Keeping fingers crossed
I cleaned my apartment last night, made potato salad for the party and ironed my work clothes.
So, I am clear for the week-end..And very happy about that.
Maybe I'll be able to post some photos of the party later..My camera has been acting up. I put it on the charging dock and the green light did not go on. I hope it is charging. Time for a new camera..
A few weeks ago, I had ordered one thru HSN..I should know better than to order something like that thru the mail...I didn't like it. It cost me 13.oo to return it..UGH..
Well, I guess that's it for now. I will post pictures later...
Enjoy your week-end!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lake Delton
The torture ride

Me with the grandkids

The old farmstead

We had a great time in Wisconsin Dells!

I made the trip to the Dells early Monday morning. Shannon and the kids were already there.

I think I got there about 7:00am..We then went to the town where my mom grew up and spent a little time at the cemetery. We placed all of the flowers..

Then we headed over to the playground where I had spent many hours playing as a kid..

Next we went a little way out of town to the house that had belonged to my grandma....

I'm going to post a picture of it...You will be surprised to know that people still live there..In fact, when I got out of the car to take a picture, I could see the guy peaking around the back of the house at us..A little

He must think I'm the scary one..Because I go there once a year to take a picture of the house..and usually they see

One time when he came to the front door, I yelled to him that my grandma used to own the house..

It's bitter sweet to go back. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood on that farm. To see it get more run down each year is a little hard. I'm sure one time I go back, the house will be gone..

But until then, the Grizzly Adams family is still

We got back to the Dells about 9:30...Parked on the main drag and then did the tourist thing...We were the first ones into the Old Time photo store. Our photos turned out nice.. Although, I was really surprised at how old I look..UGH...Plus I looked very washed out..Making me rethink this blond

It was still fun and will be a great memory for the kids.

We went to Lake Delton...I had taken the kids to a restaurant on the lake last year..the lake had drained..taking with it thousands of dollars worth of tourist money.

I'm glad to say that they refilled the lake this year and are now up and running for a great come back summer.

Now off to the Theme Park...Mt. Olympus!

What was I thinking getting on not one, but two VERY large did better than I thought I would..I thought I might feel sick with the height. Nope. It was the tossing around that did me in.

Oh my gosh, I felt like I had been tossed into a dryer and

But I did it. And that is the last memory of grandma on the rollercoaster that they are going to have.

Next we did the swimming area. They have what is called the lazy river. You can use a swimming tube and just float around. Not too bad, but it was COLD...Not liking that at

We went outside to the wave pool..and I do mean wave. When it comes at you, you better be prepared.. I wasn't the first time and of course it knocked me

That water was freezing cold too...

We did the go carts. After that we were all pretty tuckered out. So, we packed up and headed home. It was crazy with traffic..Of course, everyone heading home after the holiday week-end...

But it was all worth it. We all had a wonderful time together. And are already making plans for the next trip.

We may try our hand at camping....yeah...

Well, better get ready for work. It's been hectic..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

To all that have served our Country. Past, Present and Future! THANK YOU!

My Sweet Destiny!
It was her turn to spend the night with Abuelita. I picked her up yesterday and took her home about 2:00 today..We (as always) had a nice time.
She is really such a girly girl..LOVES dresses..A few days ago I had picked up the outdoor game- Jarts..So, we took them outside and played while I grilled out brats and chicken..As we were sitting there she says..."Do you like grandpa?"....Hummm..I said yes, I still like grandpa..She then says..Grandpa says that you don't like him anymore....OMG..I was pissed. But I smile and say..I still like grandpa. when you love someone you don't just stop loving them because you don't live together anymore. You can still care for someone...
I don't want her to think that you can loving someone just stops...You know kids. She might end up being afraid that someone will just stop loving her....Ugh Men.
Anyway...I did mention it to my step-daughter..Not to start problems. But so that she has a heads up in case Destiny mentions something to her. I wanted her to know how I handled it..
We finished grilling our food and playing games..Then she decided that she wanted to put lotion on my told me that I could just sit there and read my book..Which I
Once the food was done, we brought everything inside and had dinner.
We had stopped at Walmart on the way home to get a few things...Added to the list was school supplies..It's funny because she said the same thing that both of the boys had said..What are school supplies? We got all of the usual things. Pencils, glue sticks, paints, crayons, magic markers and last but not least,,,a Hannah Montana back pack..She is one happy little girl.
At least she has a start on her supplies and that will help her mom not have to worry so much.
In August, all of my grandkids will be in school..I didn't think this day would come so soon.
Mason will start also..I still have to take him school supply shopping. We will probably do that on his next visit here....
Tomorrow I will head to Wisconsin Dells. My daughter and grankids went up today. I have two employees that have to work tomorrow, so I really can't head out of town until I know that they have checked in..They are great employees and would never just not show up..But you never know what is going to happen..
I will head out of town around five am....It will take me about an hour and a half to get there.
We will head over to the town where my mom grew up and go to the cemetery to place flowers.
This is when it gets a little hard for me..Not having a PLACE to go to for my mom..She and my brother had purchased 5 plots at this cemetery..I don't know if he will ever place a headstone there for my mom..He was not the best son. And certainly not the best brother. I have not talked to him since my mom passed away.
After the placing the flowers, we will head back to the Dells and do a few things. It should be a lot of fun hanging out with my daughter and the kids.
Because I am account manager of a couple of buildings that are open seven days a week, it limits what I do on the week-ends. On Friday, I asked my boss if it would be ok if I trained one of my other cleaners for these two jobs. That way, if I want to get away I can. He said that would not be a problem..Yeah.....I have to make a decision on who I would like to train..Then put it into action.
Well, I guess that's about it for now. it is almost 7:00pm....I want to get some stuff ready for my road trip in the morning...
I hope everyone has a chance to just hang out tomorrow and relax.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank you Sugar!

Thank you to all of our Armed Forces and their Families!

Last night I had to work. I had wanted to watch the Farrah Fawcett documentary. So, I DVR'd it. I watched it today when I got home from work...It was heart wrenching to say the least. I give her so much credit for putting her physical and emotional pain out there for all to see...We don't hear alot about anal cancer. She should be proud that she is bringing this form of cancer out in to the open.

Her son Redmond is in jail at this time. He was given a special three hour pass to go home and see his Mom....Although he is in jail of his own doing, it is still heartbreaking to know that he can not be with his mom at a time like this. They took his handcuffs off of him while he was with his mom, but left his shackles on. From what they showed, Farrah wasn't aware of much.

All I can say is that it was heartbreaking.

I stopped at Walmart on my way home this morning. Got another 4 shelf stand to put in the closet. Hopefully it will help me get that closet a little more organized.

I did a load of wash today. So, now I have a ton of things that I have to iron. I'll get that done this afternoon. Then I will be set for work for the entire week....

Not much else going on. I'm thinking that I might go out for a while I have the energy...It was a long workweek and I still have to finish up one building tomorrow...

Have a good week-end!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wow, I have discovered that I can put my camera memory card right into my
I know, I'm a little slow when it comes to this
First is Cameron.
Abuelita (me) and Mason
JJ (on the peddle cart on Mothers Day
Monique- Mothers Day
My daughter Shannon
I hope these all post okay.
Gotta get ready for work. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'll tell you, some things never change.
I haven't heard from my ex for almost two weeks..Two weeks ago this Friday, he left me a voicemail saying that he is having such a hard time with "all of this" and how much he still loves me.....And then tonight I get an e-mail from him stating that he "came across" a letter I had written to Jeremys Dad.
Now mind you, Carlos has seem for the last 7 years what kind of guy Mike is. He has seen that he is only interested in his beer. He has seen that he can't be depended on where his children are. And now he wants to use an old letter to tell me that I am the problem and I lost two good men....WHAT? I am still flabbergasted..

I wasn't going to reply..I know, I know...that is feeding into his need to have some sort of contact. Like a little child...Bad behavior gets couldn't help it. I did reply...
I let him know the Facts on the basis of the letter Mike had written...And then I told him that unless he knows the facts about something, hes should Shut the ==== up!
I also reminded him that he didn't just come across this letter..He took it when we were together. I don't even know why I still had it..It was in with all of my PERSONAL
stuff...But then again, Carlos never did know the meaning of personal...

It's bad enough that he has to interfer with my being at our granddaughters birthday. That is the worst of things. Destiny turns 5 on June first. Carlos' daughter was nice enough to include me in the party. When I got my invitation, she had written, "No is not an option Abuelita". lol...guess she knew where my thinking was. She and I talked. I told her that at this time, it would be very uncomfortable for me to be in the same place with her dad..But I have always tried to put the grandkids first, so I would be there....
Then she told me that he told her that he would just come before the party to spend some time with them..In other words, he didn't want to be there if I was....Okay. so I thought about it and decided that I would forego the party and do something with Destiny before or after her birthday....And now this.
Maybe he is trying to insure that I won't show up. I don't know. I don't know why he thinks bringing this letter into things makes any difference.

It was a hectic day with work...But it was still a good day..It was nice and sunny. I have a new CD..It's really good...SEAL..Darn good music...
I got some brats today and hamburger patties. I came home early and got the gas grill going...oh was I made enough to have leftovers. I love to just grab a brat on the run..

I had to cover for one of my workers tonight. Not a hugh deal. It was only an hour, but it was an hour total time driving to and well,,it's done. And I was still home by eight...

I guess that's it for tonight. I needed to vent after that

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mom!
I know that you are still with me. Even though you are no longer here on earth, I am a part of you and therefore will always have you with me.
I know there were so many times that you were sad because you couldn't afford to give us all of the material possessions that kids think that they need. From my heart, I want you to know that I never felt I didn't have enough. I can honestly say, I wouldn't change my childhood and upbringing for all of the money or possessions in the world.
You gave me what is important most. Unconditional love! You gave me the ability to have an open mind and not judge others.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish you were here for just one more day.
I love you.....I'll see you when I see you..
Okay, I'm better to get the emotions yeah, that's right, I did that while I took my shower this
When it hits you, it hits you. Now I feel like Mothers Day is a double whammy for me. It was 7 years ago that my ex took me "home" to meet his family....All the open arms...The very arms that took no time to close me out...Oh well, I guess that shows were some of their upbringing did for them..Enough about that....
It was a great day afterall..
My 14 year old grandson spent the night. Today we went into town to meet his mom and sister and brother for a round of miniature golf...We had a great time.
They gave me a cordless mouse for my laptop...In fact, I am using it now. It is soooo much niver than the one that I had..It is much smaller so it fits my hand so much better..And it's a pretty is wonderful to have one less cord to worry about..I love it..
They also gave me a gift card for $25.00 for either Red Lobster or Olive Garden..Okay, I love Olive Garden,,,but I'm telling you, this mom is going to Red I'll have to take my daughter with me...
She told me that I have one more gift coming but I won't get it until Mon. or Wed...Hummm, those are the nights that she has baseball...Could this be connected..I bet it's a baseball shirt that says something like mama blue or blues mom...I'll let you know when I get it..
Now, back to the days adventures..After golf, we went on these things called peddle carts. A take off go carts. But as the name states,,PEDDLE...oh get to go around the track 5 times..
Looks pretty darn easy...until you are the one doing the was hard. I held my first place position..Much to the dismay of my granddaughter. She really would have moved past me, but I did exactly what race car drivers do, I blocked her from being able to get around She did not think that was fair...ha-ha...that is what racing is all about...
We did get some good pictures. I'm going to work on getting some pictures here on my new computer so that I can share them.
Then we went inside the building. They have a ton of arcade games. Played a few of those, had an ice cream and then it was time to head home. My daughter had a baseball game to get to...
I was so surprised when I walked into the house...
Jeremy had to work today..He got home before I did...He had gotten me a bag of red licorice and a bag of premium M&Ms..I had never even seen premium m&ms...He bought a small steak to make us for dinner...
I was so impressed with this.......But the best came after....He had done the dishes! That was the best part of my gift. That he knew me well enough to know that doing this would be a gift. It is not always about what you spend. He has learned well and I am really proud of him..Oh, he also took out the garbage..
I had one more surprise (former) step-daughter sent me a text message wishing me a happy mothers day...During my time with her dad, I had never recieved a call or a card on mothers day from any of his kids, so this was a very welcome and much appreciated surprise:)
It's been a great day and I am blessed!
I send blessings and Happy Mothers Day wishes to all.

What a dreary day it was....
It didn't rain too much. Although for most of the day it felt like it was going to start at any moment.
I didn't do too much read the early edition Sunday paper..I took Jeremy to the mall to go to the Dell computer store. That is no longer there..Ugh..I got dressed for
It was just one of those days. I had no desire to do anything..
If my daughter does not have forced overtime tomorrow, we are going to take the kids and go miniature golfing..That should be fun.
I don't have anything else to bore you, I will go back to bed now. It's 4:10am..

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's about 10:20pm and I have the news on. The fire in California is horrendous. They definetly
need our prayers..
I originally was supposed to clean tonight. One of our accounts, (a bank) had some remodeling done this week. The guys were supposed to finish up last night. I was going to go in and help my cleaning tech do a final clean.. The work was not done completely so the final clean has been pushed back to Monday night...So, that was my good news for the
I cleaned my apartment tonight in order to free myself up for the week-end..Don't know why I am worried about that, I don't have any
I did finally start working on getting my shadow box painted..Man oh man, that is a much bigger project than I had to the amount of glass panes. But it is turning out nicely. I hope anyway. I'm still not even sure where I am going to hang it.
I'm glad it will be done. And not sitting in my dining area. I should be able to finish it tomorrow.
I got out of my comfort zone yesterday and bought some camping gear. Two for the girls and a smaller one for the boys. I bought a folding chair..the kind that comes in a bag. I got a sleeping bag and a double high air mattress..It's a twin size. I told my daughter that I am not sharing with, I also bought a nice heavy duty rubber mallet..for pounding the tent stakes into the ground...I figure that it can do double duty as a weapon to keep in the in case..
I need a few more things of course.But it's a start..
I also found a nice cooler at a rummage sale yesterday..Two dollars..I do love a good deal..
I did it again...I burned my frigging forhead with my curling iron..It's a darn good sized burn too.
I better not tell my daughter, or else she might take it away from
Guess it's time for me to slow down and pay attention to what I'm doing..
Well, I guess that's it for the exciting times at my house.
Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderful moms out there in blog land.......

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I did not even know that we had a National Day of Prayer!
I would wish for everyday to be a day of Prayer.
Sugar also has some beautiful Mothers Day tags.......
I think it's wonderful that she shares her work with those of us that don't have the talent to do this type of art....
Have a wonderful day. I will try to add something later. Going to get headed out to work early today...So I can come home
I want to take my son to the Dell store..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last week we had a floor scrubbing crew do the kitchen floor at one of our accounts...Three days later the office manager was complaining that they made marks on the wall...I went to look at it. I told her that I didn't think it was from our guy. Some of the marks were chest high,, some were knee high. I told her that there isn't anything on the machine that would have made the marks..

She was insistant that it was due to the floor cleaners...Alrighty then. She said that she had spare paint. I told her I would be there on Saturday to repaint the areas that needed it...She said the paint was high on a shelf and she would have it put into our closet area...

I got there and of course, could not find the paint. I went to the warehouse area...Yep, there it was, WAY UP THERE. I got the hugh rolling ladder. Took downt the 1 gallon can. As I was touching up the wall, I notice that the paint looked a little too dark..Humm..I thought it would lighten up as it dried..It didn'

Back up the ladder. The paint I needed was in a 5 gallon container..I got it down the ladder. I put it on a dolly to take it to the kitchen.

It was the right paint. Got everything painted and cleaned up. I looked at the bottoms of the chairs. They have these black plastic caps. I think that is where the black marks and indentations came from. So I'm going to keep an eye on the wall there and see if the marks return. Then I will bring it to her attention.

After I was done there, I went to get my grandson Mason. He was spending the night with me. We had a really nice time together. He is such a He wanted to go to Mcdonalds to play. So we went there for a bite to eat and playtime.

Here at home we spent some time outside playing baseball together. He can hit the ball pretty darn good for a five year

It is now going to be Destinys turn to come over..And although I love spending time with the kids, I think I am going to wait a week before I get needs a break...

Last night I met my daughter and grandkids at the baseball field to watch her boyfriend play..It was nice out. The kids and I threw the ball back and forth for a while before the game started. It was nice.

Not too much else is new. I really do lead a fairly boring

I have a painting project that I am still thinking about finishing. Maybe this week-end..

7 years ago today I had my first date with my ex-husband..

Sometimes I regret that I ever agreed to go out with him. But in the long run, I can't regret our time together. We did have a lot of good times. Although right now those memories are hard to deal with, I would not have my three youngest grandkids if I had not married him. There is a reason for everything. Maybe they are the reason.

My life would be so different if I didn't have my 3 little ones in it. They bring me so much joy.

Well, enough for now. I better get moving for work. lol...I am feeling very lazy today.