Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mom!
I know that you are still with me. Even though you are no longer here on earth, I am a part of you and therefore will always have you with me.
I know there were so many times that you were sad because you couldn't afford to give us all of the material possessions that kids think that they need. From my heart, I want you to know that I never felt I didn't have enough. I can honestly say, I wouldn't change my childhood and upbringing for all of the money or possessions in the world.
You gave me what is important most. Unconditional love! You gave me the ability to have an open mind and not judge others.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish you were here for just one more day.
I love you.....I'll see you when I see you..
Okay, I'm better to get the emotions yeah, that's right, I did that while I took my shower this
When it hits you, it hits you. Now I feel like Mothers Day is a double whammy for me. It was 7 years ago that my ex took me "home" to meet his family....All the open arms...The very arms that took no time to close me out...Oh well, I guess that shows were some of their upbringing did for them..Enough about that....
It was a great day afterall..
My 14 year old grandson spent the night. Today we went into town to meet his mom and sister and brother for a round of miniature golf...We had a great time.
They gave me a cordless mouse for my laptop...In fact, I am using it now. It is soooo much niver than the one that I had..It is much smaller so it fits my hand so much better..And it's a pretty is wonderful to have one less cord to worry about..I love it..
They also gave me a gift card for $25.00 for either Red Lobster or Olive Garden..Okay, I love Olive Garden,,,but I'm telling you, this mom is going to Red I'll have to take my daughter with me...
She told me that I have one more gift coming but I won't get it until Mon. or Wed...Hummm, those are the nights that she has baseball...Could this be connected..I bet it's a baseball shirt that says something like mama blue or blues mom...I'll let you know when I get it..
Now, back to the days adventures..After golf, we went on these things called peddle carts. A take off go carts. But as the name states,,PEDDLE...oh get to go around the track 5 times..
Looks pretty darn easy...until you are the one doing the was hard. I held my first place position..Much to the dismay of my granddaughter. She really would have moved past me, but I did exactly what race car drivers do, I blocked her from being able to get around She did not think that was fair...ha-ha...that is what racing is all about...
We did get some good pictures. I'm going to work on getting some pictures here on my new computer so that I can share them.
Then we went inside the building. They have a ton of arcade games. Played a few of those, had an ice cream and then it was time to head home. My daughter had a baseball game to get to...
I was so surprised when I walked into the house...
Jeremy had to work today..He got home before I did...He had gotten me a bag of red licorice and a bag of premium M&Ms..I had never even seen premium m&ms...He bought a small steak to make us for dinner...
I was so impressed with this.......But the best came after....He had done the dishes! That was the best part of my gift. That he knew me well enough to know that doing this would be a gift. It is not always about what you spend. He has learned well and I am really proud of him..Oh, he also took out the garbage..
I had one more surprise (former) step-daughter sent me a text message wishing me a happy mothers day...During my time with her dad, I had never recieved a call or a card on mothers day from any of his kids, so this was a very welcome and much appreciated surprise:)
It's been a great day and I am blessed!
I send blessings and Happy Mothers Day wishes to all.

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