Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'll tell you, some things never change.
I haven't heard from my ex for almost two weeks..Two weeks ago this Friday, he left me a voicemail saying that he is having such a hard time with "all of this" and how much he still loves me.....And then tonight I get an e-mail from him stating that he "came across" a letter I had written to Jeremys Dad.
Now mind you, Carlos has seem for the last 7 years what kind of guy Mike is. He has seen that he is only interested in his beer. He has seen that he can't be depended on where his children are. And now he wants to use an old letter to tell me that I am the problem and I lost two good men....WHAT? I am still flabbergasted..

I wasn't going to reply..I know, I know...that is feeding into his need to have some sort of contact. Like a little child...Bad behavior gets attention..lol..I couldn't help it. I did reply...
I let him know the Facts on the basis of the letter Mike had written...And then I told him that unless he knows the facts about something, hes should Shut the ==== up!
I also reminded him that he didn't just come across this letter..He took it when we were together. I don't even know why I still had it..It was in with all of my PERSONAL
stuff...But then again, Carlos never did know the meaning of personal...

It's bad enough that he has to interfer with my being at our granddaughters birthday. That is the worst of things. Destiny turns 5 on June first. Carlos' daughter was nice enough to include me in the party. When I got my invitation, she had written, "No is not an option Abuelita". lol...guess she knew where my thinking was. She and I talked. I told her that at this time, it would be very uncomfortable for me to be in the same place with her dad..But I have always tried to put the grandkids first, so I would be there....
Then she told me that he told her that he would just come before the party to spend some time with them..In other words, he didn't want to be there if I was....Okay. so I thought about it and decided that I would forego the party and do something with Destiny before or after her birthday....And now this.
Maybe he is trying to insure that I won't show up. I don't know. I don't know why he thinks bringing this letter into things makes any difference.

It was a hectic day with work...But it was still a good day..It was nice and sunny. I have a new CD..It's really good...SEAL..Darn good music...
I got some brats today and hamburger patties. I came home early and got the gas grill going...oh yeah..it was good..lol.. I made enough to have leftovers. I love to just grab a brat on the run..

I had to cover for one of my workers tonight. Not a hugh deal. It was only an hour, but it was an hour total time driving to and from...lol...Oh well,,it's done. And I was still home by eight...

I guess that's it for tonight. I needed to vent after that e-mail...lol

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