Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lake Delton
The torture ride

Me with the grandkids

The old farmstead

We had a great time in Wisconsin Dells!

I made the trip to the Dells early Monday morning. Shannon and the kids were already there.

I think I got there about 7:00am..We then went to the town where my mom grew up and spent a little time at the cemetery. We placed all of the flowers..

Then we headed over to the playground where I had spent many hours playing as a kid..

Next we went a little way out of town to the house that had belonged to my grandma....

I'm going to post a picture of it...You will be surprised to know that people still live there..In fact, when I got out of the car to take a picture, I could see the guy peaking around the back of the house at us..A little

He must think I'm the scary one..Because I go there once a year to take a picture of the house..and usually they see

One time when he came to the front door, I yelled to him that my grandma used to own the house..

It's bitter sweet to go back. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood on that farm. To see it get more run down each year is a little hard. I'm sure one time I go back, the house will be gone..

But until then, the Grizzly Adams family is still

We got back to the Dells about 9:30...Parked on the main drag and then did the tourist thing...We were the first ones into the Old Time photo store. Our photos turned out nice.. Although, I was really surprised at how old I look..UGH...Plus I looked very washed out..Making me rethink this blond

It was still fun and will be a great memory for the kids.

We went to Lake Delton...I had taken the kids to a restaurant on the lake last year..the lake had drained..taking with it thousands of dollars worth of tourist money.

I'm glad to say that they refilled the lake this year and are now up and running for a great come back summer.

Now off to the Theme Park...Mt. Olympus!

What was I thinking getting on not one, but two VERY large did better than I thought I would..I thought I might feel sick with the height. Nope. It was the tossing around that did me in.

Oh my gosh, I felt like I had been tossed into a dryer and

But I did it. And that is the last memory of grandma on the rollercoaster that they are going to have.

Next we did the swimming area. They have what is called the lazy river. You can use a swimming tube and just float around. Not too bad, but it was COLD...Not liking that at

We went outside to the wave pool..and I do mean wave. When it comes at you, you better be prepared.. I wasn't the first time and of course it knocked me

That water was freezing cold too...

We did the go carts. After that we were all pretty tuckered out. So, we packed up and headed home. It was crazy with traffic..Of course, everyone heading home after the holiday week-end...

But it was all worth it. We all had a wonderful time together. And are already making plans for the next trip.

We may try our hand at camping....yeah...

Well, better get ready for work. It's been hectic..

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