Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last week we had a floor scrubbing crew do the kitchen floor at one of our accounts...Three days later the office manager was complaining that they made marks on the wall...I went to look at it. I told her that I didn't think it was from our guy. Some of the marks were chest high,, some were knee high. I told her that there isn't anything on the machine that would have made the marks..

She was insistant that it was due to the floor cleaners...Alrighty then. She said that she had spare paint. I told her I would be there on Saturday to repaint the areas that needed it...She said the paint was high on a shelf and she would have it put into our closet area...

I got there and of course, could not find the paint. I went to the warehouse area...Yep, there it was, WAY UP THERE. I got the hugh rolling ladder. Took downt the 1 gallon can. As I was touching up the wall, I notice that the paint looked a little too dark..Humm..I thought it would lighten up as it dried..It didn'

Back up the ladder. The paint I needed was in a 5 gallon container..I got it down the ladder. I put it on a dolly to take it to the kitchen.

It was the right paint. Got everything painted and cleaned up. I looked at the bottoms of the chairs. They have these black plastic caps. I think that is where the black marks and indentations came from. So I'm going to keep an eye on the wall there and see if the marks return. Then I will bring it to her attention.

After I was done there, I went to get my grandson Mason. He was spending the night with me. We had a really nice time together. He is such a He wanted to go to Mcdonalds to play. So we went there for a bite to eat and playtime.

Here at home we spent some time outside playing baseball together. He can hit the ball pretty darn good for a five year

It is now going to be Destinys turn to come over..And although I love spending time with the kids, I think I am going to wait a week before I get needs a break...

Last night I met my daughter and grandkids at the baseball field to watch her boyfriend play..It was nice out. The kids and I threw the ball back and forth for a while before the game started. It was nice.

Not too much else is new. I really do lead a fairly boring

I have a painting project that I am still thinking about finishing. Maybe this week-end..

7 years ago today I had my first date with my ex-husband..

Sometimes I regret that I ever agreed to go out with him. But in the long run, I can't regret our time together. We did have a lot of good times. Although right now those memories are hard to deal with, I would not have my three youngest grandkids if I had not married him. There is a reason for everything. Maybe they are the reason.

My life would be so different if I didn't have my 3 little ones in it. They bring me so much joy.

Well, enough for now. I better get moving for work. lol...I am feeling very lazy today.

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