Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today is Destinys Birthday party.....It should be fun.. My stepdaughter asked if I would come a little early to help get things prepared..Of course I said yes. I'm always more than happy to be included in anything concerning the kids.
I picked up some stuff for the party. A cooler, a folding chair, some Hannah Montana paper plates, along with matching cups and table cover.
I got Destiny a really cute bike, a hugh ball, a princess frissbee, and 9 summer tops that I had picked up on sale at the end of last summer.
We are going have a cook out. It should be fun. Well, other than the fact that my ex will be there.
NOT looking forward to that part. Mainly because he is unpredictable. Nice? Mean? who
He sent me my first payment the other day...On the inside of the envelope he wrote, I still love you...Guess he should have thought about that when he was treating me like crap..
It's not looking very nice outside. Sure hope it clears up for the party. Originally it was supposed to be 72 today. Now they are saying, 68 and possible rain in the morning..Which of course makes it hard to set up the party. Keeping fingers crossed
I cleaned my apartment last night, made potato salad for the party and ironed my work clothes.
So, I am clear for the week-end..And very happy about that.
Maybe I'll be able to post some photos of the party later..My camera has been acting up. I put it on the charging dock and the green light did not go on. I hope it is charging. Time for a new camera..
A few weeks ago, I had ordered one thru HSN..I should know better than to order something like that thru the mail...I didn't like it. It cost me 13.oo to return it..UGH..
Well, I guess that's it for now. I will post pictures later...
Enjoy your week-end!

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