Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our campfire
The boys putting their tent up.

The girls putting their tent up...
We had a wonderful time in the Dells..We had no problems with the tents..well alright, we had a small problem. But fixed it with no
We set up camp and then hit the local Walmart..We left the store with a cart full of food and things that we either forgot or needed..
It was a blast. We went to the water park. OMG...I went down the VERY LARGE water slide..with my daughter and niece..
I think I have done more new things in the last few weeks than I have done in a year.
We went on the and water vehicles that were used in world war 2..The kids hadn't been on them before, so it was nice to experience it with them..
We did water jets that none of us had done before.
We cooked macaroni and cheese on the campfire,(turned out pretty darn good), we made a breakfast of french toast and sausage on the campfire..
We made it thru a rain storm without
I had a few problems with the girl that I had trained (and paid 25.oo out of my pocket) to cover for me that week-end..Having to wake up and call her to make sure she was getting to the jobs..
So much for relaxing where that was concerned..She will no longer be my fill-in..
We had a nice time. It was great to get away and relax. We do plan on doing some more camping this summer. But we will probably make it closer to home. No waterparks, just
As of last Thursday, my injured worker, Gary, is back on the job....YeeHa....I am so darned happy...
I no longer have to get up at 5 in the morning to go 23 miles to do his job..I no longer have to go back into town two nights a week to cover his other job..
Just in these last few days, I am already feeling so much better..
Because one of his jobs is 7 days a week, I wasn't able to have my little grandkids over.
So, this week-end, I was finally able to have Cameron over.
We had a nice time. We went to Greekfest. It was a blast. He saw the rides and points to the big ones...That's what he wanted to go on..I told him that I wasn't sure about that..He told me that he had never been on the big rides...I finally decided to give it a try..He did better than Monique and I
We went on a couple more of the larger rides..He did great. I told his mom about it and she said that she had also been afraid to take him on the big rides..I told her not to worry
Yesterday, my daughter and I went to Summerfest for a while..We had a nice time. Enjoyed some good food..Walked around listening to some music and enjoyed the lakefront. They have done a great job of fixing it up and restoring the area.
Tomorrow will be back to what should be a normal routine..Keeping fingers crossed

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