Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers. I do appreciate it. I haven't gotten any more news..So, I'll go with, no news is good news.

I keep my personal cell phone in the living room when I go to bed at night. It sits on a table by my front window..
I had just gone to bed last night when I heard it I was talking to my daughter, I noticed that the moon was straight ahead..Then I noticed something strange..the light that it was giving off created a cross that covered the front of it..The points sticking out from the moon.I thought maybe the glass from the window was distorting it somehow, so I opened the window to look. It was still there.
I told my daughter that maybe it was an sign of some sort..Under the circumstances I assumed it was a sign of something sad...

Now I would like to believe that it was a sign of something good about to happen.
This morning I went to the office and low and behold, my boss told me that he and his wife are leaving for Guatemala tomorrow to get their son. The have been going thru the adoption process for about 1 1/2 years...Austin is coming home.....
God showed me a sign last night. He is Awesome. Praise God for letting this family come together at last.

I'm off to buy a little motorized vehicle for'm sure his daddy will have plenty of fun showing him how to ride it....

Thank you again for your prayers..

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