Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I have made an entry......
My uncle passed away the day after my last entry. His son was able to make it down there to see him. Although I'm not sure my uncle could acknowledge his presence.
My cousin is doing better, but still not out of the woods..
We welcomed little Austin to the United States..My bosses son from Guatemala. He is adorable. Very tiny for his age. He is adjusting very well. He has a ton of smiles:) When I went to the office I took a bottle of bubbles with me. He liked that. He wouldn't get to right by his daddy..And I must say, my boss is right at home with a little one on his lap.
Isn't it funny how it can all seem so new, yet once we have them, it seems like they have always been a part of us..
My granddaughter turns 16 on Sunday. Where did that time go? She wanted to do a camping trip..Soooo, that is what we are doing. I am in the process of training someone to take over for me for a few days so I can go without having to worry about someone calling in sick..
I have one employee that is on restricted duty. So, although he can work, it is limited. He works 7 days a week at one of the restaurants. I have been going into town everynight to do the heavy work...UGH...He goes to the doctor today. I hope he gets a full release. It's been 3 weeks now. He had been diagnosed with a strained back muscle.. He made the comment last night that maybe the doctor would get him into a 6 month program to strenghten his back..Oh no. I told him that I wouldn't be covering his job for 6 months...I will replace him and then find him other work when he can return full time...
The problem I am having with this whole thing is, he has major back problems that he has had for some time. I don't want him to think that he can try to turn this into something that will help take care of those issues..He doesn't have health insurance.
I have to drive 46 miles round trip to help him with this job. And then come home and shower and get ready for My job...Too much.
So, needless to say. I am sooooo looking forward to getting away for the week-end. I plan on doing some swimming at the water park. Walking the main drag at the Dells and doing a lot of sitting around the fire...Humm,,,if we can keep one
I bought a tent that has three rooms...For the girls, and then a smaller tent for the boys..
I bought a lantern, a pump for my air mattress and water proof
We are going to buy some of our food up there. There is a Walmart about a mile away. So, anything we forget, we can get there..
I finally got all of the books, newpapers and bills off of my bed. They made it to the
I hope to get it all organized today..
I've done two loads of wash and half of the dishes in the sink..
Maybe I've been on the laptop too long...
I went to the government health insurance sight.. I make exactly $100.00 dollars too much to qualify...So, if I didn't recieve the 100.00 for my gas allowance, I would be able to get the coverage...That's about my luck sometimes...
That's it for now..Hope all is well with everyone.

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