Saturday, July 25, 2009


My son turned 23 today..I can't believe how time has gone by. I remember the first day I went to the hospital to see him..Hooked up to the apnea monitor. LOL...he was not the cutest baby..
But when she (the woman from social services) brought him to my house, I knew that he would be staying...
At one year old, social services found his extended family. I won't go into the whole scenario, but I knew that we would do whatever we had to to keep him...
We eventually met his birth grandparents and one of his aunts and her husband and kids..

When he was 2 years old, we were able to finalize his adoption..
He has matured a lot in the last year. Every year I see him expand his horizons.

I got him some much needed jeans, socks, and some munchies that he enjoys. I made steaks for dinner..with asparagus...oh so

Tomorrow I will take him and his friend to Chicago for a concert...ugh...not looking forward to that..I will be sitting in my van for almost ten hours..I will have to venture out and see if I can find some stores to walk around

The concert last night (Lonestar) was ok..I was a bit disappointed with the sound quality. I don't know if it was the band or the open venue..It was still nice to be out and about:)

I have hired my far, she is doing a good job. I am going to put her in charge of the bank that I just let the guy go from. We actually had someone else for it..a young guy that does some specialty work for us..Well, he called Friday to tell me that his car had been towed away and couldn't get to work. I told him that he should take the bus..He said that he didn't know how the bus system worked...I told him to call the bus company and tell them where he was and where he had to go to...and they would tell him which buses he needed to take..He couldn't do that....Soooo, I went to the fair and then I picked Monique up and she helped me..
She had also helped with it last week..
I hope to have her start on Monday. She will be working Mon. Wed. and Friday.. about 2-3 hours a night.
She doesn't think she will have a problem being in a building by herself. She does a good job and I think it's worth giving her a try..At least I know she will show

Not much else new. It's a little after ten and I am tired. I don't know why, I took a nap

Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite......

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