Friday, July 31, 2009

I helped my friend Larry clean the apartment that he just moved out of. We got it done fairly fast. After we were done, we went out to get a bite to eat.
As I was driving home, I noticed that there was a house for rent. It's only about three blocks from where I live now...

The funny thing about this house is that it is the same one that Carlos and I rented when we first started living together...

Well, the day before yesterday, I went and put in an application to rent it. The owner called me yesterday to tell me that I got it..I was so happy I almost cried..Really.
It's about $175.oo more than what I am paying now for rent. I can cut costs somewhere to make up that difference.
It's a three bedroom ranch. It has a two car garage attached to the house by a nice sized breezeway...full basement and best of all a fireplace..
I am so excited..Maybe that's why I can't sleep..
It will be so nice living in a single family home again. Not having to worry about every noise that is being made.
It has a nice yard. Plenty of room for the grandkids to play. I can grill out and use my new patio furniture..
The downside is that the bedrooms are very small...and I just got this new bedroom set...Ugh..that is the only thing that I am a little worried about. Fitting this set into one of the rooms..
Carlos and I had a King size bed. I have a queen now. That shouldn't be a problem..But my dresser is longer than the one he has. I am a bit concerned about manuvering that into one of the rooms..Oh well, I'll figure that out when the time comes.

Saturday is my grandson JJ's birthday..He is turning 15..I'm going to give him money..It's just getting too darned hard to buy things for them
He wants to come over today so he will most likely be here for his b-day. I'll either make a cake or get one from the bake shop here in town.
Maybe we'll even cook out. I can't wait to do that at the new house..I won't have to carry my propane tank downstairs and hook it up each time I want to use

Well, I'm going to go back to bed and hope to get another hour or so of sleep before I head out to work.
I hope everyone has a great week-end....

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