Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's a beautiful day today! We had some rain last night, so it helped bring down the humidity...Thank goodness..

I don't have anything planned for today..I had called my stepdaughter last night to see if Mason could spend tonight with me...He already had plans with his other grandma..Darn, I knew I was pushing my luck with waiting until the last day to call..But I've been having problems with one of my workers, and wasn't sure if I would be working today.

I have made tentative plans to get him next Friday.....

Speaking of next week-end. Saturday is Jeremys turns 23...and for his birthday, I get to drive him and his friend to Chicago for the evening...There is a 10 hour concert. "Mayhem"...what does that tell you about the music? LOL...We went last year too..This year I had thought it would be nice to just spend the night. Now I'm not sure. I can't find anyone to make the trip with me..Which would have been nice..Then we could have hit the stores while the boys were at the concert...

Either way,,it will be a long week-end..

I think I'm going to do some price checking on motorcycles today..Small

I also want to check out beds..I could use a new bed. Right now I don't have a headboard..Not a major problem but it feels like a starter I was married, we had a hugh bed. The kind that sits real high, has hugh posts and makes everyone that sees it comment on it. It was impressive..It was his before we got married so of course, he got to keep it.

This week-end we have Bastille days going on. My girlfriend and her daughter want to go. We just made plans to head down there at 3 or 4..Should be fun...Music, food and people watching. Can't beat it..

Tomorrow I will check on one of my workers jobs. He has been a serious problem lately..That's a shame, because when he puts his mind to it, he does a good job. He doesn't seem to take the job seriously enough though. I checked one of his jobs last week to discover that he is not mopping the floor..or doing the bathrooms completely. I worked for an hour and a half after he was there last week. He hadn't wiped down the lunch tables or mopped the floor. One stall in the ladies bathroom had absolutely NO toilet paper..OMG..They are paying us for a service and they are not getting what they pay for..We have 9 of these banks. We can not afford to lose this account because he is in a hurry to party..

So, he will be getting a written letter next week informing him that if his work does not improve he will be let go..

He's 26 and has his third child due any day now...He's working about 15 hours a week...He needs a course in responsibility is what he needs..

It does feel good to have my week-ends to decompress..and after last week, I really need to relax..

Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end!

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