Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is a very sad entry.....It's also a little graphic..and does contain some foul language...

One of my co-workers has a niece that has been missing since Jan..She is the mom of two small children. Her name is Renae.

They have found Renae (I think I'm spelling this wrong and I apologize for that)

Her boyfriend killed her, then placed her in a cooler(yes,like the one you take to the beach)..then he put the cooler in his mothers garage. After that, he took the cooler to his mothers boyfriends house where they put this young mom in a burn barrel and then cut holes in the ice of a lake and deposited the remains there.

All that is left of her is tiny bits left in the barrel..

All three have been arrested. Thank God!

Why am I doing this entry? First of all, She deserves for people to know what kind of monsters lurk out there in this world..

Secondly, I am so pissed that someone could do something like this. I need to vent it.

Oh believe me,,if this were my daughter. I would post bail for the mother fucker and I would shoot him.

When my ex and I had our few domestic violence encounters, he said it was all about money..the System was just trying to get more money by putting him on probation. Because you have to pay 20.00 everytime you go to see your p.0.

I told him that it wasn't about money...It was about the thousands of woman that end up dead because a man that claims to love them beats them..

He never did get that..

Maybe I am feeling this so much because I have been in domestic violence situations.

Please pray for this young mom, her little ones and her family!

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