Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking a few minutes for myself

Oh my gosh, I do not like moving...but I'm doing a pretty darn good job of getting things prepared.
I have everything off of the shelves. Cabinets cleaned out and bathroom scrubbed.
I have also taken my bed apart. I have to take the kitchen table apart also. I am going to let the movers take the table top for me. It's really heavy.

Yesterday I went out and purchased a new washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator..I feel so Blessed to be able to have done that.

I do have to go back to the store today or tomorrow to purchase the cords for the dryer and stove..It is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of...Having to buy these items seperately..Why doesn't the cord come with the stove and dryer? Oh,Oh,,I just figured it plugs come in a couple of different types..3 or 4 prong..So, I'm sure that is why they have to be purchased seperately...Hey wait a minute here.. Even though they come in different kinds, they should still be included in the price of the item..
I also had to purchase the hoses for the washer..why is that a seperate cost? Doesn't everyone have to have them? Don't we expect to be able to get water to our washer without having to pay more money to do it???
Not fair!

It has been extremely busy at work...Still....Last week I was training two people, at the same location.
Plus I had trained another person for the restaurant account we just took over. On Friday he gave his notice that due to his wife's schedule, he won't be able to work after Mon...You got it,,I will be doing that job again until we find someone new..My boss will be helping me because there are three floors to clean..
At least until the end of Sept..Then we will no longer have to clean the kitchen floor. That is the worst part of that job. I will be glad when we don't have to do that anymore.
We have a couple of woman that are interested in this account because the hours would work for them..3:00am to 5:30am...But they have full time jobs and I don't think they realize how hard this type of cleaning can be..
I did e-mail my boss to say that maybe we need to consider one of them or both for this position..At least it would make it easier on me (and him). He plans on coming into town to help me with it..He's a good boss that way. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

I hope my cable company has me on their list for the new house. I took care of making the change over the internet..Don't want to be without the internet or

I don't know if I mentioned it, but they have rented out my apartment for the 15th.
If I get out sooner, and get things cleaned up..they will let the other people move in sooner than the 15th..and that will be more money back to I'll get my deposit back..That will all help with the new appliances..

Well, I better get back to work..I'm almost done. It's early, I'm going to take the rest of the evening easy.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just making a quick entry...I'm watching Big Brother. Love this show. I'm always sorry to see it end..

I took a nap when I got home today...Oh that felt so good..I really did need it. LOL...
Starting Sunday night, I will be training a guy on the late night job..Keeping fingers crossed that nothing changes. I soooo need to get back to my own schedule.

Update on selling my rings. I got $86.00 for them..Not bad hey..I ended up taking in some more jewelry..Got another 89.00...
I also took in my Moms rings. They are taking the center stones out of both of them and putting them in a setting that I can wear on a necklace. One will be in gold and the other in white-gold.
I will get them back next week. I think this is a good choice that will work well for me..I can't wait to see them...

Haven't heard anything on Jeremys account. I'm going to contact the bank tomorrow. I'm also going to write a letter of complaint on the woman that took care of us.
I have my money out of there now..Now I have to find a new bank. There are three or four right here in town. I'm just not sure which one I want to go with...

It's 8:00pm..I think I will make myself a nice warm cup of Mexican chocolate and watch tv in bed for a bit..I'm going to get some extra sleep tonight...I

Have a great week-end. Hope everyone has beautiful weather...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well, I did it..I had my hair cut...SHORT..LOL...I have been trying to get the nerve up to get my hair cut short. And I finally did it. We women seem to hold our hair in high keep making the statement, I am not my

I do like the cut. Think least very close to it. and I love it. Once in a while I have a pang of regret. But for the most part, this is working for me. Can you say Easy? Five minutes out of the shower and it's ready to go.

As usual, things have been busy. We are getting more accounts (good thing, job security). But it takes some time to get the right people to clean them. That's where the hard part comes in. The restaurant we recently acquired is wearing me down some. I go in at 2:30 to clean it. Then I get 2 or 3 hours of sleep and then hit the road to cover my accounts. There is an end in sight. My boss just hired someone to do this job. He isn't able to start until Sunday night..So I will train him for two or three nights after that and then he will be on his own..

On Monday we have a hugh building that will require 2 or 3 people. I don't know yet if he has the people hired to start that..I think he does. It will take me a few nights to train there. And THEN I should be able to relax hope..

I have most of my packing done. Now I have to go to the appliance dent and scratch department and try to find a good deal on a washer, dryer, stove and fridge.. Then I should be pretty well set.

Jeremy had a problem with his bank account. It appears that his debit card has been compromised. There are withdrawls from the banks tyme machine that he did not make. To the tune of 280.00..They told us to first go to the police department and file a complaint, which we did. The officer said that this was the second complaint for that bank this week..Went back to the bank. The woman that took care of us kept telling us that Jeremy must have allowed someone to use his card and pin number. At one point she basically said that I didn't have anything to do with this since I was not on the account....OKAY, now I am mad. I told her that he has aspergers syndrome and that I help him with everything..As we are talking I can hear a phone conversation with another teller. She is telling the person on the phone that someone else must have their pin number and card...So I say,,well there's number three..the woman is trying to tell me that it isn't the same problem...Oh yes it is the same frigging problem, I heard the conversation. I was soooo pissed. I told her that I would be back the next day to take my money out of the bank...I have been with them since 1996 and I did not like the treatment we were recieving..Bitch...Last year they sent Jeremy a new debit card along with a letter stating that his account Could have been compromised.

So, I am going to head over there as soon as I get off of the computer to take my money out..

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I went to look at the house..Took all of the measurements that I need..
They have the house looking really nice.
I can't wait until I can put my personal touch on it. You know how your mind starts planning how you will arrange things? Well, now that I have been there again, my mind is doing

The bedrooms are on the small side. I was a little concerned about how I would be able to arrange my new bedroom set..They have a king size bed and the dresser is the same size as mine, so I should be good to go..

Now, time to go thru some paper-work..the job I like the least...
I was supposed to have a new trainee at the restaurant this morning..No such luck..He called yesterday afternoon to say that he was staying with his current job..Darn...
So, I'll be covering this one for a bit..
My granddaughter cleaned by herself for the first time last night. She didn't even take the entire allotted time to do it..
After I worked early this morning, I went to take a look at the bank to make sure she hadn't missed anything..WoW..she did a darn good job. I am really proud of her..The only thing I could find were a couple of fingerprints on the door. Not bad for the first time.
I called her this morning to tell her what a good job she did..She says..."Oh, you went there"? Yes honey, that's MY
I have to admit, I was a little worried about her setting the alarm correctly..She did..

When my boss and I were talking about my renting this house, I had also mentioned that it would be a bit more money per month. If I found it to be a bit of a struggle financially, I would take on one of our smaller jobs for the extra money.
He said, well, you are ready for a review....

Yesterday I was at the office for more supplies and he says again, we have to have your review soon...He then proceeds to tell me that as of this paycheck, I will be getting a $125.00 a month raise...I told him thank you, I appreciate it..He said, No, thank you,,you do a fantastic really made my day.
I'm a bit of a worry wart. I always worry that I'm not doing enough or not living up to expectations..
His praise gave me a much needed boost in my self-esteem. And the boost to the paycheck sure doesn't

I have one hour until I go to look at the house and do some measuring..It's going to feel a little weird to be there again. But not anything that I am worried about.
I so look forward to being in a house again.
I told my boss yesterday how much I have packed already. He asked if I was getting ahead of the game? Oh yes I am. I want things to run a smoothly as possible..Besides the fact that it is already the 11th..The first will be here in no time.
I called the mover today..He wants $90.00 an hour..Ouch..I don't think it will take them more than two hours. Not too bad.

That is about all that's going on here.
I hope everyone has a relaxing evening!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A view of the sky from my balcony..After the storm passed the sun came out..
Destiny helping me make a birthday cake for Jeremiah Jr...(JJ)



Good evening!

I got home from work this morning at 7:30...putzed around for a bit..well, mostly sat on the
I finally took a nice warm bath and went to bed..I woke up at 12:20...It's strange, I always feel like I should wake up refreshed..When I don't, I feel made myself get dressed and run a couple of errands. When I got home, I put myself into full drive and really accomplished quit a bit.
I packed my crystal, glasses, lighted wall sconces.. I think I packed up 5 or 6 boxes.
I now have all of the wall hangings off the walls, other than 3 of my larger prints.
I had gotten some spackle to patch up the nail holes.
I also cleaned the oven. I don't use it all that much anyway. So, I figured I would get that nasty job out of the way..I had gotten a can of oven cleaner at the dollar store. I didn't have many expectations for it. But I've got to say, it did a great job.

I have watched everything that I have recorded with the dvr...In a little while, Big Brother will be on. I will watch that and then try to go to sleep..And then the start of a new week begins.
It will be a little easier now that I have Monique trained at the bank...One less thing to worry about..

I don't know if I mentioned it in my last post, but on Tuesday, I will be taking a walk thru the house that I am renting. I know that I have lived there before, but there are a few measurements that I will need to take.

Tomorrow I am calling the mover to get a quote. Hope it isn't too high..It's only a few things. So, it shouldn't be too bad.

I had taken one of my diamond rings in to be resized..I don't know why my rings don't fit me. I haven't really gained any weight..but I have just recently heard that as you get older your fingers get larger...Oh think it might be the knuckles that they were referring too. I didn't hear the whole thing..But since my rings no longer fit, I guess it makes sense..One more step towards new things that come with
I get the ring back on Wed..I have two other wedding sets, well actually three if I count my Moms wedding set..I had talked to the jewelry about having the diamonds set in a new setting. The gold settings usually start around $1,500...well, that won't be happening anytime soon..I spent a little time looking thru the jewelry cases. I noticed a necklace with a small diamond.
I asked if I could have the center stone taken from one of my rings and mounted so that I could wear it on a chain. She said that would work. So, when I go back this week, I will take the ring along so that she can give me an estimate on doing that.
It will have to wait awhile before I can afford it, but I think it's a good idea.

When I was married to Jeremys dad, we each had a wedding ring and I also had an anniversary ring..When we split up, I went thru a really bad time and one night I decided that I needed to vent...Well,,,vent I did. I took a hammer and flattened all of the rings. I put them on a chain. NO, I didn't wear I do still have them. I'm going to take them along to sell them for the gold. If I get 25 bucks, I'm ahead..

Guess it's time to say goodnight. Hope everyone has a wonderful week..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thank you for all of the well wishes on my upcoming move...
I am still Really Happy about it..I have been packing and then packing some more..l0l..
I still have to call the movers about handling the few heavy things that I need moved. I will do that on Monday.
I haven't had too much spare time. Hate to say it again,,lol,, but I have been so busy. I have missed being able to spend the time that I would like to going over blogs. I am going to try to do that tomorrow..
My boss just secured another building. It's a bar-restaurant. Located about 17 miles from my house. We started out with just doing the main level. Then they wanted us to do the kitchen also. The kitchen is located in the lower level. It's fairly large. The building is in my area. Therefore I am the one that gets to clean it until we have a new employee to cover it...My boss went with me the first night. It's actually not a bad job. Only takes about an hour and a half..The bad part is that it has to be done after three in the morning...ugh..
After we cleaned the first night. They decided to have us do the kitchen also..My boss meets me there at 3:30 am...One of us does the kitchen and one does the main level.
This week-end my boss had family come from out of town for his sons he got one of our other guys to cover for him..
On Monday, we do have a new guy starting. He will be in charge of the main level. Which means, Your truly gets to do the kitchen..It is hotter than a pistol down there. But I do have to give the managers there a pat on the back. They have their people do a clean up before we even get there...Oh does that make our job they keep that up..
All in all it's not a bad account to have. And in this time where people are losing jobs, I have to Thank God that we have not been hit. So, I suck it up and deal with the terrible hours and back breaking work..
I do know that I won't be able to do this type of work forever..doing that kitchen has kicked my butt...Really...We can't hire anyone to do the kitchen yet. They want to have us do it on a trial basis for one month before they decide if they want us to continue with it....
I'm glad that my boss doesn't mind getting his own hands dirty...
It does take away from my week-end time right now, it is 10:20..I should be in bed. I have to be up at 2:30..I am tired.. But I want to spend some time on my blog...I miss it.
I hope that next week-end my boss will either cover for me or get someone else to cover so I can have a work free week-end.
Today I traveled 90 miles one way to spend the day with my sister in law..we met at her daughters house..She was grandpuppy is in the process of moving four hours away...and I am going to miss her so much..we won't be able to get together as often as we have.
So, I made the trip today because some time spent with her was better than not seeing her before she moved...
My granddaughter is doing well at the job..I turned the keys over to her on Friday..she is now in charge of the bank. I think she will do fine. I trained her this last week. I quizzed her as we went along. I backed off to see how she handled things. and I quizzed her some think she will keep the bank cleaned to the standards that our company wants...If not,,,she will have to deal with her account
Well, I better get to bed, I think I'm starting to peter out here...I will find some time tomorrow to drop by everyone.
Good Night!