Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking a few minutes for myself

Oh my gosh, I do not like moving...but I'm doing a pretty darn good job of getting things prepared.
I have everything off of the shelves. Cabinets cleaned out and bathroom scrubbed.
I have also taken my bed apart. I have to take the kitchen table apart also. I am going to let the movers take the table top for me. It's really heavy.

Yesterday I went out and purchased a new washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator..I feel so Blessed to be able to have done that.

I do have to go back to the store today or tomorrow to purchase the cords for the dryer and stove..It is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of...Having to buy these items seperately..Why doesn't the cord come with the stove and dryer? Oh,Oh,,I just figured it plugs come in a couple of different types..3 or 4 prong..So, I'm sure that is why they have to be purchased seperately...Hey wait a minute here.. Even though they come in different kinds, they should still be included in the price of the item..
I also had to purchase the hoses for the washer..why is that a seperate cost? Doesn't everyone have to have them? Don't we expect to be able to get water to our washer without having to pay more money to do it???
Not fair!

It has been extremely busy at work...Still....Last week I was training two people, at the same location.
Plus I had trained another person for the restaurant account we just took over. On Friday he gave his notice that due to his wife's schedule, he won't be able to work after Mon...You got it,,I will be doing that job again until we find someone new..My boss will be helping me because there are three floors to clean..
At least until the end of Sept..Then we will no longer have to clean the kitchen floor. That is the worst part of that job. I will be glad when we don't have to do that anymore.
We have a couple of woman that are interested in this account because the hours would work for them..3:00am to 5:30am...But they have full time jobs and I don't think they realize how hard this type of cleaning can be..
I did e-mail my boss to say that maybe we need to consider one of them or both for this position..At least it would make it easier on me (and him). He plans on coming into town to help me with it..He's a good boss that way. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

I hope my cable company has me on their list for the new house. I took care of making the change over the internet..Don't want to be without the internet or

I don't know if I mentioned it, but they have rented out my apartment for the 15th.
If I get out sooner, and get things cleaned up..they will let the other people move in sooner than the 15th..and that will be more money back to I'll get my deposit back..That will all help with the new appliances..

Well, I better get back to work..I'm almost done. It's early, I'm going to take the rest of the evening easy.....

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