Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thank you for all of the well wishes on my upcoming move...
I am still Really Happy about it..I have been packing and then packing some more..l0l..
I still have to call the movers about handling the few heavy things that I need moved. I will do that on Monday.
I haven't had too much spare time. Hate to say it again,,lol,, but I have been so busy. I have missed being able to spend the time that I would like to going over blogs. I am going to try to do that tomorrow..
My boss just secured another building. It's a bar-restaurant. Located about 17 miles from my house. We started out with just doing the main level. Then they wanted us to do the kitchen also. The kitchen is located in the lower level. It's fairly large. The building is in my area. Therefore I am the one that gets to clean it until we have a new employee to cover it...My boss went with me the first night. It's actually not a bad job. Only takes about an hour and a half..The bad part is that it has to be done after three in the morning...ugh..
After we cleaned the first night. They decided to have us do the kitchen also..My boss meets me there at 3:30 am...One of us does the kitchen and one does the main level.
This week-end my boss had family come from out of town for his sons he got one of our other guys to cover for him..
On Monday, we do have a new guy starting. He will be in charge of the main level. Which means, Your truly gets to do the kitchen..It is hotter than a pistol down there. But I do have to give the managers there a pat on the back. They have their people do a clean up before we even get there...Oh does that make our job they keep that up..
All in all it's not a bad account to have. And in this time where people are losing jobs, I have to Thank God that we have not been hit. So, I suck it up and deal with the terrible hours and back breaking work..
I do know that I won't be able to do this type of work forever..doing that kitchen has kicked my butt...Really...We can't hire anyone to do the kitchen yet. They want to have us do it on a trial basis for one month before they decide if they want us to continue with it....
I'm glad that my boss doesn't mind getting his own hands dirty...
It does take away from my week-end time right now, it is 10:20..I should be in bed. I have to be up at 2:30..I am tired.. But I want to spend some time on my blog...I miss it.
I hope that next week-end my boss will either cover for me or get someone else to cover so I can have a work free week-end.
Today I traveled 90 miles one way to spend the day with my sister in law..we met at her daughters house..She was grandpuppy is in the process of moving four hours away...and I am going to miss her so much..we won't be able to get together as often as we have.
So, I made the trip today because some time spent with her was better than not seeing her before she moved...
My granddaughter is doing well at the job..I turned the keys over to her on Friday..she is now in charge of the bank. I think she will do fine. I trained her this last week. I quizzed her as we went along. I backed off to see how she handled things. and I quizzed her some think she will keep the bank cleaned to the standards that our company wants...If not,,,she will have to deal with her account
Well, I better get to bed, I think I'm starting to peter out here...I will find some time tomorrow to drop by everyone.
Good Night!

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