Friday, September 25, 2009

Just a short note..I'm at the library because my laptop has a virus..I took it in yesterday and hope to have it back within a few days..Although with the weekend here, who knows..

I hope all is well with everyone. Lucy, keeping you and your family in my prayers.
See ya all when I get back...Until then,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's only 8:45pm and I feel like it's

I probably did more this week-end than I had intended..but I certainly didn't do enough to make me feel this And I still have a mess of papers sitting here on my bed that I still need to put away.
I had papers stuck in various places and decided that I needed to finally get them put where they belong. Of course, you have to sort thru them first..Oh how I do not like this

I trimmed the bushes yesterday. They had all of these small shoots sprouting out all over that made them look messy..They look pretty good now.

I got another set of blinds up. I hung a different shower curtain up. I went to Target and bought my son the desk that he had picked out. And put it together with the help of my oldest grandson.
Then later in the day my other grandson and I went to Menards and I bought a portable firepit.
I didn't put it Maybe I'll have it together and get some wood from my friend Randy by next week-end.

I have a pretty good start on my office. Oh gosh, it will be so nice to have everything in it's own place. It's looking nice.

When my daughter came to get the boys, I thought I would have them help me put my mirror on the dresser..
Well, that did not work out at all..When the guys from the store put it together, they used a screw gun..and they stripped it. We could not get the screws to go in..So now I get to call the store and let them know that they will have to send someone here to fix the problem..I'm not looking forward to that. I hope they handle it properly.
It's really disappointing to have my mirror sitting on the floor..

Well, I guess I should get off this darn laptop and get the paperwork off my bed so I can go to sleep.....

Hope everyones week starts well

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Friday night and I am in my PJs before eight

Humm,, Friday night, in jammies before 8 and I'm happy..I must be getting old.

I had to cover for one of my workers last night. I was there for about 2 1/2 hours. Not too bad. But I'll tell you, my body certainly knows when I have done some extra manual

I covered another cleaner yesterday morning. Everyone is getting hit with bronchitis.

I am working extra hard at making sure I stay germ free. I can not afford to get sick.

It really sucks not having insurance. One of my cleaners asked me if I thought my boss might try to get some low cost health insurance...No,, this is a small company. I told him that most part time jobs don't offer insurance anyway..I work full time and I don't get insurance. I certainly don't know why he thinks anyone else will get it.

I have been able to get some more things done around the house this week.. I have gotten three sets of blinds up, curtains on the back door, a couple of closets straightened out and some picture hung..

I haven't made ANY plans for this week-end..I decided that I have spent way too much time trying to do too much on the week-ends. I'm going to just putz around. If I get things done, fine. If I don't, that's fine also..

At some point, I do have to organize the kitchen cabinets. When I moved in, I just put things in the cabinets without any thought to convenience. Now I will put things where they should be.

I've talked to my friend Randy about getting some firewood..I can't wait to use the fireplace. The ONE nice thing about cooler

So with the thoughts of a fire with blue and green flames, I'll close.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful week-end

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The new house...

My friend Larry and his girlfriend Melissa..They came over for Labor day...

Monique and Jeremiah Jr. They spent the night and we played a game of Monopoly...JJ

I haven't gotten any more pictures of the house yet. But will post more when I take them..

I am fairly settled in. believe it or not..I do have 3 or 4 more boxes to empty. I have to arrange the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. But other than that, everything is put away...

I did buy cheap mini blinds to put up. The shades that are already up are pretty old..I got one set of blinds up and decided that I couldn't do anymore until I get my daughters drill..The window casing is so hard, I could hardly get the screws in..One down, five more to

I also have to decide on the window treatments for the living room. There are two large picture windows..NO privacy what so ever there...l0l

I love doing laundry..ha-ha...I can actually sort clothes. I can do just a small load if I need to and I can do it when it suits me..Oh the joy of having my own washer and dryer....

I sent out my new address to a few people..One being my ex..He needs it to send my monthly check. I didn't mention to him that it is the same place that we lived in together. He wrote back something about me moving up in the world, with his money..Oh yeah, the $125.oo a month I get from him has made all of the difference in how I can he made a reference to there being another if I have to live in an apartment if I don't have a man to live with..

Things are calming down with least for the time being. We found someone to do the new restaurant account that we got. I hope he works out..I certainly don't want to go back to going to work in the middle of the night..Gosh that took it's toll on my body. lol

My daughter brought our rummage sale stuff out to my garage. We were planning on have our sale this coming week-end..but now they are talking about rain...ugh..not too many days left for things like rummage sales. We'll have to wait till the end of the week to see how that is going to go..

Last Friday, we had to go to my ex mother in laws funeral. She was 96..She looked darned good too. I have not seen my ex for 25 years or so..He is my daughters birth father. Although he only raised her until she was 6..Then he made the decision that she would be better off without him coming in and out of her life...In other words, HE couldn't deal with it so he took the easy way out. Anyway.....I didn't even know him when I saw him. My sister in law had to tell me who he was..Dave is 11 years older than he is 65. Now I knew that he wouldn't look the same. But I never expected him to look OLD...NO, I am not saying 65 is old..Hell, I'm not that far from it he looked terrible. Far older than his 65 years.. My sister in law had to introduce him to me, my daughter and my granddaughter Monique. He has never seen her. Technically, she is his first grandchild..That's what drugs and alchohol will do to you..He has lost more of life than he will ever know. I'm sorry to say that aside from the abuse he put himself thru it also runs in his family not to stay connected. His mother had over 100 grand and great grandchildren. Of that many, there were maybe 15 at the service. She didn't get to know many of them. Such a waste..

I am by no means a beauty queen. But I don't look too bad for almost, on a more selfish note, I do have to say. It felt kind of nice to be OKAY... I was 17 when Dave and I started dating..He was not a nice man. I endured phyical and verbal abuse until my daughter was six. That is when I knew I had to get out. I didn't want her to be a witness to that sort of thing. Dave used to say things like..."You stick like glue, you'll never leave".."Who would want you..all you do is sit on your fat ass and let it get fatter"..and many more demoralizing things..No wonder I had weight gain and no self didn't go to the funeral to "show" him..I went more for my daughter than anything. But I did have a thought or two about "what comes around, goes around". And although I endured many things, I have a good life. I have children and grandchildren that love me dearly. That is something he will never have because he didn't take the time to invest himself in them when they needed him....

On that note, I think I will close for now..I thought about getting a few things done. but I'll put them off until