Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Friday night and I am in my PJs before eight

Humm,, Friday night, in jammies before 8 and I'm happy..I must be getting old.

I had to cover for one of my workers last night. I was there for about 2 1/2 hours. Not too bad. But I'll tell you, my body certainly knows when I have done some extra manual

I covered another cleaner yesterday morning. Everyone is getting hit with bronchitis.

I am working extra hard at making sure I stay germ free. I can not afford to get sick.

It really sucks not having insurance. One of my cleaners asked me if I thought my boss might try to get some low cost health insurance...No,, this is a small company. I told him that most part time jobs don't offer insurance anyway..I work full time and I don't get insurance. I certainly don't know why he thinks anyone else will get it.

I have been able to get some more things done around the house this week.. I have gotten three sets of blinds up, curtains on the back door, a couple of closets straightened out and some picture hung..

I haven't made ANY plans for this week-end..I decided that I have spent way too much time trying to do too much on the week-ends. I'm going to just putz around. If I get things done, fine. If I don't, that's fine also..

At some point, I do have to organize the kitchen cabinets. When I moved in, I just put things in the cabinets without any thought to convenience. Now I will put things where they should be.

I've talked to my friend Randy about getting some firewood..I can't wait to use the fireplace. The ONE nice thing about cooler

So with the thoughts of a fire with blue and green flames, I'll close.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful week-end

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