Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good morning! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Let's pray that there will be a cure soon!

I was so happy to get my laptop back..$189.00 later..Only to find out that my son could have done the job..How is a Mom to know? LOL...
I asked him why he couldn't fix his own computer if he could have fixed mine..Because I have my recovery disc..He doesn't...Lesson learned..

I've gotten alot more done around the house..I had put up one set of blinds in my bedroom. (still haven't done the other one). Then I put up nice curtain rods and a shear scarf. I thought it still looked a little bare so I bought the matching panels. Got those up yesterday. So, my room is looking very nice.

I had a stack of paperwork that I finally got organized and put into the file cabinet. Still have some organizing to do in there. But for the most part, it's done. Although I also want to put either a twin bed or day bed in there for company or when the little ones are here..

I have a built in china cabinet now. I got my china in there this week-end.
I do have a couple of shelves that I need to get up. I'm just not sure where I'm going to put them.
I rearranged Jeremys room yesterday. I had to buy a new cable for his tv. The one they had used didn't allow me to change his room around. Had I been paying attention when the installer was here I would have let him know that I needed a longer cable..The same goes for the living room. I needed a longer cable in order to change things around. I did that this week-end also. With the two large picture windows in the living room there was a problem with the sun hitting the front of the tv.
I put the tv in the corner. It works out well there.

I burned my first fire in the fireplace last night..Just one of the store bought Fake it was very nice. I took a picture, so after I take a few more of the house, I will post them..
My boss went down to Indiana this week-end to visit family. He had one of the other employees at the office on Friday to take care of things. She got a call from one of our contacts that at the end of the month, they are going to go with another company with their cleaning business...Very disappointing of course. But it also makes me a little angry. We have three of their banks. One of which we have never had any complaints. One that has been under construction for over a year. I'm talking major construction. It has been a horrendous mess for my cleaner down there. Lots of extra work with the dust and dirt. Their guys moving our stuff to different places. Just an overall mess. And NOW they're going to go with someone else. I think it's crappy..
I'm hoping that my boss isn't too much of a bear when he comes know it's hard to lose jobs. but that seems to be the nature of this business sometimes. Especially now, people are looking for the best deal..Even if in the long run, they get what they pay for. They might find that they already had a good deal. And maybe they will rethink having nit-picked my cleaners.
I know that this employee needs the hours. The only other thing I have for her is a different bank. The part she may not like is that it is about 15 to 20 minutes further for her to drive. Now something like that wouldn't bother me too much, but some of the employees don't want to drive too far. Oh well, she can either take it or wait to see if we get something else closer to her..

Today I'm going with my daughter and granddaughter for lunch at one of the restaurants that we clean..VERY good food.. We are all looking forward to that.

I have to say, I am so blessed to have been able to move back into this house. It is so nice. Sometimes I come home later in the evening and I will be pounding nails and moving furniture around. Things I wouldn't have been able to do if I were still in the apartment.
I thank God everyday for what I have. I don't ever want to take anything for granted.

I hope everyone had a great to you soon and hope to post pictures also..

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