Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's that time of year again..turn the clocks back..Dark when you wake up and Dark when you are on your way home from work...ugh..that in itself is depressing...

It's going to be a busy day for me..I have one job to cover and one job to take our supplies from.
We have lost one of our accounts..I felt really bad because I am the account manager for three of the buildings and my boss has one..
We didn't lose the account because the cleaning wasn't up to parr. It happens sometimes when accounts come to the end of their contract and the customer decides to bargain shop..My boss says that you have to prepare to lose at least 10% of your business a year..
The one building has been cleaned by the same guy for 4 years. He worked Wed.night and then called me to tell me that he couldn't go back...What? He said that he had gotten scared while working and just left the building...He left the supply cart on the elevator..I asked him what had scared him..he didn't know. he was just scared..So, I had to drive 30 miles the next morning to put the supply cart away before they opened the lending center..ugh..then I had to clean it that night..
It a very old building..and I have to say, he kept it in really good condition. I wish I could get all of my cleaners to do their job that
That building gets cleaned on Saturday instead of Friday. So, today I will go there to take care of it. Then remove our supplies..(most of which I have already taken out).
Then I have to meet my other cleaner at her bank and remove the supplies after she has finished cleaning.
I have to have all keys turned into the managers at each bank on Monday by 10:00am..Great, that just messed up my day..It wouldn't be so bad if they had said before the end of the day. Oh well, you do what you have to do...

My daughter and I have been having some problems...and that is unusual for us..I don't know if it's her or me..
Maybe it's both of us. Maybe we just needed some space from each other, I don't know. I only know that it feels terrible to have this splinter in our relationship..But damn it..sometimes she talks to me like I'm 2 years old...and I am not going to accept that anymore.
I know she has a lot on her plate. She is usually always tired because she works third shift and never seems to get enough sleep..But that doesn't mean that she can be short when talking to me.
We usually talk at least for a few minutes every day..we haven't talked now for about three or four days..I did comment to her by way of facebook. and then didn't like how she answered. SO, back to square one.
Maybe I'm just getting cranky in my old
I was going to go with her and the kids tonight to the haunted forrest...I decided last night that I'm not going to go..I'm going to stay at home and hand out Halloween candy instead. I probably won't get many kids here, but that's okay..My girlfriend is going to come over and we will play cards while waiting for kids.

Last night I had intentions of going to my restaurant alarm went off at 2:30am.
I shut it off and woke up at I'll be going tonight some time....or should I say very early tomorrow morning..

My house if clean, and I have most of my laundry done...that's a good thing..I do have to go to the store to get a few things. I know I should go before the stores get too busy, but I'm sitting here in my jammies thinking that I don't really want to even go

On that note, I guess I will make myself get moving. It's way to easy to put it aside and stay on the computer....

I hope you all have a wonderful day and an exciting night of costumed kids.....and don't forget---

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