Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank goodness for

It feels so good to know that I will have a day or so without running around..Well, at least not to the extent that I do during the week.
It has been raining non stop here. I don't know how much more of this I can take. Although I know it's better than snow, I don't like of the problem is that I need tires on my van.
My boss maintains the van. I feel bad when it needs something..But it is not too safe with the tires that are on it right now. I also know that if I end up in an accident it will cost him alot more.
Just hate bringing up the subject.

Mason is going to spend Saturday night with me. I am going to go with him and his mom trick or treating tomorrow and then bring him home with me.
His birthday is Nov. 1st...He will be 6 years old..Can't believe it..They are all getting sooooo big.
His birthday party is actually going to be this Sunday..At the pumpkin farm..(hope it doesn't rain).
I really didn't want to go if my ex was going to be there, which I expected he would. That's why I made plans to have him on Sat..
As it turns out, my ex isn't going to the party..So, because my step-daughter let me know that Mason wanted me to come to his party, I will be going.
I'm still going to have a little party with him tomorrow though. I made a cake. I still have to decorate it..With GI Joes...That is his new interest..Along with transformers.
I had every intention of going to Walmart tonight, but I am running out of
I have been hanging blinds in my living room, cooking and cleaning.
I don't want to have to be doing all of my "week-end" things while Mason is here.

I also hung a couple of shelves in my living room..
I've had a couple of fires and I am just loving that:)

One of my workers is out for personal reasons..The soonest he could be back is the 27th and that is not guarantied. He has two buildings. So that puts us in a bind..ugh..I have only had to cover a couple of nights..but it is a big building..takes almost three hours just to do the garbage..
My body certainly lets me know that I am not used to handling such a large

With all of that going on, my daughter has also moved..and during that, her car broke down. She was Really lucky turned out to be just the battery..Amen..we were really worried.
Now she is all moved in. I went there today to help her hang her curtains in the living room..

I think it's time to get some sleep..
I hope the rain stops and we can all enjoy the week-end!

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