Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isn't that the cutest tag..I wasn't thinking about what it said until after I posted it..Then I had to laugh,,because the only man I will probably have in my life is a
On that subject.."men" not "snowmen"..I am at the point that I would like to meet someone. I think I am ready. Doesn't have to be anything serious or lifelong...Just someone to hang out with.
Meeting someone might be somewhat of a problem...I don't really do much. I go to work, I go to the store....and once in a while I go out to lunch..Now I know that if God feels the time is right, he will make sure that this person comes into my life..Just can't figure out how He is going to make that know that if it is meant to be, it will happen...But I do think that I need to put myself out there in some way...but then again,,maybe

Anyway...things have been crazy busy..I kid you not. Every darn time I think it's going to settle down, bam something happens..
We had lost a couple of buildings. Then picked up a few. So it evened out rather well..The building that is in my area is large. It's an insurance company. The woman that we have cleaning it had to have a cyst removed from her ear last week. That kept her out of work for most of the week.
We moved one guy from one building to another so I had training last week. I still have one more building that we are trying to find someone for. I had to cover that job two nights last week plus training..So, it has been hectic. I should be done training the one guy tomorrow..Then if we fill the other building this week, ( we are interviewing someone tomorrow..keep your fingers crossed) I will have to train her at least two nights...

I still didn't get around to making any of my Christmas cookie dough...I am hoping to do at least a couple of batches this week..

Saturday my daughter, granddaughter and I took an hour and a half drive north to get a gift certificate from a restaurant that my niece likes to go too..We had lunch, (Indian). It was very good..Then we hit the outlet mall..I didn't do too good finding Christmas presents. Monique did the best. She got things for her boyfriend, one of her brothers and her baby sister. These are her siblings her Dad had with his second wife. I am so glad that she is trying to keep a relationship with the kids..It's important to all of them..

After we got home, I did some cleaning. And that was it..I watched Christmas got really lazy..
I got up at 2:30am and went to resupply two of my restaurant accounts. Got home at 5:00am. Made sure my fill in made it to her account at 6:30am. and then fell asleep in my woke up at 9:00am..
I moved some of my furniture around to make room for my tree. Then I was out the door again.
My granddaughter and I went to the expo center. They were having an art fair of American Indian items..I found a really nice print for 13.00. It has matting, but no frame. I will have to pick one up.
Then we went to lunch. Panera Bread. Monique hasn't been there, so it was a new experience for her. We had a nice time together. She's a good girl. I'm so proud of her. She works hard at school. She is prepping for college.

My girlfriend bought a small turkey for Thanksgiving. Then her brother invited them to his house for the day...She is giving me the nice..I told her that she should just keep it in the freezer for Christmas, but she said she would rather give it to me. Isn't that nice?

It will probably just be me and Jeremy for Thanksgiving..I love family, I love the Holidays..But I have to say, I'm looking forward to a quiet day..

Now I need to get to my have to e-mail my orders for next weeks supplies..
Then I think I will go to

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