Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My birthday was on Monday...54..shhhh...don't tell
Most of the time, I don't have a problem with getting a little older..but once in a while, I will look in the mirror and I LOOK OLD..Now, for the most part, I think that we are as young as we feel..But what happens when we FEEL old? When we start to get out of a car and our bones don't want to move as easily as we would like? LOL...I really do try to keep a positive attitude about aging..but once in a while...oh my...

My daughter brought over a cake..she got me the electric can opener that I wanted. She also wanted to take me out to dinner but time was not on our
I had to work for a few hours that evening..
When I got home I got on the phone with my friend Andrea. As we were talking I had another call come in. I checked it and saw that it was my sons father.
I didn't take the call. I told Andrea who it was and then proceeded to rant about what an ass my ex is....
We live about five blocks from where he lives and he has not seen Jeremy for over a year. He has not called Jeremy on his birthday in two or more years. He doesn't do anything for him for Christmas but yet he can call me on my birthday? WHAT is he thinking??
After I got off the phone with Andrea, I listened to the message that he left..All he said was,,"November 9th,,,Happy Birthday"...
I am so angry...Since our divorce in 1995, Mike and I have had times that we have gotten along and times that we will not see eye to eye..but this tops it all. I feel like I have forgiven him more times than he has deserved.
This is the man that has lost one son to suicide and STILL has not learned to make amends with his other children..
I give up.

And then....I get another call...from Carlos..(must have been the night for ex's).
I haven't talked to Carlos for some months..We didn't talk too long. He did ask about where I moved to.. I told him that it's the same house that he and I had lived in...He didn't have too much to say about that. lol...
I'm glad that night is over with...Too many

I have been doing some of my Christmas shopping...Oh how I love Christmas. I won't be able to go overboard, but it will be nice..My granddaughter is already talking about coming over to watch "It's a wonderful life", and Miracle on 34th st."
Can't wait for that..This year her boyfriend might watch the movies with us. He has never seen either movie...How that happened I don't

Work has smoothed out a bit..and believe me, that feels good..I will have another week or two of training and then all of my buildings will be covered. I think some of the people we have hired recently are Very dependable. Maybe I will be able to get thru the Holidays without too many

Guess I'll get to sleep now. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow...

thanks for your address Lucy....

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