Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woke up to dreary weather today. I sure miss the sun shining.
I've spent the morning getting a few things done around the house..Dishes being the number one project. Not that there were many. I just don't like having dishes in the sink. lol
I finally have all of my workers settled for the Thanksgiving Holiday...We have some businesses that are open on Friday, some that aren't. Had to make all of the contacts to figure out who will be working Friday.
Tonight I have to train a new employee...YAY...that means all of my buildings are covered. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that no one calls in
I have been have bouts of light headedness..At first I thought it was from too much nicorette gum, (yes,still trying to stop smoking). I stopped using it and the problem still persists.
I stopped at the local Walmart because I was going to see if they had a blood pressure machine. I had a problem with very low blood pressure a while back. Well, the didn't have the machine, but they did have a small clinic. I talked to the nurse and she said that she could take my pressure.
That came out fine. She also took my oxygen level, that was at 98%...
She then told me that I might be dehydrated..or it could be my glasses or sinuses...humm. that sounds like a possibility..I have very slight sinus pressure...
So..I bought a case of water and some sinus medication..
We'll see what happens..If it is only one of those things, then I am happy.. My main concern was that my blood pressure was ok..
I'm going to go resupply a couple of jobs this afternoon and then meet the new girl at 6:00 for training. Then I am coming home to
Dinner tomorrow will be Jeremy and myself..I will work on getting out Christmas decorations as dinner is cooking..Can't wait..
I have so much to be thankful for! I am blessed!

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