Saturday, December 26, 2009

From what I've been reading as I visit blogs, everyone had a very Merry Christmas!
I know that some people fall to a low after the Holidays...I don't have that problem. I like to have the peacefulness after the hustle and bustle of getting things prepared.
For me as I get older, Christmas is still as exciting as ever. I do love shopping for others and wrapping (even though I may complain a bit about it)..
I love to watch the kids faces as they open a much wanted present.
But I'm content to be at home after the festivities...
I spent Christmas Eve at my daughters house. I spent Christmas Day at home..Just me and Jeremy.
I did make some more
When we were at the restaurant following the funeral, Shannon, her brother Steve and I were talking. I mentioned that I was going to make some cookies. He asked what kind...l0l..when I told him that I make the old fashioned cut out cookies, he said that he wanted some..So, I made some for him. He also mentioned that he liked the cookies that melt in your mouth..after a bit of talking, I figured out that he meant Mexican wedding I made a batch of those also...
We were lucky to have decent weather for the funeral..No snow or rain....
The service was short. Dave's niece did some readings. Dave's nephew sang a song that he had written. And then Dave's brother-in-laws eulogy. That was hard to get thru..He talked about reconnecting with Dave when he quit drinking five years ago..They had talks about the kids. Dave expressed wanting to get to know his kids before his died. Ken asked him why he didn't reach out to them. Dave said that he couldn't do that until he knew for sure that he could stay sober..
Ken let the kids know that they were always in their fathers thoughts.
He talked about the last three weeks of Dave's life.
It was very touching. He did a wonderful job..
At the funeral there were two very large picture in 2x3feet..They had been put together by Dave and he had them hanging in his bedroom...Oh my gosh...there were so many of Dave as a young boy, his parents, his siblings....but most of all,,,,his children..
There were pictures of Shannon with Monique in the hospital when she was born, pictures of Monique when she was a baby. Shannon at 4 or 5 years old, same with the other kids. There was also a few pictures of was shocked. there was a photo booth picture of me that was probably taken when I was 15.. one from my baby shower...
I think this amazed all of the kids that their dad really didn't forget about them..Proof that he had taken the time to put this together and have it there in his room to look at each day..
It may only be a crumb compared to what they would have liked from him...but it's something.
The only song at the funeral that I remember is Willie Nelsons,,You were always on my mind..
Picked out by Dave of more small gesture from an absent father..
I hope he can now rest in peace and watch over his kids.....

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