Friday, December 4, 2009

Good afternoon! Hope this finds all nice and toasty warm...

My back is doing much better...thank you for all of your recommendations on how to help it:)

Work is still running smoothly...(still keeping fingers crossed on this one)..

I am sooooo glad that it is Friday..I never knew I could love a DAY, but I was going to see about getting some more Christmas shopping done..but will have to wait and see about that.

Shannons dad (Dave) is now at his sisters house. There wasn't room at his apartment to set up a hospital bed..Last night was not looking good. He was pretty out of it. They do have a CNA around the clock now..That's really a good thing. Ken and Carol were getting worn out trying to do everything themselves.
Now today Dave is more aware of his surroundings and wanting to get some things taken care of before his time comes.
Shannon has gone everyday to spend some time with him. She is keeping her brother updated on things.

I am so happy that she has connected with her brother. He is 5 years older.
She has come a long way in her thinking. She has lost some of the anger that she was holding onto for the last 25 years.
I think she is finding peace at last and for that I am grateful..
She was going to Daves apartment today to pick up his girlfriend and take her to see Dave. She has made me soooooo proud stepping up to the plate.

For all the bad that was in my marriage to Dave, I can't regret that time because we were given such a special daughter. I am blessed..

I HAVE to start my cookies this week-end...oh my gosh, the time is zipping right past me and all I have done so far is get my mixer out from the

I am planning on having Carlos' daughters and my three youngest grandkids over to celebrate Christmas on the 19th..I decided to do that because I know they have many other places that they will need to be the week-end of Christmas. I thought this would make it easier for all...

On that note, I am going to get moving here and get some projects
Hope everyone has a great week-end...

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