Sunday, December 6, 2009

I got a lot done today..

I made ( finally) 4 batches of dough..yeah...
I did three loads of laundry..
I decorated my Moms small Christmas tree..I was going to put it in my breezeway but decided to put it on my dining room table..Looks nice..and I love having the extra Christmas lights to look at..
I made a roasted chicken and baked potatoes for dinner..Of course this happens to be a night when Jeremy isn't home..Murphy's law, ya know...
My kitchen is completely cleaned up...
Of course,now I feel like I could fall asleep and it's only

My daughter is going to stay the night by her aunts house so they can sleep and she can take care of her dad..
Tomorrow night my nephew will spend the night.
I will go over Wed. mid-morning as they have some appointments to take care of.

Shannon has finals all week so she will be stretched to the limits I'm sure.

Now I have to go to my work e-mail and do my orders for this coming week..
Have a nice week!

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