Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank you Sugar!

So much going little time..
That's usually the case at this time of year. With having a funeral to prepare for, it's time to make decisions as to what can be left out.

Dave's funeral was going to be set for Saturday. That has now changed. It is going to be Christmas Eve morning. Although we would have preferred to stay with Saturday, that isn't going to work. So, tomorrow morning it is.

The viewing will be at 9:30am, then the service. After we go to the cemetery, we will have a buffet.
My daughter is determined that we will still have our Christmas Eve celebration as usual. Which I totally agree with.. I think that might have turned out differently had she spent the last 25 yrs.
having a relationship with her dad. Under the circumstances, we will proceed as planned.

She made the comment yesterday that she wishes she had gotten to know him after he had stopped drinking. He stopped drinking five years ago. I am glad that he had some years of sobriety. I wish he had taken one step further and made amends with his kids. Oh well, we can't change what has already been.
I am eternally grateful that she at least had these last weeks with him. That she didn't shun him because he hadn't been a good father to her. I know my daughter and she would have lived with regret if she had done that..

The weather may not co-operate with us tomorrow. They are predicting freezing rain..UGH. I hope they are wrong once again. It was actually supposed to start this morning and so far it has not hit us. Now they are saying that it should start tonight around six..Keeping fingers crossed that it stays clear..We have people that are coming some distance for the funeral. To say nothing of Holiday travel in general.

Time for me to get out and resupply a couple of my buildings.
Thank you again for all of your prayers!


Thank you again Sugar for the tag...I love it.

P.S.S..I recieved my bonus yesterday from my boss...$500.00- What a blessing. I certainly never expected that..

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