Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the Eve of the New Year!!
I wish peace, health and happiness to all!!

The weather has been very it is in the 40s, most of the snow has melted..which is fine with me:)
This week-end is supposed to send us into a deep freeze..I am not looking forward to that..

My grandson JJ aka..Patrick is now an employee of mine..He filled out all of his paperwork at the office yesterday. He won't have his own building at this time. He will be helping me when I have to cover a job.
He has 3 hours in already and will get a couple more tomorrow..
It will give him a few bucks and good training..

Last night I went to my friends house for a Holiday get together..I'm always the odd man out with the other being couples...but it really didn't matter last night..Just a good group of people having great conversation and LOTS of great food..They definitely know how to keep people from being
I had a really busy day yesterday so I wasn't really even in the mood to go..I ended up being the first one although I thought I would only stay an hour or so,,I stayed until 11:30..Which is really late for

Tonight I'm going by my girlfriends house for some cards and eats and then maybe hit the corner bar for one...
I don't think I will even stay out until Midnight...I have to be at one of my accounts at 4:00AM..
The bar is only closing down for 1Hour...It's a two hour job on a good day..there is no way my cleaner will be able to get it done in an, I will be there to help him..

It's been a good year for me...I'm going into the New Year with high hopes that things will continue to go in a positive directions.
I wish the same for you!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mason, Cameron and Destiny...Eating their dinner while watching a movie in my bedroom.
Mason and Cameron with their new nerf guns..
Me with the kids..
Merry Christmas from my house to yours!!!!
I feel bad that I haven't had the time to blog..Although I have taken the time to read others...

I had the three little ones over last Saturday to celebrate Christmas...
We had a great time..Although I think the picture show that I am a little worn

Tonight I will go by Masons other grandmas house. We split the cost of Masons gift as it was a bit pricey..We got him the DS and of course it had to be the latest version. Almost $200.00 for a hand held game system..His parents are going to get him some extra games for it..

After that, I will go to my daughters house to celebrate with her and the kids..Can't wait for that...She has been teasing me with whatever my present sent me a picture of my wrapped gifted via the web..I think it's a set of storage
She knows how I feel about those..
She wasn't supposed to get me anything after paying for the trip to Vegas...but she did anyway...shame on her:)

My granddaughter has been accepted at all of the university's that she has applied too.
She has decided on University Nevada Las Vegas...and because my daughter had planned on moving to a warmer climate anyway, they will ALL be moving to Vegas in June or July...
That is going to be hard...not having them nearby...but I understand and I have told her many times that if she is going to make the move, do it while I am still
I don't want her to feel like she can't make the move she wants to because of me..
I'll be fine until I make the decision to move also..which is the plan. I won't do it for another couple of years..but I will be making that move also...
I still need time with the little ones..I have memories to make with won't be as hard to leave them when they are a little older:)

My step-daughters surprised me with some very nice gifts for Christmas..totally unexpected...
The best gift of all is the card that one of them wrote to me...
Happy Holidays and we all wish you a Happy New Year:) We are very thankful God has blessed us with you in our lives! You're truly an amazing person to know. We love you.....

How nice was that?? I was trying to read it to my girlfriend and had to let her read the card herself because I started to cry...I told Cameron that it was the best gift I received..

THAT is what the season is all about...

My daughter just stopped by to pick up all of the things that need to be at her house tonight...
presents, deviled eggs, cookies, and shrimp...

It's going to be a blast..
I am already tired...I thought I would have enough time to get a quick nap in, but it doesn't look like that is going to

We have been soooo busy at work...getting new buildings, training new people...
New buildings are a good thing..It's just such a chore getting everything and everyone into place...

I just received a text from one of my workers asking if she has to do both of her buildings today...That would be a yes...I don't know why she would think otherwise..
and why would you wait until now to ask? She could have been almost done by now..she made the comment that she is sick of having to scramble around on Christmas Eve...
There are LOTS of people that have to work today...and she has been out of work three days this week...that has put us out...but I guess she doesn't care about that..Guess it might be time to cut her down to one building if doing two is a problem..

Other than that, everything is going other workers are all checking in as scheduled..Because the banks closed at noon, they are able to start early...

Well, that's all for now.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hoover Dam..
Hoover Dam..
Grand Canyon
My Granddaughter Monique and her boyfriend Brian..
Grand Canyon...
Grand Canyon...Monique, Me, the Chief, my daughter Shannon and my grandson Paris..

The pictures don't do these places justice. There is just no way to capture the beauty that surrounds you..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!
I have so many things to be thankful for...First and foremost would be my kids and my grandkids. I can't think of anything that would come before them..
Next, I am thankful for my health..
I'm thankful that I have a job that allows me to pay my bills and leaves a little left over for fun I'll tell you about my trip to VEGAS...well, they don't call it lost wages for
No, I was not a winner in the end..Oh, but I had soooo much fun
The hotel that we stayed at was also kid friendly..They have a bowling alley, a movie theater and an arcade..Mostly the kids were with us out and about but they did find some time to go to the arcade for a while..
We went to see the Hoover Dam...Oh my gosh, I was amazed at how beautiful it was..
We took a ton of pictures. After spending time there we went to the Grand Canyon..Fantastic..
It was just awesome..we took a ton of pictures there also...We did a lot of walking and even a little climbing..Talked to one of the security guards for a bit..It's one of those things that you just can't do justice with words or pictures..You really do have to see it for yourself...
My granddaughter got her first tattoo....All three of us girls did..matching tattoos...three small stars in a triangle pattern..One star for each of us:) It actually didn't hurt too bad this
It was an awesome trip..not nearly long't wait to go somewhere again..

So, last night I was on the computer messing around on face book...looking up names of people that I grew up with....I found someone that grew up on the same block as me. I was always hanging out at his parents house with his sister...
I also always had a crush on him:)...I think he's probably about 4 years older than me..
Well, I decided that I would send him a note..and to my surprise he answered me his e-mail address and saying he would love to catch
I had told him that when I saw his picture, the first thing that came to mind was that he looked just the same..Okay, maybe a few years older, but I could still see that handsome young man in those pretty blue eyes....
If nothing else, it could be an interesting journey....

Tomorrow I will go to my daughters house for some games with the kids and dinner.
She is making a turkey and all the trimmings.
I'm making a ham and I "bought" pumpkin pies..I couldn't help myself..I just don't have the energy to make my own..
I'm going to sleep until I wake up on my own in the morning...I don't have any late night workers checking in...AMEN.....

Guess that's it for right now...
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have fun, drive safe if you're traveling....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I don't seem to have much motivation this morning..
My birthday was on just doesn't seem did that happen and where did the time go??

How is it that when I look in the mirror, I don't think I look bad for my "age"..but when I see a picture, I cringe..
I have found some people on facebook that I haven't seen for years...and a few of them look OLD....So, of course, I know that they must be thinking the same thing about me..SHE GOT

I try not to worry about it too is what it is..
All in all, it was a nice birthday..My bosses wife got me a small cake, a plant and a nice card. My daughter took me out to breakfast..My girlfriend took me out for lunch the day after and my grandson made me a beautiful card...That was the best.. And then of course, there is the trip to Vegas in three days...Can't wait for that...

My brothers birthday is the day before mine. I called him and he actually answered..I haven't talked to him in a year or so..He has some psychological problems..It's sad. He is a good person. When he's not doing drugs or drinking. I won't deal with him when he has been doing either. He doesn't have anyone other than me. Due to his, I feel bad, but I can't help him.
He is two years older than me. He told me that he has had three small heart attacks.
And a blocked artery..So, who knows what his future will be.
I noticed this morning that he called me at 2 am this morning...That is what I mean about his issues..why would he think that it's ok to call at 2 in the morning?

My granddaughter was accepted into another college.. One of the local ones UWM..
Although it is not one of her top picks, she was excited to be accepted..She probably won't hear from Loyola until the end of the month....

People are laughing at me because I put my tree up already...tradition for me is to put it up on Thanksgiving day...Well, that was when I was married and my husband did the cooking and I did the, now I must improvise...and with my schedule, I need to get things done when I can..
When I get back from my trip, I will start going thru the bins in the basement and making decisions on which decorations I will be using. Then on Thanksgiving I will be prepared for getting the tree done without all of the work that goes with the job..

My suitcase is packed....On takeoff day, Monday, all I will have to do is drop my van off at the shop and nothing more..I will be able to relax until it's time to go to the airport..

My daughter is trying to map out our day trip to the Grand Canyon. It is looking like it will take closer to three hours to get there rather than the two she thought. That's ok.
It will be a nice road trip for us. With a stop on the way to see the Hoover Damn...

Work has been extra new people..I train two people tonight..Not looking forward to

It is a beautiful sunny day out though and that is a good thing..Always makes a person feel a little better..
On that note, I better get moving here...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now for the good news....

My daughter is paying for my air fare and hotel to Vegas..It's my birthday and Christmas gift combined:)
Originally it was to be my daughter, granddaughter, grandson and myself..
Today my daughter felt bad about Monique's boyfriend Brian not being able to afford to go with us....So, she told him that she would pay for part of the cost as a Christmas gift.
I said I would pay a portion as my gift to him..He would have to come up with the rest..
He said he could do that. He sent me a text message thanking me...

We are going to try to go see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Damn while we are out there.
We are going to spend two nights at the Orleans..then head over to the Luxor for one night.
Paris is fascinated with the Luxor..and Chris Angel..So, spending the night there is going to be his special treat.

We are leaving Nov.15th and coming back on the 18th..
I can't wait. I haven't been anywhere in some time and I miss it..
I NEED to get away from work and my work
I NEED to be able to sleep a FULL night...Not having to wake up at 4:00am every morning to make sure everyone is clocked in...
I think it will be rejuvenating to say the least....
Best present ever...

Monique is checking out colleges..She is waiting to hear back from a couple of them right now.
One is Arizona State. They have a very good journalism class.
One is Loyola in Chicago..We went there last Thursday for the tour..It seems like a very good school..she seems very interested..
There are pros and cons to each. She has a rough decision to make..I'm not sure what it is going to take for her to make that decision.
Arizona would certainly be less WARMER..

On that note, I'm going to get busy and do my paperwork for work and then go to bed early....
Happy week to all..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two days ago, I had all intentions of being able to make a happy entry..
I will have a few exciting things to talk about, but yesterday I heard some news that breaks my heart.

I learned that someone very dear to my heart only has a short time to live. He has pancreatic cancer..
I met Lyle about 14 years ago. I had gotten a job as a bartender here in town. He was already employed there.
We became fast friends..he had, and still has, an awesome sense of humor.
I'm not even sure of his age right now. I would say somewhere in his late 70s..Maybe even 80..

He lives with his longtime girlfriend Sandy. I cleaned for them for a few years. Lyle would usually be home when I got there. So, of course, we would spend some time chatting.
Since the time I stopped working for them, I only see Lyle when I run into him out and about town... The time span doesn't matter. We have a mutual love and respect for each other.
I want to call him to let him know that I'm thinking of him and to offer any help I can.
Because we have never had the type of relationship that entails calling each other, will it be awkward for me to make that call? It doesn't matter, I wouldn't feel right it I didn't call..
Please say a prayer that whatever time Lyle has left be as pain free as possible.

I'll make an entry in the next couple of days about the things that I was going to write about..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Sweetest Day!!

Happy Bosses Day!!

So, it's sweetest day..I don't think anyone will be taking me out for a romantic dinner or giving me

I am going to pick up Destiny and we'll have our own Sweetest Day. We are going to stop at the store on our way back to my house..
I desperately need a jewelry box..So, I think I will get one if I find one cheap enough..I'll let Destiny pick something out for herself too...

The last week or two have been so hectic at work...Don't know when it will ever slow down..
I had to train at a restaurant..that took 4 nights...
I have been having problems with another worker at the other restaurant..He isn't doing all he should be doing. And our clients have him on tape just sitting..not mopping floors as he should..
By the time the meeting ended, he said he no longer wanted to work at the restaurant..which means, we have to find someone new and then I have to spend the time to train them...ugh...
The shame of it is, for the most part, the restaurant looks pretty darned good..and he ALWAYS shows up...We just can't have workers sitting around..
The funny thing is that during the conversation, my worker stated that there isn't enough time allotted for that job...(which is kind of true), but as I told him, then he shouldn't be sitting down..
He said that's a lie..Guess he still isn't understanding that they have it on tape..
He does another job for us...a bank which is 5 nights a the he and another person do 4 to 5 houses a day...yeah,, that's why he is sitting around on my jobs...

I am training at one of my banks..probably another two days..

I need a break..I have 7 days of vacation left..I need to use them...I am trying to get everyone settled before I do..

My house needs some tender loving
I did paint my bathroom..a fairly dark green...strange, I never used to like

I need to do laundry...
Maybe I'll have Destiny help me with that today..she's a great little helper...

I got a wireless printer...and I'm loving it..I don't have to take my laptop into the bedroom anymore to get something printed...

For Bosses Day, I gave my boss some homemade muffins and a bottle of Margarita Mix..It's the Skinny Girl brand..Produced by Bethenny Frankle from the Housewives of New York..I just love her..I also bought a bottle for

Last night I decided that I was going to sleep this morning until I woke up on my own..
I woke up at 4:10 to make sure that my workers had clocked in..I went right back to sleep..
THEN one of my cleaners called me at 6:15 to tell me that he was going to need more cleaning towels....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I told him that needing more rags was not an emergency..
That is something that can wait until later in the day...Do not call me at that hour unless it is an EMERGENCY....Geeezzz....

Oh well,, Maybe

Have a great day!!!
I'll try to post pictures of Destiny later....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Mason at his 2nd soccer game...My little red head..
It was really cold out, but none of the kids complained..That was a surprise.
Masons team won..

I've been doing paper work...for my job and sorting through papers for home stuff..oh gosh, what a daunting job..I'm still not done but felt that I really needed a break from it.
I'll continue to work on it through the evening.

It was only 47 here today.. kind of nice to wear some of my clothes for cooler weather.
Although I'm sure I'll be complaining about the cold in no

My daughter, two of my grandkids and I went out for breakfast this morning.. Cracker Barrel..I wasn't overly impressed..Not the best I've had, more expensive than I care to pay and not the biggest portions.
I think next week-end, I'll have to take them to the place I've discovered for getting a great breakfast at a great price...

Then we went over to Walmart.. I got a couple of things I needed..I think they mostly bought food..

Now I'm watching the Packer game...They're ahead by 8 points...hope they can keep it ..
Today they are wearing pink accessories in support of Breast Cancer.. Mostly pink wrist bands and towels..but some of them even have pink cleats on...

It's going to be another busy work week..We have to start another account on Thursday night..
Another restaurant..ugh...start time- 3:00am...I will probably be training until at least until Sunday..So, that means the week-end is shot for me..

Well, I better get back to my paper work..
Hope you all have a wonderful week...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yee's Friday....and I'm very happy about that..Although, the week-end goes by so fast, sometimes I wonder if it was ever

I recently reconnected with a friend..Lisa..
She and her husband have stayed in contact with my ex, Carlos..
She told me a bit about his new girlfriend..Not too much, as I don't want to spend my time rehashing a bad time in my life...
She did mention that the new girlfriend is 65 and lives in Manitowoc..

Well, this morning as I was on the computer, it took me to another site...ok..fine.
The site is MY LIFE..I have a profile on there. But I did not join. So my information is limited.
It will tell you if there are people searching for you..And guess what? It says that there is a 65 year old woman that lives in Manitowoc looking for me...
I'm sure she has some interest in who I am and what I'm about..But I certainly didn't think that she would try to look me up..
I'm surprised that she didn't try facebook...although, maybe she did...and I just don't have a way to see that...
Oh well...I hope she finds something better to do with her time....

Not sure what I'll be doing this week-end. I am training again tonight..Get up at 1:30am, get to the job at until 5:15am and then head home to get a little sleep..
Other than that, not sure what.. I may try to have Mason over Saturday night.
I'm sure JJ will want to come over tonight. He wanted to come over last week-end, but I just needed some time without any kids

It has cooled down and we are having very strong winds...I worry a little because I have a huge weeping willow in my front yard..It loses a ton of small branches.

Guess that's it for now. I have to go to one of my accounts this morning because most of their electrical outlets are blown..and my cleaner can't vacuum properly...

Have a wonderful week-end!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


My grandson Mason spent Friday night with his other grandma..Saturday morning I picked them up and we went for breakfast..oh, so, good....and the prices are low..and the food is great and believe me, they give you plenty...
Mason is talking about wanting a DS system. They aren't, his other grandma and I are looking into finding one for the best price and splitting the cost..He will either get it for his birthday Nov. 1st or Christmas...

I went to one of my accounts this morning to resupply...then came home and organized my storage locker..Now it will be easier to access what ever I need..I'm happy about that.
I brought up a few of my Halloween/fall items..

I put my heavy comforter on my bed. It's very comfy and cozy...

I located the box that my new cell phone came in..It's my work phone, purchased by my boss. He had sent me an e-mail asking if I still had the box because he needs it to receive the rebate.
He'll be happy to know that I have it.

This week I will have to train the new guy at one of the restaurants we are getting..Hopefully it will only take a couple of days to train him...It's very basic work..Then the following week..I will train another new worker....
I think this week is the start of the new restaurant. Which means, I have to learn the building also..And be there at looking forward to that...

I still have to find time to take the rest of my vacation time...before the end of December..Maybe after I get everyone trained, I'll take a couple of days and then the rest in December...
Believe me, I'm ready for a break...

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I wore one of my long sleeve work shirts today...ugh..I'm glad to have the oppressive heat gone..just didn't want it to get too
One thing about the weather? There's always something to complain

This week has gone fast..thank goodness..
I might have my grandson Mason over this week-end...still trying to decide. His other grandma and I are planning on getting together for breakfast Saturday morning. Mason will probably stay with her Friday I thought I might as well just bring him home with me...

I have been spending more time doing the ancestry research..Someone else online has done a family tree..they have traced my family back the the 1700s..To Chief Wyandanch...Very interesting. And time consuming.
My family comes from the Narragansett and Montauk Tribes..These were two of the 6 tribes that banded together to form the Brothertown Tribe..
Most of the Narragansetts are still in New York.. When my granddaughter and I are in New York, I'm going to see what history I can find in the short time we will be there. I can not wait..It is definitely a journey I look forward to taking.

I reconnected with a girlfriend I haven't spoken to in about two years..In that time, she and her husband have somewhat stayed friends with my ex, Carlos.
It's kind of strange. I have know Lisa and her husband for about 12 years..So, I'll take it slow and see what happens..

I've got to go to work tonight for a bit. Our guys are doing some floor refinishing at one of my buildings, so I'm going to go and make sure they know exactly what they are supposed to do..It won't take me too long.
Tomorrow, I'm going to get my week-end started and take it

Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end..

Monday, September 6, 2010

I DID IT!!!!

I put up the brackets for my wasn't the easiest job getting them even, but I got them close
They work and that's all that matters..

My neighbors probably weren't happy with the noise, but oh was 10:00am..
I thought by that time everyone was probably up and about...

Sorry the picture is sideways..makes it hard to see..

I put in the two bottom shelves..
Happy Labor Day!!

I woke to rain, thunder and lightening..It's getting louder..I'm glad that I keep my van in the garage. The news is showing some areas that had fairly good sized hail..
It feels good to have the windows open and fresh air coming has that nice rain smell...
It probably good for the bushes in front of my window..
Yesterday I spent some time outside trimming them..They looked really bad. Over grown and out of control..It looked dumpy..
I ended up with two big bags of trimmings..
There is one more small bush that could probably use a trim also..but I was running out of steam and it isn't to I left it alone.

The bushes on the other side of the building actually look worse than mine did..I would estimate that I would end up with at least four- five bags if I trimmed those.
Which I will probably end up doing at some point..
I don't like having the entrance look shabby..

The worst part is the prickly weeds. One of the bushes also has prickly stems...
I need a heavy duty pair of gloves..

I think I need to change rooms with my son...At first it was just the guy upstairs that was continually waking me up..last night it was the people that I share a common wall's driving me frigging crazy..All I want to do is SLEEP...

It will be a big chore to do the move because my bedroom set is so large..but in the long run it will be worth it I'm sure...

I do have a couple of buildings that I want to go to today..Sometimes it's just nicer to go when no one is there..
I don't have any other plans today so I guess it doesn't matter..

It's going to be a busy week for me with training at least two, possibly three people.
Restaurants are just the worst..because of the hours..I don't look forward to that..

On that note, I better get moving here and get some stuff done.
Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a beautiful sunny morning..
I'm not sure what my day is going to consist of. But I'm going to enjoy it no matter what I do..

Yesterday I put a shelf up in my garage..turned out pretty good if I do say
I cleaned out what didn't need to be in there. I hung up a few items that had been taking up floor space..It looks nice. (and tidy).

I have a narrow closet next to my kitchen sink. It has two shelves. I plan on putting two more in. I bought the boards and the supports. Only one problem, I bought the boards too big..shame on me for not looking at my paper with the measurements.
Patrick came over yesterday and brought his moms hand saw. It shouldn't be too much of a chore to cut the boards down.

I am already seeing how much better off I am financially living here. After paying the rent, I still have enough money left over to more than last me until pay day next Friday...
I'm sure not rolling in money, but at least I don't have to be afraid of how I'm going to make it until the next check comes in:) It's a good feeling.
I still have things that I have to pay off. I'm going to try to pay extra on everything to get it paid off as soon as possible. But I don't want to start doing that until I have a little extra stocked away..

I better get off the computer and start getting some stuff done..
Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good morning:)

Can you believe that it is already September 1st??
Yesterday I noticed that some of the trees are changing seems early for that..

I had a lazy week-end. Feel kind of bad that I didn't get at least one of the little ones before they start school today..But I felt like I needed a couple of days to regroup..
I called all three little ones last night to wish them a great first day of school today.
They are soooo excited. Cameron will be in 2nd grade and Mason and Destiny will be in 1st grade..
Cameron and Destiny will be going to a new school this year. I hope they do okay with the change. Cameron has issues with large groups. He just doesn't know how to deal with it. I hope his mom gets him some help with that. I hate to see him fail because of something he cant control..
He did some reading for the teacher while at registration and she told him how advanced he is..He was very proud..

Yesterday I found out that I am going to have two more restaurants added to my route...Oh crap...I'm very glad that we are getting more business..good for the company, good for why oh why do they have to be restaurants? lol...

The company has five restaurants total...We already do one of them..We had a second one for a while. Then they decided to go with another cleaning company..Now they want us to come added another one..
We will start them the middle of next week..Which means, my boss and I will be up in the middle of the night doing them.
When we find cleaners for them, then it will take at least two to three days to train.

I have a replacement for the position that my granddaughter is giving up..
This woman was working for us before..then had to leave because she didn't have transportation any longer.
This job is on the bus line, so she should have no problems. I hope..

Actually, I just had a thought that I better check in to...she had been going to English classes. She wouldn't be able to get to the job until 10:00pm..and finishing at 12:30..I better find out if the buses run that late.
I hope so. She is a good worker and I would like for her to be able to take this position.

Yesterday I did something that was hard and relieving at the same time...
I sold my wedding rings..
The total for the three sets was about $3,500.00.. I got $240.00...
Many jewelry stores are buying gold right now..they don't care how many diamonds are in the rings. They are only paying for the weight of the ring..

My decision was to just get rid of the rings and be done with it.
I had thought about saving one set for Destiny and one set for Monique..But in the long run, it didn't seem to make sense to save rings from a failed marriage.
It didn't make sense to have these rings around as a constant reminder.

I had thought about trying to sell them on Craigs list. I could have probably gotten more. I just didn't want to deal with all of that..
Now it is done and I can move on..

I'm going to buy a couple of shelves and brackets for my garage. My plan is to put them up so I have extra room for supplies. That way, I will always have extra and won't have to worry about going out to the shop for supplies if the weather gets nasty.
Right now, I drive out to the shop every Tuesday for supplies. Which sometimes puts me in a bind when I need stuff for Monday..
If I get some extra stock here, it won't matter which day I go to the shop..
Just thinking ahead to the colder, it will

Not too much else new..
Hope a great day is had by all.....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Not too much new around here.

I am mostly settled in my new place. And I am loving it.
It takes such a short time to get things in order. I do a quick pick-up before I leave for work and when I come home, I can relax..Very nice to say the least.

My granddaughter Monique gave her two week notice on her job..I'm going to miss having her work for me. I have been VERY proud of the job she has done..

She decided that with this being her senior year, she needs to concentrate on school. She already has a new job lined up. She will be working on the week-ends rather than during the week.

She will be getting her senior pictures soon. Can't wait to see them.

Yesterday when I went out to the office, I received my new gas card...Yippee!!
I will save so much..
I also don't have to keep track of my mileage anymore. That in itself will be nice.

I don't have any plans for the week-end..just going to take it a day at a time.. the week-end seems to go by so


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I don't know where most of my previous post went...ugh... how frustrating.
I have never had this happen to me..I don't know why only part of it would show up.
Where is the rest of it???

Well, I don't have the time or energy to rewrite

I did want to say a special hello to Myra. Hope all is well...
Destiny, Cameron and Mason having popcorn while watching a movie.
Cameron showing how he can swim under water.
Destiny trying to get used to the cold water.
Mason floating with his noodle.
All three kids showing their excitement.

We had a very nice time at the hotel..
The kids (and grandma) had a blast in the pool.. Destiny and Cameron are getting very good at swimming.
Mason is a bit more timid where the water is concerned. Although even he made a few jumps into the water that ended with his face going he was VERY proud that he got his face

They were very good. only a few times of "he's touching me"
The room did cost a lot more than I had anticipated..ugh...They had raised the rates by at least $40.00...Because the PGA was in town... I think that is terrible..

Friday, August 13, 2010

The move is over...Amen!
The mover were here this morning to bring my dresser and recliner..
It only took them about 45 minutes total. Not too bad. Now I can get all of my clothes put away and clear off the shelves in my closet.

I need to get organized now. I am so looking forward to doing that.
I feel such a sense of relief now that I am totally done with the move.
It has been somewhat of a challenge trying to fit all of my stuff into a smaller place, but overall, it has been a wonderful change.
I think this is just what I needed..and I look forward to getting settled in.

Tomorrow night I am taking my three youngest grandkids to a local hotel for a night of fun. Swimming will be the number one thing on my evening sets in, we will read some, and watch some tv.

Hopefully they will all get along okay..they still haven't mastered not having their own way.

I should be packing for the hotel right now, but I spent some time this evening at the laundry matt.
I decided that I had too much to try to get it done here. They don't have the best dryers here at the apartments. They seem to take forever to get everything dry. It's not too bad when I can do my laundry while most people are at work during the day. I haven't been able to do that so I have fallen behind.

Now it's all done....(sigh of relief) lol...

Work was a little hectic this week..I had to train three new people..They all seem like they are going to be very good workers. So, I hope they stick with us..

I did get Great news from my boss this week. He is getting me a gas card..I am Thrilled. Right now, he gives me $125.00 a month towards gas. That helps, but I put out at least $160-$180 in addition to that..So, that will be money that will stay in my pocket..What a blessing that is going to be.

I am blessed..

I can't wait to spend the time tomorrow with my grandkids..I'll try to remember to get batteries for my camera so I can share pictures..

Have a wonderful week-end!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The move is almost done....
Last Sunday I rented a truck and got the majority of things moved..My helpers?? Jeremy and my grandson Patrick--(AKA..JJ).
I am tooooo old to be doing that type of work. lol...Due to financial reasons, I had canceled my movers.. It wasn't too bad until we got to my bedroom set and the couch.
First we took the headboard..It's huge..All wood, and very awkward to carry. I was a little worried about one of us dropping our end..but we made it.
Then came the couch..which is way heavier than a normal couch because it has recliners on each end...I wasn't sure we would be able to make it up the ramp on the truck..

Then came the unloading...all went well of course until we got to the headboard and couch.
The couch being the last and the worst...We managed to get the couch off the truck and then I think we all just ran out of steam..
I finally told them to lay the couch on it's back and PUSH...we must have looked like a bunch of crazy to push the couch up the
We got thru the doorway and then had to turn it on it's side to wiggle it into my front door..But WE DID IT....

I was so glad that we decided not to try to take my dresser. There is no way we had any more energy to try to do that.
So, needless to say, that is still at the house. I have to line up movers this coming week to have it moved.
I had hoped to be completely out of the house as soon as possible in hopes that they could rent it out for the 15th and I could get back that extra half of months such luck yet.

It has been very hard downsizing..I have six small boxes sitting here with things in them that I don't know where to go with.
I don't have my entertainment center anymore and that held many of these items..

Oh well, it will all come together.. I have most things fairly organized.

It has taken me a lot longer to get settled than it normally does. lol..I thing being older has slowed me down some..And then this last week at work certainly didn't help...It has been crazy.

I had to fire one guy. One guy was a no show- no call because he ended up in jail. I had one person out for two was horrible.
This coming week should be better. I

I went with my boss and his wife on Friday to get new company cell phones..I asked my boss if we could go shoe shopping after we were done wasn't
He did talk to me about getting me a company gas card...Yay.....I hope he does that soon...
It would save me about $170.00 a month...Oh that would certainly help me...

Well, guess it's time to get some more done..Now it's mostly paperwork that I have to find a place for...
It's raining out..and I'm actually enjoying the sound of it..very soothing type of rain today...

Enjoy your week!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm taking a few minutes for then it's back to work for me..

Things are financially a little rough right now..Two rents and a security deposit..ugh..taking it's toll..
But it's only for a little bit and then the sun will shine again.
I had to cancel having the movers move my big stuff..just didn't have the money for it. But that's ok..Between Jeremy and my two grandsons we should be fine..

I had to make a decision about my entertainment center...Take it with me and have it take up an entire wall or put it out for the garbage men...putting it out for the garbage men won out..
As much as I love it, I couldn't see having it take up so much of a small living room:(

The three of us took it out to the curb last it was heavy..Within twenty minutes, someone was at my door asking if I was throwing it out...I said yes and he and his wife made a couple of trips to get it to their house..
I'm glad that someone will be able to enjoy it..

I also took one of my recliners out there. It was in great shape, but again, not enough room to have a couch and two recliners...
By morning, it was gone will now have a nice chair..and that's a good thing.

My granddaughter and I cleaned the apartment could certainly tell that two guys lived there.. I don't think they had ever cleaned the tub...ugh...
But we got it all done. Except for the vacuuming..
I'm going to go over there when I get done with this and start painting. I picked out a mocha color for my room and a very pale sage green for Jeremys room.
I'm very excited to be able to have some color around me again. I do not care for all white walls.

I talked to my boss today to see if I could get my gas allowance check early..The one for September..He said no problem.
He also said that maybe it's time that he gives me a gas card..and a raise...Oh my gosh, how nice that would be.
I would be happy with just the gas card...Right now he gives me $125.00 per month for gas..
Some weeks, I can go thru 80- 100. So, it adds up..

Hopefully my current landlord will get me my security deposit back fast..That's a thousand dollars.
Either way, moving is going to make my life much more pleasant..and I can't wait to start my new journey...

Pictures will be coming shortly..
Have a great week-end!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Once again, I have failed to write in my journal on a consistent basis..

This last week has taken it's toll on me big time. I have so much going on that sometimes I'm not sure which direction I'm even going in..

Work has been a challenge. One employee to be exact. In trying to keep the job up to our standards, I have spent the last 5 mornings getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. Then driving 25 miles one way to get to the job..a restaurant.
I have been washing the floor and doing the stairs..Now, I know that doesn't sound like much, but the floor I'm doing is concrete. It's a covered patio. The problem is that this portion of the floor holds the grease from the servers shoes. Our usual cleaning product is somewhat mild with a disinfectant. Works most of the time but not on this type of grease.

I spent the first night using a long handled scrub brush..then mopping it up..I used at least 7 buckets of clean water.

The nights after that, I just washed the floor with a solution that has a degreaser in it.
Early this morning, I went down there just to make sure that my cleaning tech was using the right solution. Well, it doesn't appear that he is..and I'm just plain mad about it.
I explained it once again. And now I will go back there in the morning AGAIN to check it out.

Just VERY frustrating..

On Friday, I had two people out for various reasons. I ended up having to cover one of them..

Enough about all of

We had a terrible storm the other night...Flooding everywhere. Basements collapsing. Streets closed down...
I had worked that night. When I got home, my power was off...I checked the basement. At least two inches of water because the sump pump wasn't working..ugh..

I finally decided that there wasn't anything I could do so I went to an hour later, the lights went on and the smoke detectors were blaring..worst sound I have ever heard...

I went down to the basement and pushed all of the water down the drain...

I turned on the tv..nothing happened...tried a different outlet...nothing..damn, it must have been hit by a power surge or something..
I have my tv from my bedroom in the living room now...It certainly isn't made for such a large

Jeremy got bad news on Thursday...As of Friday night, he would no longer have a job. They have been evicted..They pay $11,000.00 a month for rent and can't do it anymore...
They had been telling customers that they were closing, but hadn't told any of the employees until Thursday..Believe me, I wasn't a happy camper..
Jeremy is already thinking about where he can apply for something new. Although his choices aren't huge because he doesn't drive..
That was one of the reasons to move. So we could save some money and buy him a decent car so he doesn't always have to depend on me..
He is still somewhat scared about driving, but he will be fine..

I have to Thank GOD for giving me the incentive to move before this happened with Jeremys job..There would be no way we could make it here at a thousand a month just for rent..
So, in that respect, I feel blessed..

I signed the lease at the apartment..Amen.. I was getting a little nervous about not having that secured before I gave my notice here..

I have a moving company lined up for the 2nd of Aug. to move my couch, chair and bedroom set.
Everything else the boys and I will move...

I'm getting to the last of my packing...
I have the fridge sold..with pickup next week-end..
I still have the stove and entertainment center..maybe the next tenants here will need a stove.
I am actually showing it to someone on Monday..

I am going to post my lawn tractor next..hope that goes fast...(crossing fingers and toes on this one)..

Well, I guess I've written a book should spend a little time getting some stuff done.

Have a wonderful evening..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This heat is getting to be too much...We definitely need a cool
I don't have air conditioning and my living room is 85 degrees..The only time it is somewhat bearable is if I sit right in front of my fan..That makes it really hard to get things done around

Destiny is spending the night with me. Her mommy was nice enough to drop her off.
They had been at a picnic for most of the day. Destiny was pretty worn out. Needless to say, with the heat and the long day, we didn't Do too much tonight. We watched some tv together. We put a princess puzzle together. We went to the store. That's it.
No running around outside together this

I gave up on the rummage sale..1 day and a couple of
I now have the remaining items boxed and bagged up for the Disabled Veterans to come and get.

I gave my notice today for's kind of scary for me..hoping that all things fall into place.
I have sold my washer and dryer. They are picking it up tomorrow. It would have been nice to hold onto them for a little longer, but I didn't want to take any chances that I wouldn't be able to sell them. So, after tomorrow, it will be the laundry mat for me until I get moved..not thrilled about it but what can you do??

My friend Larry is going to buy my fridge. He will wait for it until I move..Good thing for
Now the only thing I have to sell is my stove. I would like to sell my entertainment center, but I haven't had any luck there yet. If worst comes to worst, I will take it with me..It's just so big for such a small apartment..Oh well..I'll work that out.

Oh yeah, I also have to sell my lawn tractor. I have someone that MIGHT be interested..If not, I will put that on Craigs list also..

Tomorrow I have to take my son and his friend to Chicago for a concert..I usually take them down there for a 7 hour concert..This year they don't want to go to that. But there is another concert that they want to see. So, it's a 80-90 mile trip one way for a
2 1/2 hour concert...
I don't look forward to it. But this is part of Jeremys birthday present. Also, he has been great about helping me out with getting the financial end of things put together for this move..Taking them is part of my way of saying Thank You Jeremy...

I guess I better get myself moving here and change the last load of laundry I'm going to do.

Stay Cool!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh what a day....
I did the unthinkable...I had a rummage sale..I knew that I was going to have one, just wasn't exactly planning on it being
I dislike having to go thru all of this work only to have a good share of things at the end of it..Ugh..

I sat outside for 3 1/2 hours. I made $20.00...
I paid $7.00 for the rummage sale signs. And then $22.00 for pizza for my two older grandsons and myself..
When we went down the street to take my rummage sale sign down, we were surprised to find that someone had already taken it..I CAN NOT BELIEVE that someone actually took it. I was not a happy camper.
Just another reason for me to dislike doing all of this.

I left everything set up in the garage. I am going to open the sale up one or two more days and then I AM will get ahold of the Disabled Veterans and have them come and take the rest.

I will not bring anything back into my

The heat and humidity have been SO bad this week. I have felt many times like I was just going to melt in it..
Well, the cold front that was promised for Thursday or Friday finally hit..About 20 minutes ago...AMEN...
It is so cool out right now..It started raining it is just a drizzle. But the coolness is all I'm concerned about.
I just want to be able to sleep at night. I wake up once or twice a night to make sure that my techs have checked in. But with the heat that we had I tossed and turned.
Last night wasn't too bad. Tonight should feel like heaven.

Paris and Patrick spent the night last night and will stay again tonight. After I take them home in the morning, I will pick Mason week-end of grandsons...:)

This coming week, I am going to meet with the apartment manager to take a look at the apartment I am going to be renting. He said that if I want to clean it myself, he will give me something off the rent. Can't beat that. I would clean it
I will feel a whole lot better when I have a lease in hand. Then I will give notice here that I am moving.

I'm very excited about the move. I am so looking forward to having a few spare dollars. A lot less to maintain as far as housework. And NO yard work. Although, I do have to say, I do enjoy cutting the grass..
I will not miss having to shovel snow...I can just sit in my apartment and enjoy

Guess that's it for now...I am feeling a nice cool breeze thru my window here. It makes me feel more energized..So, I'll get some stuff done around here while the weather is cooler..

Enjoy your week-end!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

At the two stepdaughters, their mom, the boyfriend and my 3 grandkids.

We had a beautiful day today...
We had great food from the grill...Then off to the parade..No ski show..The beach was closed due to high counts of Ecoli..
Then Cameron came home with me. We were pretty tired from all of the heat and sun today..So, we just kind of hung out and watched a movie..Freaky Friday..
About 9:3o, the fireworks started. I noticed that there were some people at the end of my lot..2 adults and 2 kids..Okay, not a huge deal, but don't you think that someone should come to your door and ASK if you mind if they watch the fireworks from your yard??

Well, Cameron and I sat out there on a chair and enjoyed the fireworks..After they were done, the people started to walk right past us as they walked down my driveway.
I decided to say to them that I thought it would have been nice if they had asked me before they came in my yard..
The woman very nastily says, "we know the Neus". ( my landlords)..So I say, I don't care who you know, I pay the rent here. Then her and her husband started saying crap. So I told them that when THEY are the ones paying a thousand dollars a month here, then they can come in the yard..I also told them how rude they are...UGH>>>

My stepdaughters mom was at the festivities today and while we were outside by ourselves she starts telling me that when my ex and I broke up, he started talking to her about dating again...they went out for a fish fry together...but that she wasn't interested in getting back together with him..Hell, they have been divorced since 1995..Then she was telling me that he had cheated on her...and some of her other horror stories..
Lastly she told me that he now has a girlfriend...
I knew the day would come..I'm not jealous. I don't even really know what I'm feeling right now.
I do know that I could never be with someone that mean again.
I'm happy with where I am in my life. I'm happy with how well I am doing financially.
I'm happy with how well my job is going.
But even with all of that. It kind of put a damper on my day hearing that he has a girlfriend..
I certainly don't feel envious..I saw some pictures on my stepdaughters facebook that were taken Memorial Day..One of them had a woman that I did not recognize. At the time, I figured that she might be someone he was dating..mostly due to the fact that she was in Harley clothes..
One thing I did notice was that she didn't look happy. So, I guess some things don't change..

Oh well, all I need is a couple of days and I'll be fine..:)

Hope a Happy Fourth was had by all!
Wishing everyone a very Happy & Safe 4th of July!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've been feeling a little sad these past few days...But today I received an invitation that made me very happy..
My step-daughter invited me out to her house tomorrow for a cook out, a parade and a ski show..
Of course I'm going to go:) I love to spend time with all of the kids. My other step-daughter will be there also with my grandson Mason..
I know it's easier for them to invite me now that their dad doesn't live in this area..Works for me. Any time I can spend with my grandkids is always a great time.

Work has been a little trying these past few days..Of course, as soon as my boss goes out of town for a much deserved rest from the day to day running of his company...
I had three people out sick last night. The night before, I had to fire one of my cleaners on the spot.
He was on the job high on non-prescribed muscle relaxants..This is something that he had been warned, I had to let him go. In turn, I had to finish his job on Thursday and then do the job myself on Friday.
Next week, we have at least two people on vacation, so it's going to be fairly hectic.
I'm going to take advantage of the next couple of days to

Today I'm going over to my girlfriends house to lounge around in her pool...I'm so looking forward to that..
We haven't seen each other in some time. It will be nice to catch up with her and see what she's been up to..

At some point, I'm going to finish getting my garage sale stuff out of the basement. Then sweep it up and I'll be done with that job..and ready for when I move.

Tomorrow I might get a few more things packed and see if there is anything else I need to post on Craigslist..That is working out so well for me..
I sold my end tables the other night. So my nest egg for moving is really starting to grow. I'm feeling a bit better about being financially ready for this move.

Well, I guess that's it for news...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shiloh has gone home..She was a pleasure to have, but I'll tell you, she was a lot of work..I'm not used to having to worry about anyone would look so sad when I left the house, that I always felt

I have been putting a lot of different items on graigs list..I've sold a jewelry armoire, a twin bed, a small flat screen tv. my kitchen table set and my microwave cart...Yeehaa..
I have more stuff listed..a woman is coming over tonight to look at my end tables...

The apartment manager where I used to live told me that I can have my old apartment back. They are no longer giving the first month of rent free, but they are lowering the rent for at least 6 months. So now the rent will only be 595.00, with heat included..that is a steal...granted, it is a really little apartment, but at that price, who cares??
I look forward to being more financially free...

I have a good share of things packed already. I'm stacking everything in the spare room.
I've gotten the basement fairly clean. Just a few more things to take out of there and then that will be done.

I'm feeling a bit low today. My ex retired and moved up north...
On the one hand, I'm glad he isn't around this area anymore. I don't have to worry about running into him..
On the other, it makes me sad to know that I'm not enjoying the relaxing part of living up north..(in my new home)...
Believe me, I know living with him was not going to work...but there are aspects that I miss...

Ha-ha,,I had to repress the urge to hope that he is REALLY lonely up
I got past that..

Well, I guess that's it for news right now..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet my friend Shiloh......

Shiloh will be my house guest until the 25th...
Her mommy and daddy are on a train trip to see some of our great country..
Her daddy is legally blind. He can see some, but not a whole lot. His vision is getting worse and he wants to make this trip before his eyesight is completely gone.
Ken is usually very outgoing, quick witted and humorous..Yesterday when they were here to drop Shiloh off, he was so quiet..
I'm glad they are taking this trip. I think it will be good for both of them.

Shiloh's mommy is actually my ex-sister-in-law...She is the lady that took care of my daughters dad during his last days last year..
It took such a toll on her. I think this trip will be good for her also.

I haven't done much this
I'm back to doing my ancestry research..And that is so time consuming..
Friday night as I was working on it, my brother from Arizona had e-mailed me about some of the stuff...As I was writing down some information, I realized that it was my grandpa's birthday...He was born on the 11th,,one hundred and nineteen years ago..
It really just made me think of how important this search is for me..

I found out something very interesting....
When my great-grandfather was 19 years old, he lived with a family as a farm hand.
The family had a 21 year old daughter. Her name was Idalette Cecelia......
Twenty years later when my grandmother was born, she was named Idalette Cecelia..
Of course, you can't help but think of what the circumstances were for my grandfather.
Was it a case of unrequited love or did he just hold her is high esteem?
Either way, I was really excited to find something like this..

That's it for now..have to go spend some time with my sweetie Shiloh...

Lori, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers..

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am so happy to see the week-end arrive..Actually, I started my week-end early.
I went to lunch with my girlfriend...and then she came over to my place to see some of the things that I am putting in my rummage sale..She bought my fire pit..Never used..I told her $30.00...and she can come and get the firewood that I still have behind the deal.
My boss is buying my gas grill..nothing special to look at..but it works well..I told him $30.00...So,, I'm on my way a long way to

Today I posted my couch and two recliners on craigs list..along with my jewelry chest and a microwave cart..
Towards the start of July I will post the other large items that I have..

Of course, I'm a little apprehensive about having people come to my house, but I don't have much choice. I will just have to be careful and make sure someone is here when I am showing the items...

My little buddy Shilo is coming to stay with me for about 13 days..I am so looking forward to having her here with me...I can't remember what breed she is...just one of those little does not spend all of her time barking..she is very mellow..
I can't wait to spend some time with her.

I don't have any other plans for the week-end.. There are a few festivals going on, but I'm not sure the weather is going to be on it's best

Work is going fairly are in the process of changing from reusable rags to disposable...Which means less carting around for me..True, I still have to have a case of disposables in the van, but I don't have to pick up bags and bags of used rags to deliver back to the office for cleaning..
Of course, not everyone is happy about the new rags. But that is to be expected. I have some cleaners that are thrilled with the new ones..

Well, I guess that's it for news for now..
I'll keep you posted on how my items sell on Craigs list.

Enjoy your week-end!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're having a break in our least for the moment. Supposed to have showers on and off for the next few days..At least the temps have fallen..It's actually pleasant right now.

I'm doing really good at getting things cleaned out and organized for my move...
My rummage sale is going to be huge..Hope everything goes..I hate dealing with the aftermath of a rummage sale..
I'll probably just take everything that is left over to Goodwill..

The other day I went to the apartment complex that I lived in before I married Carlos.
The apartments are REALLY small...but the price is right...Right now they are going for 690.00 a month with heat included and a garage..That would work out best for me.
The manager said that they are thinking of doing away with the move in special of one month free rent and just lower the rent..That is almost unheard of..the bad times must be hitting them too..

The funniest part of the whole thing is that he said there is a chance that I can actually get my old apartment...That would be really great because it was one of the nicer locations there...

I also found out that I would be able to paint..I would love that..I do not like all white walls..

I'm going to take my application over there today..I think I'm going to take the place for August 15th..I would have this place until Sept.1st..That would give me some time to get things moved without trying to do it all in one day..No way can I do that..Just don't have the man power for it..

One of my newer workers is doing a terrible job..She's 21..Last week, I was going from building to building and had timed it that I would be at her building about a half hour before she would be done..It's a two hour job and believe me, it takes the full two hours..Well, I got there and she was already gone..So, I went in to check things out..
She hadn't wiped up the floors or dusted. There were fingerprints on the desks.(I'm a very picky person when it comes to fingerprints. I think the bank workers should have clean and tidy desks when they come in..
Last night wasn't any better. I spent an hour there cleaning...ugh..I was not a happy camper.
Now I have to go there Friday night while she is there and show her AGAIN how I want things done..

Just no excuse for not doing a proper job..This is the girl that took over the job from her mom..(Her mom had surgery). I would give anything for her mom to come back.
Because this one is not going to be with us long is she doesn't start doing a better job.

Plus it's a twenty some mile ride for me to go down there...just to check her work.

Anyway....I don't let things like that get to me anymore..I just start making plans to get someone new to do the

I hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I've been up since 5:30 and started working on going through my bins..I've gone through a good share of them.
So far, I now have 4 empty I have gone through the things on my shelf in the basement.
I have things down there that I have not used in a long time..ya know,, keeping it just in case I might need

I packed up my china and crystal..I want to be as far ahead of the game as I can be..
I figured that as long as this was going to be a long week-end, I might as well take advantage of it.
I have a ton of stuff for the dreaded rummage sale..And I'm selling everything CHEAP..I just want the stuff gone.
If I get this all done today, then I can take it easy the rest of the week-end..

Jeremy was at his friends house last night..he has to work 6 to closing, I'm not sure what I'm doing for dinner..I sure don't feel like I should skip dinner..ugh,, I need to lose a few pounds..well, not just a few...At least 10...15 would be even better.
I eat so often out of boredom..
I do have all intentions of getting out and about this summer..walking, tennis and hopefully doing some swimming..That should help.
Most of the time, I try to buy healthy foods..we like our veggies
Doing so much driving for my job doesn't help..I like to munch on something while I'm driving..I should be taking the time to make up little bags with carrots, celery and other things...

It's just a never ending that I sometimes decide to ignore..and other times I outright make excuses for..I will say things like,,"well, what else is there"? I deserve to have something..
I have been drinking water again. I have laid off the soda..That should help too..

Oh well, it is what it is....

I brought my flags up from the basement today. I will put them out a little later today..

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's supposed to be a little cooler today...only in the mid to high 70s..
I don't know about's only 7:10am and as I sit here, I had to turn the fan on..

I need to cut my grass..omg, I can' believe how fast it is growing. I swear I could cut it 2 times a week..and we haven't even had any rain..

I'm so happy to have air in the car again. It is going to make my day very pleasant.
I'm going to get most of my accounts done today. I have to go out this evening for a bit to check on a couple of jobs after they have been cleaned. I had checked on one Monday night and I was not happy..There were quite a few things that were not done.
So, I'll recheck to see how she does tonight.

I need a good nights sleep..This waking up in the middle of the night to make sure my cleaner has checked in is catching up with me..
I had told him that I wanted him to check in by 3:00am...I set my alarm for 3:30..No, he's not checked in..He hasn't been checking in until 4:00..That means that I am almost fully awake by that time. Long run, it takes it's toll...
I'm going to try to explain to him one more time that he needs to be checked in by 3:00..3:30 at the latest.

Technically he has time to get his job done even if he is there at 4:00..the problem is, if he doesn't show up for some reason, I need to be able to get there and get it done.
The job is 25 miles from me..
I just need a full nights sleep!!

Maybe in a week or so, I will take a couple of days vacation so that I can sleep thru the night...and have my rummage sale...

My youngest grandchild turns 6 on Tuesday...So, like I did for her brother and cousin, I sent her picture in to TV6 and she will be on the look who's 6 segment...
She has decided that she wants us to go birthday shopping together like we did last year...
Maybe I can work that in this weekend also...not sure about that because they are going to be in the middle of moving..
We'll see what happens...

I'm going to see if I can have a balloon bouquet sent to Miranda..If not I'll send her a couple of dollars in a card..Then she can go out for ice cream with her boyfriend after she is feeling better.
I heard from her grandma last night. She said the Miranda was doing good, just Very tired...

Well, I better hit the road and get some jobs
Hope everyone has a great day...Hug someone you love......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prayers have been answered today...

Thank you Sugar!!

Miranda came through surgery fine. The doctors feel good about how it went.
The area that they were dealing with is where photographic memory is located.
I'm sure that it will take time to know if that will be affected.
The main thing is that she came through the surgery without any problems.

She is such a sweet kid..

Oh, my, gosh, has it been hot....and I don't have air at home..and the car air (was) out.
Yesterday I decided to work at night so it would be cooler..
Today I got ready and went to the the time I got there my hair had gone limp, my clothes were sticking to me and my makeup had melted
I decided to let my boss know about the car..He had me take it to the shop down the street..they told me that they could get me in tonight at 6...
I left there at 7:20....and it was heaven...
I plan on getting out on the road early tomorrow to make up for the loss today..
I wont even mind it now that I have air in the car...

I've been cleaning out closets and drawers...getting ready for my rummage sale..the one thing I said I would never do say never...
I have a good reason to do it though.. I'm going to move come Sept....
I know, I know, I was soooo happy to get into this house. I spent a lot of money to get things that I need to live in this house...BUT...on Sunday I was sitting outside and wondered WHY???

Why am I trying so hard to stay somewhere when I am by myself so much?
Yes, I love being in a house versus an apartment. It just doesn't make sense to be here when I spend so much time alone..Jeremy is home for a few days and then he is by his friends house for a few days...

I go to work and come home to clean and take care of things..

I wish that I had money for a few different things...Health insurance, traveling, a car so that Jeremy can learn how to drive..
I'm not going to get those things if we stay here...

I had a talk with Jeremy and together we decided that we would rather spend a few years in a small apartment and be able to put money away in savings..

I figured it out. If we get a place with heat, we will each be able to put $500.00 away in a savings account PER MONTH...

Now, as much as I hate apartment life, I can deal with it for the final goal.
The apartment I had before was a three bedroom and did not have heat included..Plus it was upstairs.
This time around, we will get a two bedroom and it will not be an I hope to get one with heat included...

When we moved into this house, I bought a twin mattress set so I would have a bed for the little ones...well, that bed still has not been used...the kids still sleep with me.
So, I often wonder why I need so much STUFF..

I am slowly working my way through the rest of the closets, drawers, cabinets and eventually I will work my way to the basement..

It feels darned good

I'm on a mission and I feels good...

I'll let you know when I have my rummage sale and how it goes.....

Thanks again Sugar! I hope your situation is going better..You are always in my thoughts and prayers.....
Prayers Please!!!

My niece is in surgery at this moment..Brain surgery...
Her grandma, my (technically ex) sil.. just sent me a text that Miranda is now in surgery and it could take as long as five hours...
They are hoping to reduce or eliminate her siezures..
Miranda is 16 years old and just a wonderful girl...and might I say Brave to go forth with this type of surgery..

Please send good thoughts and prayers!!

Thank You!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The yellow flowers are for my cousin Gilda. She lived for 6 days only
From the left..My uncle, my aunt, my grandma and my grandpa...
Paris- dipping into the very cold Parker Lake water...

We had a wonderful day together..He is probably the only one that has much interest in listening to me go on and on about family
Our time at the cemetery went very nicely. We put the flowers on the graves and then spent some time walking the cemetery to find other family members..

We found my great-grandfather...and great-grandmother..
He was born in New York in 1864..His parents had come over from Wales...
I had found this information on had no idea that I would find some of these family members right in the very cemetery that I had played in as a child...(yes, we used to play in the cemetery..Mostly riding our bikes because there were great roads with hills.)

After the cemetery we made our yearly trip to the school yard..I have so many memories of summers spent playing there..and one semester of actually going to this very school..When I was about 6 or 7. My Mom had cancer. She went thru surgery. We went up north to stay with family.

I certainly remember this time with fond memories..I just wish I had asked more about it as I got older..Anyway......

After that we went to Parker Lake...Took our shoes off and walked in the water a bit..We picked up a couple small oddly shaped rocks to bring home for our *Parker Lake*

Then it was off to The Dells...We had Chinese for lunch..not the best food for sure..Although Paris liked his meal..

I had given Paris 40.00 in a card for his birthday that morning...
He was deciding on the trip up what he would
We walked the strip. Went to Wizard World (not the actual name) bought a mood ring..I had to laugh at that one...(not so he could see of course)..

Then we stopped at the fudge store..oh what a mistake that was..because it was way to good and even though I bought a very small piece, it was still expensive and way to much fat...
Oh well, it's a done

We went to the store that my grandmother worked at for years..It allowed her to install modern conveniences to her farmhouse..

Then we tried to find the campgrounds that Carlos and I had stayed at three years ago...I don't know why I felt the need to find it..
I tried to tell myself that even though he and I had stayed there, it was a nice place and I might want to camp there again....

We finally found it..I'm glad that we did..I think it let me release some of the memories..(I hope)
It wasn't as nice as I had remembered. It isn't a place that I would pick to camp at...
I wonder if I thought it was nicer because I had memories of having such a nice time there.
It was one of the trips we had done that went so well..

I've been feeling some anger and sadness recently...trying to deal with it..working on letting it go.
I think it's being alone...I know that I'm okay being alone. I do it..I make ends meet..But I would like to have someone in my life to spend time with...
I know it will come when it is supposed to.. I know that I have to be completely over my life with Carlos before I can be okay with someone else..
I'm just tired of being by myself....

Oh well,,,enough with that pity party..I will let God lead me down the path He wants me to go down....:)

Paris and I were then going to play miniature golf...Until we saw how long the line was...We both opted to just head home..
On the way we stopped at a Walmart and he bought a nerf sword..He walked out of the store with 20.00 left...

He told me that he had a really nice time and was glad that he had come with me...Just what I needed to hear..

Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I went to Costco for the first time today...My friend Andrea just got a membership there.
I had been thinking of getting a membership at Sam's club again. Then she mentioned that I should try Costco...
There really isn't much difference between the two stores..Other than the Costco is newer and therefore it's cleaner and brighter.
I'll have to think a bit before I decide to join or not..

I made a batch of cupcakes for Paris..thought he could take a few of them on our trip tomorrow.
I got a really nice card for him at the dollar store..You can't beat paying 50 cents for a card..I have paid as much as 3.50 at other stores..And I must say, this one is just as nice as any I have found anywhere else...

The weather was fairly nice today..although it was a bit colder than I would prefer.
I hope it isn't too breezy tomorrow..

I still have to clear some of my work supplies out of the van. Put the floral arrangements back in and whatever munchies I'm taking along..
It's almost midnight. I should be in bed never goes how you want it to.

I had to deal with one of my workers tonight. To the point of getting in the van at 9:15 to go to one of the jobs..Getting a call 10 minutes into my ride to the job, saying that she can make it after all..ugh...that is one of the downfalls of hiring someone young. They tend to flake out on you on Friday

Well, I'm off to get some sleep for my big day with my sweetie Paris..
Enjoy your Saturday!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Roses from Monique...

Jeremy in something other than black jeans and black t-shirt...
Cameron's loose tooth..
Tooth is out- he's happy...No bleeding- I'm happy...

It's been raining here since late Monday....very dreary...It's the kind of day that makes you want to stay toasty warm in your
It's supposed to warm up and stop raining Friday..

On Saturday, Paris and I are going to head to the Dells area...Wisconsin Dells....
My family is from that area. I make sure that there are new floral wreaths on the graves...
I've already gotten all of them. 6 in all..
We will head up to the cemetery early, take care of things there and then head to the Dells for the day.
Memorial week-end is really their opening day for the season..So, I don't think it will be too busy.
We'll just bum around, get some lunch, see some of the sites and then head home.
Paris turns 13 on the 29th of May. Maybe he'll find something he wants for his birthday..
I'm looking forward to our little day should be fun..

I had training last night...We have hired someone to be the fill-in for Tuesdays and Thursdays..
That will take a lot off of my shoulders..Now we are covered for the week-days..The only time I should have to cover someone is if we have more than two people off..

My van is making a weird noise...ugh...when I brake, it makes this clunking noise in the rear.
I'm going to see how it is today. If it is still doing it, I'm gonna have to have it looked at..Which I hope can happen before Saturday.
I always feel bad when I have to tell my boss that there is a it usually means money...
Oh well, not too much I can do if there is a problem...

I did get my grass cut before the rain started..One of the perks of having this type of job.. It looks so nice...and green....
I wanted to plant some flowers but I don't think that is going to happen..there are some bushes around the house now. I thought I would plant flowers in between them for color...
Well, the weeds are so bad that I would spend all of my time dealing with them..I don't have the time for that.
They have mulch laid down. I don't think they laid down the black plastic first to keep the weeds it probably needs more mulch..
I'm not getting into taking care of all of that..So I guess, no flowers for me...Unless I just get some cheap plastic pots, put flowers in them and set them out there.....

That's it for now..Hope everyone has a great day...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable day...
My day started out with work..One of my workers had asked for the day off. Because she is soooo dependable I like to be able to let her have off when she asks..
I talked to one of my other workers and she said that she would be able to cover. She is going to be on vacation all next week, so the money would help make up for that loss.
On Friday I reminded her about it..Long story short, she forgot and they were leaving Saturday morning. My granddaughter agreed to help me. Thank goodness. One of the problems I ran in to was that we can't get into the restaurant until almost 6:00am.
They usually open at 10:00, but because of the Mothers Day Brunch, they were going to be opening at 9:00..
So, I was up at 4:45 this morning. Picked up Monique and got to the restaurant at 5:50..
When we left there, we did a couple of errands. I think I got home about 9:00..

I haven't done much
Jeremy said he would take me out for dinner..To be honest, I really don't feel like going...never thought I would say just don't feel like going thru the hassle of getting ready.
We just talked and decided that we will go out for lunch one day this week...Works for me...

My granddaughter gave me 6 miniature red roses and a lovely card when I picked her up this morning..
My daughter gave me a gift card for Red Lobster..Can't wait to use that...

Other than that, it has been a very quiet day..

Work has been hectic as usual. I was able to replace one of my problem workers. That took a lot off of my mind. Not having to deal with him has been great.
We have been lucky as far as getting new accounts. My boss just told me that we might get 13 banks at the end of the year. If that happens, he will hire another account manager. I told him that the new manager could have my two
They are the worst because they are 7 days a week..So, even on the week-ends, I am on call and that takes its toll for sure.
I am so ready to take at least a week of my vacation time. It just never seems to be the right time. We are either having a problem with a worker or getting new accounts that need to be watched over more closely.
I have to ask my boss if he is going to let me carry over to next year any time I don't use this year.

My son had his first invitation to a wedding. One of his co-workers. He even went out and bought a new outfit..That is a major thing for someone like Jeremy. He always wears jeans and a
I had to give him a ride of course. It was held at the Hilton downtown..About 26 miles from home..
He was able to get a ride home..Amen..
He looked kind of dumbfounded when I told him he had to buy a card and put a few dollars in it...He did a good job on the card. He even wrote something nice in it.

Well, I guess that's about it for news... Believe me, not much new goes on around

Once again, I hope all of you Ladies have had a wonderful day!!!