Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank you Lucy and Herrad for the award!! So very thoughtful of both of you.....

I have learned a lesson today that I won't soon forget..
Before you dismantle the entertainment center and other tv's in the house,,CALL the cable actually, it wasn't funny as it was happening).
It started this morning when I set up my stereo in the entertainment center. It took some moving around of cables and cords.
Finally complete...then a little while later, the picture on my tv went haywire..I had a picture but there were lines and static..
My tv is probably 6 or 7 years old..maybe of course, my first thought was that it was the tv..
So, I dismantle some of the tv center..undo the cable cords..get the small tv out of the spare room..I hook that up and it is doing the same thing..damn..

I put all of the wires back on the larger tv and decide to call the cable company..She tells me that she is going to send a signal to the cable box..Two minutes later, I have a great picture again.....

I was so happy I even did the telephone survey for the cable co...
Believe me, the last thing I would be able to do right now is buy a new tv..

I have gotten a few things accomplished up some paperwork and laundry.
I had plans to get more done, but not sure that will happen
My girlfriend and I were going to go to the casino. We each have coupons for a free buffet. I also have a 15.00 match play coupon.. But something came up and she can't go. Maybe tomorrow.

My grandson JJ is over. He is the one that was abused by his dad. He also shares a name with his dad. He no longer wants to go by that name and I can't blame him. At school, everyone calls him Patrick..I try to remember to call him by that name, although it can be hard to remember..

I went to the doctor yesterday for my mammogram. Saying a prayer that it turns out okay.
I have been experiencing a dull ache in my left breast..sometimes my right but mostly my left.
I did mention it to the doctor when I went for my physical right after the mammogram. He didn't feel anything. He said that we would wait for the results of the mammogram. If the problem persists, then he will do an ultra-sound..I'm not sure the program I'm in pays for further testing. I'll have to check that out..

Last week I started a 300 piece puzzle..It's a Thomas Kinkade..Very pretty. I have the border done and part of the middle, but I have a ways to go before it's has been YEARS since I have done a puzzle. I thought it would be good brain

Well, I guess I better get back to my laundry..Maybe I'll even get enough ambition to get back to my family research. Such a task that

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good morning!

I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee. It's pretty darn good. (making mental note here, I need more coffee creamer)..

I need to learn Spanish. We are getting more Spanish speaking employees.
I trained the new lady the other night. It was difficult to say the least. She is a very pleasant woman and it would have been nice to be able to converse with her.

I do have to say that my true belief is that if you are living in America it is your duty to learn English. But in the meantime, I need to be able to communicate with people.
My daughter does have a couple of the first courses of the Rosetta Stone courses. I think I will give it a try and see if I can get the hang of the language..The Rosetta Stone courses are supposed to be the easiest way to learn. My granddaughter knows a girl from school that learned Portuguese over summer vacation. Of course, it is easier for younger people to learn new sure this old mind has room for learning something so I'll give it a try.

I have a farm on farmville..I know, I know...pretty silly..but up until this week, I have really enjoyed building it and watching it was actually relaxing to putz around with not so much..I don't know if I'm getting bored with it, or I have just been feeling overwhelmed this week..
I'm thinking of taking a break from that..

Yesterday was a busy day. I had a number of accounts to go to and then I had another training session. This guy has been with our company for about a year. He is going to take another account. He will be doing the trash run at one of my buildings. Sounds so simple doesn't it?? Well, because every person does things their own way, it can be more complicated than you would think.
Most of the offices and cubicles have a black trash can and then a blue recycle bin.
Simple! of them will use the recycle bin for papers that need to be shredded..They will use a box for papers that need to be shredded. I am the account manager, I don't know what each person there has in mind, how am I supposed to train the new person? It SHOULD be as simple as, black bin for garbage and blue recycle bin for recycled papers...ugh...
I decided last night that the new rule is, if there are any papers with names or money amounts on the paperwork, we do not touch it...
I will let the building manager know what my rules on this are going to be..

I am going out this week-end....A band that I enjoy is playing at the bar down the street from my house.. (I can walk there)..
My girlfriend and her daughter will be going with me.
I need to get out of this house, be around people and just enjoy myself.
I am looking forward to going. I'm going to make a point of not getting into any lengthy projects Sat. so I'm not too tired at the end of the

I plan on getting rested and rejuvenated:)
I hope everyone has a pleasant week-end. I look forward to hearing about how you spent your time:)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

It was a busy night...
My boss is out of town for a family funeral. He never leaves me with his accounts to cover. But then the unexpected happened. He received a call yesterday from one of my accounts. I have 4 workers at that building.
It seems that two of the workers have taken to sitting around on the phone and the worst offense of using one of the computers...and they were wise enough to catch it on video..which I was very happy to hear.

This is a building that has high security, but you would never expect that they would have cameras. Which is why these workers thought they could get away with it..

I have to say that I wasn't surprised to hear these allegations about the one fellow. I had found him sitting on occasion. I thought this problem had been corrected.

The news did surprise me about the other worker. It had appeared that he was always working.

When they arrived at the building last night, I was already there. I explained that the situation and that I needed their badges and keys..which they turned over without incident.
Then the questions were being fired at me. Don't they get the chance to view the video tapes, don't they get to keep their jobs until it is proven that they did these things? My only answer could be that it is ultimately up to the Building Owner if they want certain people in their buildings. I did tell them that if they were not guilty of the accusations, they could meet with Dave on Monday and discuss it.
At the very least, they would not return to this particular building. They could however be placed in another one of our locations.
Well, it got very heated and the gentleman that I thought was the least likely to be the offender was the one that was the most angry..I figured that he was being unjustly accused..

Well, he was spinning his tires when he left.
I went into the building and one of the men in charge of things talked to me.
He said that they had video and had printed off the sites that they had gone to.
As it turns out, the guy that was the most pissed was the guy that was actually on the computer. The other guy was sitting talking on his cell phone. That was a shocker..

I did receive a few nasty calls last night from "computer man" was trying to say that he was having problems cashing his check..(at a check cashing place) and that maybe the check was no good...I finally told him that I was busy and didn't have time to listen to it..After 3 or 4 calls he gave up..Hopefully that will be the last of it..

I had one of my other workers meet me and we were able to get the work done. I worked up a good I know why I've put on a few pounds in the last year. I'm not doing that physical work

Now we have to find two new workers for that one for one of my banks..

Today I have ironed 6 shirts, 4 pants, 3 tee-shirts and one nightgown...FINALLY..
I have been meaning to do that for some time now..
I am going to do a little paperwork and then that's it for the week-end.
Everything else is done.
I may spend some time doing my family research. At least getting it in order. Right now I have a stack of paper waiting to be
I'm thinking about getting a dry eraser board and getting all names and dates organized there first and then doing it on paper.
But then that means I have to take a run to Walmart before I can do that...ugh, I hate going to Walmart on the week-end...unless I go really early in the morning. Which of course I did not do..

Well, guess that's it for news. I hope everyone has a nice week-end..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As many of you are experiencing, it is freezing here too..Oh, I am sooo tired of the cold.....

I have been spending HOURS on the computer doing family research. I had been told some time back that we were descendants of the Brothertown Tribe. I decided that as long as I don't do too much on the week-ends, I would start my search.

I started on Thursday night..Put in a few hours and didn't get too far.
I started with my great,great grandfathers name...John K.
As it turns out, he came over from Wales on the Immigrant. Spent some time in New York. Married his wife Anna.

At some point, they came to Wisconsin and had children..Their son John was the youngest. He married a lady named Electa. She was Indian. Together they had a son that they named Donald.

Donald is my grandfather. So I was able to make the connection to the Brothertown tribe..
I never thought it was going to be as recent as it turned out to be. I really thought I would find the connection further back.

Being from a family of divorce, I didn't know my fathers side of the family too well.
When I was young my Mom still had a good relationship with my fathers sister. I remember going to my grandma's house, but that pretty much ended when I was about ten.
It's too bad that some families fall apart. I think it would have been nice for us to have stayed connected. Anyway.........

It was an interesting journey and I'm glad that I took it. I have to finish up a few loose ends with it and then I will start on my mothers side..
I have already seen my grandfathers draft papers..Very interesting. I'll make copies of everything that I find so that it can be passed down thru the generations.

I bought an entertainment center from my daughter..She got it on Craigs list for $300.00..I'm paying $'s a great deal. We go it set up yesterday and I am totally loving it. The glass on the two doors is tinted dark. I'm not a real fan of that. It's hard to see what is placed in there..Which works fine if you have a lot of video or recording equipment..I don't. I only have the one dvr box from the cable company.
Maybe at some point, I'll be able to replace it with a clear glass. I'll have to check into prices..

Guess that's it for now. Have to get some paperwork done for my job..
Hope everyone stays toasty warm!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, my last post did not turn out the way that I wanted it to.
I had spaced between each persons name.
I tried the links and they don't work either.
I'm sorry that it looks like such a mess. I really did try to have each persons name seperate so they would be easier to see. And I don't have the time right now to figure it out or redo it. I'll try to look at it when I get home.

I received this award from Linda over at finding footprints in the sand. I have never linked other blogs, so I'm not sure that I am going to be able to do it right. lol..I'll do the best I can.

I know some of you have already received this award. I am going to send it again. Of course, I don't expect you to put another one on your blog, I just want you to know that I value you!

So, I'm sending it to:

Linda at finding footprints in the sand ( I enjoy Linda because she leads a life like so many of us. Family is most important to her. I like that. She is busy with home and work. She has a positive outlook on life. Enjoyable:)

Lucy at what is left of a whole new life ( Lucy is a wonderful woman that keep me posted on the type of weather that is coming my way..I usually get a few days later what she has already had. She in no stranger to hard work. She has lived life and intends to keep doing just picture her as having been a strong woman when it wasn't fashionable..Keep on trucking Lucy!
Linda at amber and amethyst (Linda is a very creative soul. She makes recipes look easy and enjoyable. Maybe one day I will even make some of
Sugar atsugars sweet spot ( Sugar is a giving person. She takes the time and energy to make sure that we have the nicest tags going..She has a special love for her fur babies.
Lori at lori's letter box ( Lori is a family gal. She also likes to get out and see the world with her hubby..
Joyce at and a little chatter ( Joyce makes wonderful tags so that we can make our own blogs look festive and cheerful. I think it's nice anytime a person takes the time to give to others.
Donna at D's Designs & Other Things ( Always interesting. She has the perfect eye for photography. I always look forward to seeing her snapshots.
Natalie at lurkynat ( Nat will keep people on their toes with questions that we might not even think to ask ourselves..Keep up the good work. It's interesting.
Indigo atshattered prose ( Anyone that knows Indigo knows what a wonderful and gifted writer she is. She is always there with kind words and a shoulder if you need it.
Myra at The randomness of it all (Myra is back in school and working hard. She shares those times with us. She gives the I can do it attitude..I like that.
Lyn at Brits Blog ( Lyn was one of the first journals I came across in JLand..I was fortunate enough to find her again at blogger. She is one spunky lady. Keep telling it like it is..
Okay, I think I am supposed to also write what I enjoy about these blogs..(damn, can't remember all of the rules..Although, from what I've been reading,,most are not following the rules...Hummm, must be why I like all of you ladies so
Alright, I went back to say a few things about the ladies that I read.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that when I post this, people will be able to get to the blogs thru the link...
It is damn cold here today..It's only supposed to get to 17..brrrr..I am supposed to go sledding today..
When Cameron stayed here the week before xmas, I had told him that I would come out to his house to go sledding while he is on vacation..Today is the last day to do that..So, like it or not, I will make the 40 mile round trip to do that. I don't even care if we are out there ten minutes. I want him to know that I keep my promises to him..
I am going to take along a thermos of hot chocolate and a couple of plastic cups. I don't know if Destiny will want to join our foolish butts out there, but I will prepare for her to join us..
As cold as it is, I really do look forward to it..I'm even going to wear my snow
Later this afternoon, my nephew Jason is coming over to get the clothes and record albums that Dave left. I didn't think he would be up to coming for them this soon. He just had his tonsils out last week. I know that for someone his age,,34, it's harder to bounce back than when you are younger. He texted me yesterday, so I guess he's up to it.
Jason has an older brother, Tom. Dave was Toms Godfather. So, I am going to request that Jason give a few of the albums to him..
I finally finished cleaning the rest of the house. Gezz, the kitchen took a long couldn't find the motivation to get that far.
I made a pot of bean and ham soup...turned out pretty darned good. I figure because it's a broth soup, it's fairly figure least I hope.
My daughter and I have been to the Y the last three days. Two days of treadmill and weights. Yesterday we did a body pump class..oh my gosh..still feeling that one it's a good thing. We were supposed to go to a zumba class this morning. but that didn't happen..just as well.
I had gotten up at 1:30am to go out and resupply two of my restaurants..then came home and spent time on the computer. I think I went back to bed around five this morning so the last thing I was thinking about was getting to a zumba class at Maybe tomorrow.
Well, I better get the hot chocolate and my snow pants ready for my trip down the
Have a wonderful Sunday!