Sunday, January 10, 2010

As many of you are experiencing, it is freezing here too..Oh, I am sooo tired of the cold.....

I have been spending HOURS on the computer doing family research. I had been told some time back that we were descendants of the Brothertown Tribe. I decided that as long as I don't do too much on the week-ends, I would start my search.

I started on Thursday night..Put in a few hours and didn't get too far.
I started with my great,great grandfathers name...John K.
As it turns out, he came over from Wales on the Immigrant. Spent some time in New York. Married his wife Anna.

At some point, they came to Wisconsin and had children..Their son John was the youngest. He married a lady named Electa. She was Indian. Together they had a son that they named Donald.

Donald is my grandfather. So I was able to make the connection to the Brothertown tribe..
I never thought it was going to be as recent as it turned out to be. I really thought I would find the connection further back.

Being from a family of divorce, I didn't know my fathers side of the family too well.
When I was young my Mom still had a good relationship with my fathers sister. I remember going to my grandma's house, but that pretty much ended when I was about ten.
It's too bad that some families fall apart. I think it would have been nice for us to have stayed connected. Anyway.........

It was an interesting journey and I'm glad that I took it. I have to finish up a few loose ends with it and then I will start on my mothers side..
I have already seen my grandfathers draft papers..Very interesting. I'll make copies of everything that I find so that it can be passed down thru the generations.

I bought an entertainment center from my daughter..She got it on Craigs list for $300.00..I'm paying $'s a great deal. We go it set up yesterday and I am totally loving it. The glass on the two doors is tinted dark. I'm not a real fan of that. It's hard to see what is placed in there..Which works fine if you have a lot of video or recording equipment..I don't. I only have the one dvr box from the cable company.
Maybe at some point, I'll be able to replace it with a clear glass. I'll have to check into prices..

Guess that's it for now. Have to get some paperwork done for my job..
Hope everyone stays toasty warm!

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