Saturday, January 16, 2010

It was a busy night...
My boss is out of town for a family funeral. He never leaves me with his accounts to cover. But then the unexpected happened. He received a call yesterday from one of my accounts. I have 4 workers at that building.
It seems that two of the workers have taken to sitting around on the phone and the worst offense of using one of the computers...and they were wise enough to catch it on video..which I was very happy to hear.

This is a building that has high security, but you would never expect that they would have cameras. Which is why these workers thought they could get away with it..

I have to say that I wasn't surprised to hear these allegations about the one fellow. I had found him sitting on occasion. I thought this problem had been corrected.

The news did surprise me about the other worker. It had appeared that he was always working.

When they arrived at the building last night, I was already there. I explained that the situation and that I needed their badges and keys..which they turned over without incident.
Then the questions were being fired at me. Don't they get the chance to view the video tapes, don't they get to keep their jobs until it is proven that they did these things? My only answer could be that it is ultimately up to the Building Owner if they want certain people in their buildings. I did tell them that if they were not guilty of the accusations, they could meet with Dave on Monday and discuss it.
At the very least, they would not return to this particular building. They could however be placed in another one of our locations.
Well, it got very heated and the gentleman that I thought was the least likely to be the offender was the one that was the most angry..I figured that he was being unjustly accused..

Well, he was spinning his tires when he left.
I went into the building and one of the men in charge of things talked to me.
He said that they had video and had printed off the sites that they had gone to.
As it turns out, the guy that was the most pissed was the guy that was actually on the computer. The other guy was sitting talking on his cell phone. That was a shocker..

I did receive a few nasty calls last night from "computer man" was trying to say that he was having problems cashing his check..(at a check cashing place) and that maybe the check was no good...I finally told him that I was busy and didn't have time to listen to it..After 3 or 4 calls he gave up..Hopefully that will be the last of it..

I had one of my other workers meet me and we were able to get the work done. I worked up a good I know why I've put on a few pounds in the last year. I'm not doing that physical work

Now we have to find two new workers for that one for one of my banks..

Today I have ironed 6 shirts, 4 pants, 3 tee-shirts and one nightgown...FINALLY..
I have been meaning to do that for some time now..
I am going to do a little paperwork and then that's it for the week-end.
Everything else is done.
I may spend some time doing my family research. At least getting it in order. Right now I have a stack of paper waiting to be
I'm thinking about getting a dry eraser board and getting all names and dates organized there first and then doing it on paper.
But then that means I have to take a run to Walmart before I can do that...ugh, I hate going to Walmart on the week-end...unless I go really early in the morning. Which of course I did not do..

Well, guess that's it for news. I hope everyone has a nice week-end..

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