Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank you Lucy and Herrad for the award!! So very thoughtful of both of you.....

I have learned a lesson today that I won't soon forget..
Before you dismantle the entertainment center and other tv's in the house,,CALL the cable actually, it wasn't funny as it was happening).
It started this morning when I set up my stereo in the entertainment center. It took some moving around of cables and cords.
Finally complete...then a little while later, the picture on my tv went haywire..I had a picture but there were lines and static..
My tv is probably 6 or 7 years old..maybe of course, my first thought was that it was the tv..
So, I dismantle some of the tv center..undo the cable cords..get the small tv out of the spare room..I hook that up and it is doing the same thing..damn..

I put all of the wires back on the larger tv and decide to call the cable company..She tells me that she is going to send a signal to the cable box..Two minutes later, I have a great picture again.....

I was so happy I even did the telephone survey for the cable co...
Believe me, the last thing I would be able to do right now is buy a new tv..

I have gotten a few things accomplished up some paperwork and laundry.
I had plans to get more done, but not sure that will happen
My girlfriend and I were going to go to the casino. We each have coupons for a free buffet. I also have a 15.00 match play coupon.. But something came up and she can't go. Maybe tomorrow.

My grandson JJ is over. He is the one that was abused by his dad. He also shares a name with his dad. He no longer wants to go by that name and I can't blame him. At school, everyone calls him Patrick..I try to remember to call him by that name, although it can be hard to remember..

I went to the doctor yesterday for my mammogram. Saying a prayer that it turns out okay.
I have been experiencing a dull ache in my left breast..sometimes my right but mostly my left.
I did mention it to the doctor when I went for my physical right after the mammogram. He didn't feel anything. He said that we would wait for the results of the mammogram. If the problem persists, then he will do an ultra-sound..I'm not sure the program I'm in pays for further testing. I'll have to check that out..

Last week I started a 300 piece puzzle..It's a Thomas Kinkade..Very pretty. I have the border done and part of the middle, but I have a ways to go before it's has been YEARS since I have done a puzzle. I thought it would be good brain

Well, I guess I better get back to my laundry..Maybe I'll even get enough ambition to get back to my family research. Such a task that

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