Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First off, let me say that my test came out clear.....Amen!

Believe me, when I was at the doctors office this morning. I sure was not in a very positive mood.
After they had me get in the gown, they had a breast cancer counselor come in and meet me.
She did say that it is automatic for her to be on hand if there is a need for a mammogram redo.
Her being there did not bring me comfort at that time..

I was taken in to the mammogram lab. She took the pictures and left the room. Of course, I was looking at the picture on the screen. From a lay persons point of view, it didn't look good.. Everything looked the same except for one large area that looked like three enlarged nodules.
After she took the initial pictures she came back and took one more at a different angle..

When she came back into the room, she told me that I would be going for an ultra-sound..
By the time I got to that waiting area, I was a wreck...I couldn't sit, so I paced back and forth until I was called into the room.
The cancer care counselor came into the room with us..12 or 13 pictures were taken.. They left the room after telling me that the doctor would read them and the counselor would come in and tell me what the results were...
Of course, I looked at those pictures too...and once again, there was a distinct difference in the one area..

The counselor came back in the room and told me that all was clear..She said that sometimes things overlap and makes things look abnormal..or at least like something that should be checked out further.
I started crying...she told me that she was glad that they were tears of relief..
She said that I should come back in 6 months to make sure that there aren't any changes.

What I didn't think to ask her was,,what was there that they want to keep an eye on?
She did give me a folder with alot of info..and her number also.. I will wait until tomorrow and give her a call..

I can't even begin to explain the feeling of relief. This has been my first hint of a major problem.
It made me so aware of things that need to be taken care of. I have no insurance. I need to take care of that.
I need to get Jeremy more involved with the bills (have been working on this one)..
We each need to have a better savings plan..
And countless other things that I need to stop putting off.

My daughter called after I had gotten home from the appointment and I finally told her what had transpired. She was not happy that I hadn't said anything to her.

I am worn out. We are in the middle of a blizzard. It was quite a ride out there. I have decided that I am taking the rest of the afternoon for myself...just to get my bearings back..
Besides with this storm, I may have some people call in tonight saying that they can't make it to work....

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! Your kind words meant more to me than I can ever tell you..It's a tough thing to keep to yourself..

Enjoy your day,,I'm going to:)

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