Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day..
I was going to buy myself some flowers..until I saw the price know I'm worth it, but......

On Friday I finally was able to talk to the cancer care coordinator. I feel better now. After the test, she had said that sometimes tissue overlaps. I knew what I was seeing on the screen was not tissue overlap. When I asked her exactly what they had seen, she told me that it was a cyst. Three to be exact. They determined that they were benign. They want me back in six months to see if they shrink..Not because they are afraid that they will become something more than what they are.
I think I should have been told that there were cysts. But I'm not going to dwell on that. I am just going to be grateful!

My five year old granddaughter spent the night with me. We had a nice time. We made Valentines for her mom and brother (Cameron). It was alot of fun.
Jeremy wanted to go to Barnes and Noble for a book, so we all got one..Well, I got was nice enough to buy them for me:)
He bought and made beef tenderloin for us last night..
It was very tasty...I made baked potatoes to go with it.

Although it's pretty darned cold outside, it is sunny. I always appreciate that..

Well, it's almost time to get Destiny home. Then prepare for the work week..

Have a wonderful day and great week!!

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