Thursday, February 4, 2010

I feel bad that today I don't have the frame of mind to spend time reading blogs.

I had my mammogram last week....Today I got my letter that said the results show a need for further testing...

And I'm scared!

I called the doctors office and talked to his nurse..(after I made my next appointment-next Tues.)
She did give me some relieve and said that because they don't have any of my former results, they have nothing to compare to..I don't know why they didn't make sure they got the former results..
Here are a few of the things she referred to...asymetrical..fiber glandular..and they seem to be more concerned with the right breast..Which I found ironic since it is more my left breast that seems to "feel" more different..

I am glad that I am able to get in as soon as I am..The waiting is hard..
I had felt better after talking with her.. she was very comforting. but as time goes by, I am feeling more scared.

I don't know if I will be in the right frame of mind to comment on any blogs,,but I will be around to see how everyone is doing:)

I wouldn't object one bit if you wanted to say a little prayer for me..

My first thought in all of this of course was my kids and grandkids...My daughter has been thru so much in the recent months..One of the things that came to mind today was being at my ex's funeral and Monique was crying when she got out of the car..I thought it was because of the funeral we were was worried about losing me...makes me cry all over again.
I am not saying anything to my daughter until after my next appointment. I don't want her to spend these next days worrying..And let me tell you, it's very hard keeping something like this to myself..We share everything..

Okay,,enough of that...only good thoughts..right??

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