Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have to apologize for not being around more..But things have been very hectic once again..Just when you think it's safe to make some

I'll start off with the news about my first love.. His name is Kenny and I found him on facebook..
Kenny was two years ahead of me in high school...He was the guy that all of the girls wanted to date....
We spent time together on and off for about a year when I was 16 to 17..It never went anywhere because he was still a wild, carefree young man that was in no was interested in settling down..
From there we went on our separate paths.
A few years later, I ran into him again...My daughter was about 4 and I was in an unhappy marriage..I had a choice to make and I did. I stayed with Dave and prayed for the best..

The next time I saw Kenny was about ten years ago..My sister-in-law and I had traveled up north to visit my step-son..On the way, we stopped in the small town that Kenny was living in. We spent a few hours hanging around. Went on his friends fishing boat and had a blast..
Finally it was time to head out..We stayed in touch for a bit after that. Eventually just lost touch again.

I decided to see if he was on facebook..Yep, there he was..I sent him a message. He replied. He no longer lives in Wis. He now lives in Texas. He usually comes back to this area during the summer but has decided to stick a summer out there..
He gave me his e-mail address. I sent him a short note and haven't heard anything back..

Now believe me, I'm not looking for a love connection. lol...Just wondering what a long lost first love was up to...

This week-end I have my grandson Paris over..He is going to be 13 in May...He stands at least a head taller than's a good boy and likes to spend time with me..Gotta get it while you

I did end up going to work for a while last night. One of my workers rides to work with his dad..His dad clocked in but he didn't.. So, I started calling him..No answer..
This is the very guy that got his check the day before and had been overpaid by about 4oo.oo...He had called his dad about it and his dad told him to call us right away..NO..
he didn't do that. In fact, I had called him earlier in the day Friday and he wouldn't answer my calls..
Then when I called him about not showing up for work, he wouldn't answer those calls either. He finally sent me a text stating that his cell phone wasn't working properly..AGAIN..Both times now that he hasn't made it to work, he can't call because his phone isn't working...

He has sent me 5 or 6 text messages now stating that he spent the money on bills and will work for the next month without pay..He doesn't want to lose his job and he is sooooo sorry...
Well, I haven't talked to my boss yet today, but my idea is that we let him come back to work and the week before the money is paid back in full, we find a replacement for him. As far as I'm concerned, he has showed that his job is not important to him and he is a thief.

The hard part is that right now is such a bad time to have to deal with this.
I have to train at one job next week. I have one lady out as of Friday because she has to have surgery and will be off for 6 to 8 weeks. And then on the first of April we have 3 new accounts..with training for 3 new people...
I'm glad we are getting more accounts...but not too happy that it all has to come at once. lol

Well, time to get moving here and see if there is anything Paris would like to do..We have been very lazy this morning...Well, not really for me. I was up at 5am heading out to one of the jobs because the guy keeps putting the garbage from the bathrooms in the cardboard recycling is garbage..we do not recycle it..

Hope everyone has a nice week-end.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm finally feeling better...I do still have some congestion but not too bad.
I am so happy that it is Friday!!
It's been a long week of dealing with a few workers that don't know the meaning of
I'm so happy that it is Friday that I am not going to even get into the problems they have given me..

Tomorrow I am going to get up early, get some cleaning done around the house (it doesn't need much) and then later in the afternoon, I am going to pick up my sweet Cameron..
We are going to go birthday shopping and then I'm going to take him out to dinner. Not'm going to set it up to have them bring him a cupcake or hot fudge sundae with a candle in it..I think he'll really like that..I will be taking pictures and will share them with you asap.

My van needs a serious cleaning..Maybe I'll even get around to cleaning it this week-end..It usually doesn't take me too long to get it organized. The weather has improved so it's not too bad to be out in the feel like I'm trying to convince myself that it should be

Jeremy brought me a cup of chicken dumpling soup when he came home from work tonight..that was very thoughtful and it was delicious..
I have never made dumplings. I don't know why. I love them. Maybe because I have always heard that they are hard to make.. Hopefully next time I make chicken noodle soup, I will not be sick and will have the ambition to make them..

Not much else new..Gosh I lead such a boring life..drama free (well, except for a few, but boring.
I'm looking forward to the nice weather and getting outside. Being more active.
Lucy, I've even been looking at one of the topsy turvy bags for tomatoes..
Not sure if I want to do that or use a large bucket..
I bought a hose at Menards the other really needed one and decided that I will get a jump on the warm weather...

Well, I guess that's all the excitement that my week has held..Wish I had

Have a great week-end!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's 5:20 in the morning and I have been awake since 2:00 am..Ugh..
I have a head and chest cold that is kicking my butt.. I even made a big pot of chicken noodle soup yesterday as I felt this coming on..
My poor nose is so a little like Rudolf the Red nose
I have gone to work, although I have tried to keep it short. When I woke at two this morning, I decided that as long as I was up anyway, it would be a good time to go and restock one of my restaurants..Got that done. Now waiting until about 5:45 and then I will head to the other one. I think that is all I'm going to do today..I am going to come home, take a nice warm bubble bath and get in my jammies..
I have the majority of my buildings done for this week and I still have Thurs. and Friday, so I am going to take it easy.

Saturday is Camerons 7th birthday! Where does that time go? It seems like yesterday that he was the little baby that loved to be held and snuggled..Even as a toddler, when he got tired, he would come and sit on my lap so he could fall asleep. I so miss those days. Although I do have to say that he does still let me get my hugs and kisses.

His mom said that she was only going to have something small for his birthday. Immediate family only. I have decided that I am going to start doing my own thing with the kids. It is still very uncomfortable for me.
I had asked Cameron how he felt about my picking him up and going birthday shopping together. He thought that was a good idea. I will try to do that when he can come over for the night and I will do the birthday cake too..
I think it's nice for us to have our own special time..I'm thinking that if his mom has something for him on Saturday afternoon, maybe I could get him after that...We'll see:)

Time for me to get on the road again.
I hope everyone has a nice day...We're warming up here! Ya-Hoo!! Starting to get into the low 40's...